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Before 4'>I got on b4'>Irth control, 4'>I had 4'>Il4'>Ight>heavy4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>per4'>Iods4'>Il4'>Ight> w4'>Ith 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight>. 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight> are a perfectly normal part of hav4'>Ing a per4'>Iod. The l4'>In4'>Ing of your uterus needs to be shed!
Anyone else have 4'>Il4'>Ight>large4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight> dur4'>Ing the4'>Ir menstral cycle? 4'>I have had 4'>some really strange cycles for about two years now. 4'>my bleed4'>Ing 4'>Is heavy and 4'>I have occass4'>Ional spott4'>Ing between per4'>Iods. Seems l4'>Ike 4'>I 4'>am on 4'>my per4'>Iod more than 4'>I 4'>am not. 4'>Its dr4'>Iv4'>Inv me nuts.
Th4'>Is month 4'>I had 4'>my per4'>Iod for 4 days as usual... Seven days later 4'>I start pass4'>Ing Huge 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight>. The flow 4'>Is heav4'>Ier then 4'>my heav4'>Iest day on 4'>my per4'>Iod... Whats go4'>Ing on?????
4'>I started 4'>my per4'>Iod about 1 and a half and 4'>I have been bleed4'>Ing noone stop! 4'>Its not just 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> that comes out but 4'>Il4'>Ight>large4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight>, 4'>Its larger than normal.4'>I get them frequently 4'>In a day mabye 5-6 4'>In a day and they are large.4'>I keep hav4'>Ing bad pa4'>Ins everyday always go4'>Ing and 4'>I don't know what 4'>I should do.4'>I have been to the doctor about the pa4'>In and he gave me tablets for them.Last month he gave me tablets to help 4'>my per4'>Iods become constant but they are just 4'>Irregular , 4'>long and very very pa4'>Inful!
They have been very 4'>Il4'>Ight>heavy4'>Il4'>Ight> to and 4'>I used to never have 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight> well today 4'>I thought 4'>my per4'>Iod was over because the bleed4'>Ing was gone s4'>Ince yesterday but to 4'>my surpr4'>Ise 4'>I sat down to use the restroom and blood poured out of me and 4'>I passed a clot the s4'>Ize of the palm of your hand! Th4'>Is s4'>ame th4'>Ing happend to me not last month but the month before 4'>I thought 4'>It stopped than 4'>I passed one the s4'>Ize of an egg, what 4'>Is go4'>Ing on can anyone tell me a fr4'>Iend of m4'>Ine says 4'>Its premenepause?
4'>I 4'>am 38. 4'>I pass a lot of 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight> dur4'>Ing 4'>my 4'>Il4'>Ight>per4'>Iods4'>Il4'>Ight>, 4'>Il4'>Ight>large4'>Il4'>Ight> and small. 4'>Is 4'>It normal? 4'>I al4'>so have pa4'>Inful per4'>Iods and lasts for s4'>Ix days. 4'>Is there anyway to stop per4'>Iods 4'>In 3 or 4 days? Please suggest a remedy for th4'>Is.
4'>I HAVE BEEN BLEED4'>ING 4'>Il4'>Ight>HEAVY4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight> DUR4'>ING 4'>my PER4'>IOD,THE 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight> ARE B4'>IGGER THEN A QUARTER andG 4'>I TH4'>INK 4'>soME WRONG WHAT SHOULD 4'>I DO PLEASE HELP ME
4'>I 4'>am hav4'>Ing 4'>Il4'>Ight>large4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight> and hav4'>Ing to change super t4'>ampons every 3 to 4 hours. 4'>Is th4'>Is normal or should 4'>I seek med4'>Ical attent4'>Ion?
4'>I 4'>am 4'>In 4'>my early 20's and just last n4'>Ight and the day before, 4'>I have had a very heavy menstrual flow. 4'>I've gone through a super max4'>I 4'>In an hour or 4'>so and 4'>I've had 4'>Il4'>Ight>large4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight>. 4'>I've had 4'>Irregular per4'>Iods 4'>my whole l4'>Ife, and 4'>my doctor has sa4'>Id th4'>Is 4'>Is due to the fact that 4'>I'm obese, but 4'>I've never had clots th4'>Is b4'>Ig before or bleed th4'>Is heav4'>Ily. 4'>Is th4'>Is normal for overwe4'>Ight women to have extremeley heavy per4'>Iods?
But the b4'>Ig scare 4'>I have 4'>Is when 4'>I take out 4'>my t4'>ampon, wh4'>Ich 4'>I change about every hour to 2 hours, there are 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight> on 4'>It. Then when 4'>I 4'>am s4'>Itt4'>Ing on the to4'>Ilet, more 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight> come out, and al4'>so when 4'>I w4'>Ipe w4'>Ith to4'>Ilet paper. They aren't HUGE l4'>Ike everyone else 4'>Is say4'>Ing, but they are b4'>Igger than a quarter, and 4'>It's never happened before &4'>amp; 4'>I started 4'>my per4'>Iod for the f4'>Irst t4'>Ime when 4'>I was 14. What should 4'>I do? Or 4'>Is th4'>Is all normal?
What 4'>I'm worr4'>Ied 4'>Is s4'>Ince 4'>It com4'>Ing back for the past 2 days, 4'>It been very 4'>Il4'>Ight>heavy4'>Il4'>Ight>, 4'>I 4'>am pass4'>Ing huge black color 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight> (4'>Il4'>Ight>large4'>Il4'>Ight> one, very large). 4'>I do have blood clots but never 4'>I see th4'>Is large before dur4'>Ing 4'>my cycles 4'>In the past. Should 4'>I just wa4'>It couple more days and see? 4'>I really don't want to go to hosp4'>Ital, s4'>Ince 4'>I don't have health 4'>Insurance to afford. Any adv4'>Ice would be greatly apprec4'>Iated. 4'>I'm just worr4'>Ied see4'>Ing the large blood clots.
4'>I 4'>am a th4'>Irty s4'>Ix year old woman who has recently started to loose blood clots dur4'>Ing her per4'>Iods.On 4'>my last per4'>Iod 4'>I had twenty four hours where the 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight> were 4'>so 4'>Il4'>Ight>large4'>Il4'>Ight> that they completely bypassed 4'>my t4'>ampons. 4'>my partner and 4'>I are try4'>Ing for our f4'>Irst baby and 4'>I 4'>am now concerned that all 4'>Is not well or that 4'>my body 4'>Is chang4'>Ing and 4'>my chance of conc4'>Iev4'>Ing has passed.
4'>I 4'>am a 44 year old woman who has never had a full pregnancy and 4'>I 4'>am now hav4'>Ing horr4'>Ible 4'>Il4'>Ight>per4'>Iods4'>Il4'>Ight> w4'>Ith very 4'>Il4'>Ight>heavy4'>Il4'>Ight> bleed4'>Ing for about 2 days w4'>Ith 4'>Il4'>Ight>large4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>heavy4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight> of 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> and very sharp cr4'>amps, 4'>I have started tak4'>Ing b4'>Irth control p4'>Ills to help the bleed4'>Ing but about two days 4'>Into 4'>my per4'>Iod the heavy bleed4'>Ing and sharp pa4'>Ins happen. what does 4'>It mean?
Ever s4'>Ince all 4'>my per4'>Iods have been extremely 4'>Il4'>Ight>heavy4'>Il4'>Ight>, and 4'>I pass very 4'>Il4'>Ight>large4'>Il4'>Ight> and numerous 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight>. One clot last month f4'>Illed the ent4'>Ire bottom of the to4'>Ilet bowl. 4'>It was probably a 1/2 to 1 cup 4'>In s4'>Ize. Def4'>Inately larger than a n4'>Ickle or quarter. 4'>I used to th4'>Ink 4'>I had heavy per4'>Iods before 4'>my last pregnancy, but th4'>Is 4'>Is r4'>Id4'>Iculous and worr4'>I4'>some.
On July 8th, 4'>I started to bleed aga4'>In and 4'>Its been constant, very 4'>Il4'>Ight>heavy4'>Il4'>Ight> and there are a lot of 4'>Il4'>Ight>large4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight>. 4'>I have al4'>so been hav4'>Ing really bad abdom4'>Inal cr4'>amps l4'>Ike you would exper4'>Ience w4'>Ith a heavy per4'>Iod as well as stomach pa4'>Ins. S4'>Ince 4'>I have started bleed4'>Ing 4'>I have had a pretty severe headache that just won't go away. Yesterday 4'>I started to get really, really bad stomach pa4'>Ins as well as 4'>Increased bleed4'>Ing. 4'>I was vom4'>It4'>Ing yesterday as well.
The follow4'>Ing 4'>Is a br4'>Ief explanat4'>Ion as to 4'>Why menstrual clots (often 4'>Il4'>Ight>large4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight>) are formed. All 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> conta4'>Ins a clott4'>Ing factor. To enable menstrual 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> to flow freely from the uterus and leave the body w4'>Ithout clott4'>Ing, the uterus produces an ant4'>I-clott4'>Ing agent: plasm4'>In. However, when menstrual loss 4'>Is heavy, the ant4'>I-clott4'>Ing agent may not be adequate for the menstrual per4'>Iod and the blood 4'>Is l4'>Ikely to form clots.
OK A WH4'>ILE BACK 4'>I HAD A VERY 4'>Il4'>Ight>HEAVY4'>Il4'>Ight> PER4'>IOD, 4'>IF WAS NOT ONLY 4'>Il4'>Ight>HEAVY4'>Il4'>Ight> BUT 4'>Il4'>Ight>large4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight> APPEARED too. 4'>my PER4'>IOD 4'>IS NEVER NORMAL 4'>soMET4'>IMES 4'>I W4'>ILL COME ON BACK TO BACK FOR MAYBE 2 OR 3 months and THEM 4'>I MAY SK4'>IP 2 TO 3 months. 4'>I HAVE AL4'>so SK4'>IPPED AS MANY AS S4'>IX months BEFORE DOES ANYONE HAVE OR HAS HAD THESE S4'>amE PROBLEMS.
Th4'>Is afternoon 4'>I passed a 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> clot now. Should th4'>Is conern me? Or can a cyst al4'>so cause 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight> to pass. 4'>I have had and upset stomach for days whenever 4'>I eat, yet 4'>It only seems to be r4'>Ight after 4'>I eat anyth4'>Ing. 4'>It casues loose bowels, 4'>I f4'>Igured 4'>It was the news med4'>Icat4'>Ions 4'>I was on. But 4'>I 4'>am wonder4'>Ing about th4'>Is blood clot th4'>Ing...Should 4'>I worry? Or just put 4'>It all on the back burnner unt4'>Il Monday and try to speak w4'>Ith a doctor than?
h4'>I, 4'>I know that clumpy 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight> are ok to have dur4'>Ing 4'>Il4'>Ight>per4'>Iods4'>Il4'>Ight> but small ones.. do you take adv4'>Il or motr4'>In for pa4'>In dur4'>Ing your per4'>Iod? 4'>I got al4'>so 4'>In the past b4'>Ig clots that really freaked me out, and when 4'>I spoke to 4'>my doctor she sa4'>Id that adv4'>Il and motr4'>In th4'>Ins out the blood 4'>so the per4'>Iod goes through faster 4'>so 4'>It could be 4'>Why you get clots . but what about another m4'>Isscarr4'>Iage? do you just get clots or do you have t4'>Issue l4'>Ike d4'>Ischarge al4'>so?
4'>I was prev4'>Iously detected w4'>Ith PCOS, but when 4'>I try search4'>Ing 4'>Informat4'>Ion on PCOS, 4'>It focuses more on m4'>Iss4'>Ing 4'>Il4'>Ight>per4'>Iods4'>Il4'>Ight> rather than 4'>so 4'>Il4'>Ight>heavy4'>Il4'>Ight> and 4'>long 4'>Il4'>Ight>per4'>Iods4'>Il4'>Ight>. Any contr4'>Ibut4'>Ions from anyone? any suggesst4'>Ions?
4'>I 4'>am 43 yrs old and have had heavy clotty per4'>Iods all 4'>my l4'>Ife they al4'>so lasted from 7 to 9 days each month was put on bc to regulate them and 4'>It worked then had 4'>my ch4'>Ildren and 4'>my tubes t4'>Ied and everyth4'>Ing seemed ok, 4'>my cycle went back and 4'>Il4'>Ight>per4'>Iods4'>Il4'>Ight> went back to what they were when 4'>I was a teen (4'>Il4'>Ight>heavy4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight> and 7-9 days), but manageable unt4'>Il 4'>I found out 4'>I 4'>am hyperglycem4'>Ic and al4'>so put on wellbutr4'>In for depress4'>Ion and now 4'>I have been bleed4'>Ing for 20 days heavy and egg s4'>Ized clots, dr 4'>Is send4'>Ing me
after that year, the bleed4'>Ing 4'>Increased, more and more, 4'>I 4'>am now almost 50 and 4'>I have 4'>Il4'>Ight>heavy4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>per4'>Iods4'>Il4'>Ight>, 4'>I have 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight>, very pa4'>Inful, and 4'>I have known for the last year that 4'>I have cysts aga4'>In. 4'>I 4'>am al4'>so hav4'>Ing a lot of pa4'>In 4'>In 4'>my ovar4'>Ies, maybe 4'>It's cerv4'>Ix, can't really tell... sharp,tw4'>Ist4'>Ing stabb4'>Ing pa4'>Ins, before, dur4'>Ing and r4'>Ight after 4'>my per4'>Iod ends.. the doctor tells me 4'>I'm 4'>In the other 50% that the novasure d4'>Idn't take.
4'>so 4'>Im go4'>Ing to call up 4'>my doctor and see 4'>If 4'>I can get 4'>In 4'>soon as poss4'>Ible, 4'>I heard hav4'>Ing blood 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight> and expeally b4'>Ig 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight> arnt good. you need to call your doctor, she told me 4'>some people are good w4'>Ith 4'>It and 4'>some people arnt. and 4'>I guess 4'>I 4'>am one of them that doesnt do well on 4'>It. :( and thats a sh4'>ame. 4'>Im bleed4'>Ing to much every day, w4'>Ith wh4'>Ite stuff, and small and b4'>Ig clots.
H4'>I everyone, yesterday 4'>I brought 4'>my w4'>Ife home from the hosp4'>Ital (7 days) after she was adm4'>Itted for hav4'>Ing 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> 4'>Il4'>Ight>clots4'>Il4'>Ight>. She has a 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> clot 4'>In her upper arm/shoulder area, and a 4'>Il4'>Ight>blood4'>Il4'>Ight> clot 4'>In each lung. The ONLY r4'>Isk factor she has towards blood clots 4'>Is that she 4'>Is on b4'>Irth control. She has been on Yasm4'>In for around 4-5 months now (she was prev4'>Iously on orthotr4'>Icycl4'>In). 4'>my w4'>Ife 4'>Is 25 and a non-smoker.
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