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I am going to try the Always Infinity Overnights this go around. I have always had extremely heavy periods and I really kike the speed of absorption these provided.
I would get some medium to heavy flow tampons (if you use tampons) or some medium to heavy flow pads if you use pads. Maybe you could borrow a cute clutch or purse from one of your friends if you don't already have one so you can bring some extra supplies with you. Drinking water can help you feel less bloated and if you can get some exercise in the morning before you start all of your prom preperation that can help you feel less bloated too.
Sounds like you are certain you are done with the babies, and this would be great with all the camping you do. I don't remember if it is a pill form or shot. Maybe ask. Heavy periods are the worst! I remember when I was a kid, my mom would wear two pads, one on bottom and one on back of panties so that she would not leak everywhere and then have to sleep on a towel! She had a hysterectomy when I was 16 and has never been happier!
can not find out why my periods are so heavy so I thought this would let her know exactly how heavy, she has not asked me to do this, I am just curious. Weighing poop, that is nasty! At least the pads aren't that nasty!! GROSS!
what should i do now hi,i got periods yesterday my first day was normal ..but second day was not (usually second day its heavy i normally change 3 to 4 pads) but this time it was not so .1 pad was sufficient whole day .what should i do to get my periods normal???why is this change so ???i never experienced this before.. also i'm experiencing some white discharge.can i still be pregnant?
Sometimes,This is genetic.Your period is heavy like mine,As my mom told me,Periods are normal.I had the same exact problem,You might need to tell your teacher it's a SUPER EMERGENCY! Or you need to go to the bathroom at lunch or during before or after school.Also wear the Serenity TENA Pads,(The ultimate kind if it's that heavy!).Sometimes,A diaper might help,I know it's a poor choice but pads are so Expensive these days,The best you can afford is a big diaper.
He asked me to monitor the flow each day as am constantly bleeding.Some days light and some days heavy. It started off with a tiny bleeding that was dark in colour now its more new blood which is light or heavy.I have to wear sanitary towels everyday its getting me down as I dont know why this is happening.I am single thank goodness but I am afraid to getting involved due to this embarrassing problem. My GP thinks the menapause has something to do with it.
They give you an injection to avoid heavy bleeding and shift placenta more efficiently. Not sure if its just a UK thing though. Not sure what I'll be told this time as it seems to change all the time :-) everyone is different and totally dependant on the type of birth you have.
Hi, I suggest you go see your doctor as soon as possible. Heavy bleeding in between periods like this is not normal and is a sign something is wrong. I would call and get an appointment as soon as you can to find out what is going on. Have you ever had fibroids or ovarian cyst?
Hello, Menopause is the most common cause of heavy bleeding.it acuss hormonal imbalance which can cause irregular and heavy or scanty periods.How old are you? Menopause can occur in age 40-55 but premenopause is not the only cause of irregular and constant bleeding in periods.Other causes are there. Excessive amount or duration of menstrual flow, at more or less regular intervals is called menorrhagia.
I have always been an extremely heavy bleeder during my periods, with a lot of large clots. The Always seem to do a good job for me, so I think I will stick with those for now. Thank you ladies. I will deffinately be sure to use what they give me though!! I'm paying for it right!! Hahaha!! I am probably going to go c-section. However I was talking to my girlfriend the other day and she said for natural births, you get pads with ice packs in them.....
O.k first I want to say TAMPONS.I hope this is a private pool,I personally would'nt want to be swimming next to chunks of the pad or the blood leaking threw (sorry tmi)..lol..Oh & also lost pub's.Just stay home hunny,trim & wait till you preiod is gone.Plus it's to clod to swim,well maybe not were you from?O.k if this is a joke still take my advice...& thanks for the laugh!..
My periods last 5-7 days and I usually have 2 days of heavy bleeding (around 5 pads a day) Is this normal? Or is there something wrong with me? How are your general periods?
´╗┐The last few months my period has been so heavy I end up having to change tampons every 2 to 3 hours. Now I'm back to pads and soaking them so fast it is becoming frustrating. Anything suggesting would be great.
I am 35 and have had three kids. I have had painful, heavy periods since starting at age 12. After having a breech baby, I ended up with a stage one bladder prolapse. Because of my heavy periods and the prolapse, my doc suggested surgery for the prolapse and a possible hysterectomy when I am closer to the age of 40. He felt I was still to young for a hysterectomy.
This even woke me up last night and I barely made it to the bathroom on time. Past periods have been heavy and even sometimes painful but never with such large clots or unpredictable flow. There is very little cramping with this period, which is also unusual. Also, it is about 1 week early. Just concerned, or should I be? Is this just another step towards pre-menopause?
i have a 5 months old baby, after the birth i have two alternate heavy periods that are 10to 12 days long and i need to change may pads after each 5 to 6 hours, there is not clotting, but thin blood discharge.
Hi there, About a month and half ago my gynecologist prescribed me Seasonique as a way to treat my heavy periods. She explained that I would only have a period every 3 months and when i did have a period it would be light and only for a few days. Two weeks ago i started spotting but i figured that was normal and to be expected but it started to get heavier like a regular period. So basically i've had a period for over 2 weeks now. I'm really starting to get worried.
It depends on what kind of pads you buy. There are several that are very thin, very absorbent and will not leak. Try different brands that work best for you. Tampons are great for teens because of the freedom you have to go swimming and things like that. As long as you do not change them too often or too little they should work just fine with no problems. Ask your mom again if you can try them. I recommend the package that has 3 different kinds. Heavy, medium and light days.
For about a week I was changing my pad every 3 hours and they were heavy long pads. It continues all throughout the night, and sometimes it bleeds onto my sheets. 1 night it went through 3 pairs of pants 2 pairs of underwear both with pads. What is going on I am scared and have been feeling weak, tired and headaches for several days. What do i do?
I used the depends pads.I get heavy periods so after deliv. it was worse 4 me.I never used tampons I did'nt want anything in there with the pain.Also if there's a tear or they cut you I finds that tucks medicated work GOOD for the stiches or just the pain/inflamation...
However, I am noticing that I am bleeding very heavily, big clots...I never ever had such heavy periods, I need to change my pads every 1 hour or so...today is my third day. Its been 6 months since I have been married, I am not on any birth control pills. My last period was normal. I dont have a history of irregular periods. Could you please tell me..what should I do now?
I went thru years of painful, heavy periods and DR did not have any idea what to do. I finally went to another Dr who knew how to treat the problem- it was fibroids, three big ones. I was scheduled to have them removed surgically (very easy and simple outpatient) and have not had a problem since. since you are young it may not be the same problem, maybe research endometriosis. hope you get better!
it took me years before i finally got myself into the female doctor to get my periods regulated. (i ended up on the pill) i would have cycles so heavy that they would bleed through the thickest pads on the shelves. and clots, OMG. it could be stress that has been making it act up. it could be your physical activity. Sometimes it can be your salt intake as well. if you eat alot, it makes a difference of how much you flow.
Could this be due to the fact that when my periods were long I barely clotted at all? Also, my younger sister had the same problem..long periods..and her gyno said she was fine. O_O Help.
I have posted about m/c x2 and other things. My periods are 26-31 days long. my perods are 7days long. usually on the 2nd or 3rd day of period i have heavy bleeding looks like clots. i also have low back pain and ciatic nerve pain at times it feels like my girl parts are falling out. i have had to take lortab before because i could not even get out of a chair. Does anyone have simalar problems. my dr. does not seen to worried. but he never does. I do have a 4 year old.
I'm 18 and was diagnosed with PCOS about 5 years ago. My periods have always been iregular. But this time its been very long 2 months now I've been bleeding I went to a doctor and after a pelvic exam confirmed the bleeding was from the cervix. No STD's present was not enimic at the time. He gave me provera for a quick fix but after taking it for 10 (what the perscription was for) my bleeding is now worse then ever soaking through pad's after pad's. Tired and loss of apetite.
I started Birth Control (nuva ring) for the first time in November 08 and since have had regular medium flow periods each month until this month...I took my nuva ring out on Tuesday and didn't see any period until Friday night not much on Saturday but today i have gone through a whole pack of pads about (10-12) ive never seen my period this heavy before, each pad has been full. Ive not been very active this week - not done much - in fact all day today i have slept and not had any energy.
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