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i got my ilight>periodilight> last week and it started ilight>lightilight>, just spotting. So i've had it for two weeks going on three. and this has never happened, because i usually only get it for no more then 5 days. and its been getting heavier by the day. Today i had to change my tampon every hour this morning, and i get lots of blood clots. is this normal? What should i do?
my ilight>periodilight> is still going on for 18 days now. the first week it was ilight>lightilight> now it is so heavy with blood clogs. is this normal or is this the start of menopause. i will be 46 this June. Please help!!
right now though im on my period, the first 2 days were really light with hardly any cramps (didnt need to take tylenol or anything) and now its the 3rd day and its really ilight>heavyilight> (well, ilight>heavyilight> for me, so heavier than it normally is even the first day or two) but i still have no cramps... is it normal that its heavier on the 3rd day? and is it normal that i usually have cramps but this time i hardly feel them even though my period is heavier?
i had the something. but at first it was a ilight>lightilight> ilight>periodilight> then it got ilight>heavyilight> then ilight>lightilight> then ilight>heavyilight> again.
i had unprotected sex last month i started my period two days late today i finally started and its really ilight>lightilight> not sure why when im normally ilight>heavyilight> i took a pregnancy test it said i wasnt
This month i had light brown spotty ilight>periodilight> from the first day of my ilight>periodilight> to the last day of my ilight>periodilight>. i don't have any pregnancy symptoms this month outside of being tired alot. i have good days & then not so good days. Has anyone gone through a similar situation like me? Does this mean i am pregnant or that i have some medical condition? i eat very healthy so having a medical condition would stump me. i've made an appointment with my GP.
i dont know Can a cold effect the flow of a ilight>periodilight>? Can a Cold effect a ilight>periodilight> at all? sorry theres a lot ..... if anything should i see a doctor?
Usually my periods last 3 -5 days and are relatively ilight>heavyilight> for the first two days and then become lighter, however my last ilight>periodilight> (which was pretty much on time) only lasted one day and was different in colour and also very light in comparison. i didn't really think much of this at first but i have now started to wonder whether or not this is infact a false period and i am actually pregnant ? if i'm not pregnant, then is a 1 day period somethign i should see the doctor about anyway?
this is the lightst ilight>periodilight> i have ever had normally its ilight>heavyilight> and i have bad cramps and this one i didn't have any at all. just spotting and a really light flow and i feel that something is not right .
But the two days it was on it was mid ilight>heavyilight> it wasnt even ilight>lightilight> but it was ilight>heavyilight> ilight>heavyilight>. What do that mean and what to do?
headaches,bloading,cramps everywhere,sick to my stomach,really heavy flow,irritability,mood swings, and food cravings. Till the end of my ilight>periodilight> then my flow gets ilight>lightilight> and i have no bloading,not sick,barely cramps,just the mood swings and headaches and back aches.
Hi, my ilight>periodilight> started out last Monday, it was ilight>lightilight> on Monday and then on tuesday and wednesday it was super light, like it wasn't even there it was brown also. On Thursday it picked up, and today it was brown in the morning. i just checked and it acted like it was getting heavy? i usually have 7 day really heavy periods and there is no possibility i'm pregnant. i'm a lesbian and only active with her. Why is my period like this?
Was the flow normal? ilight>Heavyilight>? ilight>Lightilight>? Since you got a ilight>periodilight> it's unlikely you are actually pregnant, it could just be your cycle changing amongst other things.
had to call into work due to three headache of the week, Also got a suprise ilight>periodilight> that was ilight>lightilight> to med ilight>heavyilight>, once i went back to sleep i woke to find the ilight>periodilight> flow was gone, didn't leave much so not sure if it just was shot of blood for few mins then stop? i find my body does it from time to time not sure why, or if i should worry about it. Hard for me to get to dr due to work. Going to states in sept to try again with my bestie.
my lmp was kinda of off balanced, i normally always have 2 days spotting, 2 days ilight>lightilight>, 2 days medium and 2 days ilight>heavyilight>...however this time was 1 day ilight>heavyilight> and 1 day medium and then the rest of the days were so light all i needed was a pantie liner. the one day it was heavy only started when i came home from work at 6, the rest of the day was light. and horrible cramps on the left side, and that was on march 5.
No this isn't normal, i would definitely see a doctor about this. A ilight>periodilight>, ilight>lightilight>, or ilight>heavyilight> is not normal to last for 20 days. i would see your OB/GYN and ask them about it. i doubt it would be pregnancy, maybe an infection, but definitely contact your OB/GYN. Good luck!
i got pregnant the same month that my ilight>periodilight> returned my son was 13 mths old.
Hi, my ilight>periodilight> started out last Monday, it was ilight>lightilight> on Monday and then on tuesday and wednesday it was super light, like it wasn't even there it was brown also. On Thursday it picked up, and today it was brown in the morning. i just checked and it acted like it was getting heavy? i usually have 7 day really heavy periods and there is no possibility i'm pregnant. i'm a lesbian and only active with her. Why is my period like this?
then it came back again on the 16th it started of light but then got realy ilight>heavyilight>! and lasted about a week.so i had my ilight>periodilight> twice that month. and now i dont know when it will come this month? help?
i have a question i started my ilight>periodilight> but it was ilight>lightilight> and brown not watery either nor sticky and its not much at all its been 2 hours and i havent filled a pad should i be worried
Hi can some one help me plz i was ment be due on the 28 last month bu i came on early on the 2w but it was very ilight>lightilight> pink spotting only when i wiped which whent on for six days then i came on heavy for 3 days an then back to pink spottin up until now what could this be
it is proven that some women do have a minor periods during pregnancy,not to be confused with spotting. But there could be a ilight>lightilight> ilight>periodilight> for a certain amount of time as if it were going with your normal cycle, but i don't think you would be pregnant if you had a very heavy period.
So my ilight>periodilight> is early. and it's unusually heavier than usual. i've been breaking down out of no where. my breast are always sore(this whole month) and i've been really nauseous. N yesterday i was spotting real light b pink. i threw up all yesterday. Everything i ate. i woke up this morning to real heavy bleeding. Oh n yesterday my right ovary was really hurting. As of now i have this nauseous sour heartburn like feeling in my throat!!
Consider yourselof lucky! Mine are ilight>lightilight> too. i can't even use tampons, i can only use pantyliners! i wouldn't worry about it all.
i'm on day 4 of my ilight>periodilight> and have a ilight>heavyilight> flow, with cramps:( usually by day 4 my period is qite light and i don't have anymore cramps:( Dose anyone else have this?
On the 3rd day i had died blood. 4th day my ilight>periodilight> started ilight>lightilight> and got heavier, however it wasn't as ilight>heavyilight> as my first day usually is. Also it didn't start until i masterbated that day. The next day was really heavy bleeding with a few cramps. From then it was normal. i had a medium bleeding day and one really light. i normally only bleed 3 days while this time was 4. Today i had some brown dried blood. my problem is that today it went from dry to bleeding again lightly.
hi im 18 and im ususally a heavy bleeder on my period,but this time i had sex on the first day of my ilight>periodilight> and it was ilight>heavyilight> and then the next day was ilight>heavyilight> then the last three days were light but heavy enough for me to need a pad...now ive been feeling ill: nausea and faint.....is this normal???
Hi, April 1st was the last day of my last ilight>periodilight>, which was ilight>lightilight> and lasted around 4 days. i havent had my period for two months and the last time i had sex was easter. i took three home tests and they all came out negative so i didnt worry about it. Then this morning i had a light purpleish brown period with a lil bit of tissue and that was it. ive been feeling really light headed and nautious for the past week too.
i am on my last day of my ilight>periodilight> so my flow has been very ilight>lightilight>. i used a ilight>lightilight> tampon i was having really bad cramping and when i took out the tampon it looked like it had started falling apart. Could this be a danger for me?
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