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Is there anything that can help with this heartburn? I cant get rid of it.
Im 27 since today and im having alot of heart burn can i drink medicine for that or no?
Tums....glass of milk...
I'm 29 weeks and I have the worst heartburn right now and I have no medicine around right now.
So does anyone else that has been on or is currently taking Metformin have heartburn on a daily bases? All my Dr would say is that it is a side effect from the medicine but I know 3 people taking it and none of them have it!
I drink milk. I always have heartburn and that's the only thing that seems to help me. Medicine never helps so ill drink a small glass of milk.
The first time I had heartburn I took Prilosec. It works wonders! It's a 24 hour medicine. I highly recommend it and it's safe during pregnancy.
I told obgyn and they gave me a prescription for heartburn medicine and I finally got relief. If it's really bothersome ask ur obgyn about something stronger than tums and they will tell yu what yu can take.
Milk helps me with heartburn
Zantac is a over the counter pregnancy safe medicine that I take for extreme heartburn and it works amazing. It's a tiny little pill that you swallow.
Im 25 weeks currently, and I was just discharged from the hospital for higg fever and heart rate. But now I am currently haveing the worst heartburn, it's usually when I try to eat. It literally pains me too eat. Any suggestions or anything to help i've been living off of milkshakes and cream of wheat for three days. Help?
Hi im 27 weeks pregnant and ive just started to get heartburn which is causing me alot of problems. Everytime i drink or eat its repeating on me. If i lie down on my back or right side i feel my food coming up and have to run to the bathroom to be sick. Is this normal? Do you know what medicine i can take while pregnant to stop me from getting heartburn.
Heartburn is killing me and am 26.do u pals take glucose?and why is it that sometimes i dont feel tha baby's movement?is it normAl?
If that doesn't help maybe ask your doctor if there is an over the counter medicine that they would recommend. Unless of course you are doing absolutely no medicines. If you get heart burn frequently eat a banana first before you eat anything else. It's what I do.
I was that way with my first ..I had to talk to my doctor and he gave me a nausea medicine and told me to take that with tums and if the tums didn't work he'd prescribe zantac or something ...if its that bad give them a call they may be able to call something in for you. You can also try the extra strength tums that's what I have to do with this baby ....
I do not recommend anyone quite taking your thyroid medicine!! I do recommend you change to synthroid! Four weeks into synthroid and I do not have heartburn or stomach problems.
One cause of heartburn is celiac disease. This and lethargy were the ONLY symptoms my coworker was having. She's about 50 I guess. Her doctor checked her labs and she was positive for celiac disease. She had low levels of vitamin D and some other vitamins and minerals. No heartburn medicines were helping. Upper and lower endoscopy were done, and upper endoscopy showed the damage from the celiac disease. She went gluten-free.
Yes, I have with both of my pregnancies..
HORRIBLE heartburn! What can I do to help relieve it? And why does it happen with anything I eat???
This is the 5th night I've woken up throwing up because I've been getting heartburn. I'm soon to be 36 weeks. I've been taking tums and Pepcid OTC and it's not doing anything. Is there something else I should be trying? I'm scared one of these nights I will choke on the throw up because I'm sleeping when it happens.
Please help everything gives me heartburn didn't have any at all with my daughter but now I'm burning up lol...
sugar was a main cause of my heartburn....of course at the end all i had to do was smell food and i got heartburn...
I was on that a few years ago (I have a chronic heartburn condition, but no medicine seemed to work so I stopped talking to my doctors about it) and it didn't help at all.
Who here gets heartburn and what do you do about this? Do you avoid certain foods? I seem to get it all the time and I hate it. What can I do about this?
After doing that for about a week, I started having symptoms of heartburn - usually upon awakening and during the morning hours; it usually subsides by noon. When I eat during this time, I often feel the food going down the esophagus with some discomfort at times. My question is this - could this be a symptom of hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism or related in any way to me taking half the dosage of levothyroxine? How should I proceed?
Hi Rhonda......it probably is just heartburn, however, if the pain is severe and you're feeling nauseated, you should go to the ER. It could be an ulcer. A couple months ago I thought I was just having severe heartburn, but it turned out to be 2 duodenal ulcers and it was a good thing I went to the er because they admitted me for 5 days. Better to be safe than sorry. Of course, it could be a heart attack as well, but you're pretty young for that.
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