Heartburn in my throat

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It makes me feel like that when it gets really bad. I take tums and it helps some.
It's a very uncomfortable feeling in your throat. To me it feels like I'm having allergic reaction or something n my throat.
I've never had it before, can you describe it? I'm having this pain in my chest from time to time that really s.cks! If not heartburn then idk, my lungs are collapsing?? Lol and how do you relieve it?
Mine was horrible i could feel it all the way up my throat to my ears. My sister in law finally told me about that and it was a life saver!
/ I'm 34 weeks and the heartburn is unbearable sometimes.
Can someone please just sum up what having heartburn feels like, I know it's common in pregnant women so I knew it would come I just never knew how it would feel, I want to make sure this is really heartburn that I'm feeling and not anything serious bc this feeling truly *****, its feels like my throat and chest are just collapsing (that's a bit dramatic) but it really is an uneasy feeling, my throat is very irritated, my whole inside just feels really gasy...
I take tums, its perfectly safe.
Warm water & baking soda. Tastes gross but does the trick!!
I have six weeks left and I am in the same boat as you. I feel like my throat is on fire. I have been popping tums like candy. Actually my doctor recomened taking two a day any way for the calcuim. Hang in there.. I dont think anything is going to cure the heart burn but the tums will definitly help.
I feel this weird thing in the back of my throat, it's almost like when you drink soda or anything fizzy and you have to burp, but I've been feeling this for hours now. It's really uncomfortable. Like there's some kind of pressure building up in my stomach but can't get out.
Anyway, I have never ever had heartburn. I started to experience uncomfortable sensation in my throat... esophagus??? then I burp like crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy... it is so uncomfortable... are those symptoms of heartburn... sorry for being so ignorant. What can I take... tums? I have an appointment on Wed. but maybe anyone already consulted this with her doctor. Any hep/advice will be appreciated. Thanks and have a restful Sunday.
I tried making tea and put milk inside and tried laying down but that feeling just keeps coming up my throat so i tried adjusting my pillows so they elevate my body up and i hav gas pains
Hi ladies I have this burning sensation in my throat. Its like my food didn't go down right or its sitting on my chest. I try to burp to see if it will go away but it want. Could this b heartburn? Feedback please and thank u!
Tums are ur friend! I keep one in my purse, in my night stand, and at work on my deak. I don't know how I would cope without them.
I'm prescribed zantac by my doc, but I have it so bad I puke acid in my sleep and a lot of the times choke..
Okay so I am a mother expecting baby #4, so you would think I would remember how bad heartburn can get in the third trimester. Wow! It's like my throat is on fire all night really bad in bed. May start sleeping in a chair! Just wondering if anyone has a great cure?? I sip milk to put out the fire a bit. I hate chalky tums. Any other thoughts??
I started getting heartburn early in my pregnancy. I'm 21 weeks now and still have it. It's gotten a bit worse these past 3 days, as if my stomach and throat are constantly burning. I usually drink milk to help my heartburn and occasionally take tums.
Just had another scope done about month ago, Every since then , feels like I have something stuck in my throat ?? Spoke with gastro doc't ... said should pretty much go away .. I do have hiatal hernia , when it acts up, it pushes up into my stomach, causes muscle spasms in the esophagus , pretty much feels like heart attack ! Been ER several occasions !! No fun . Hoping soon my gastro doc't can get this fixed !!!!
My heart burn/acid reflux has only gotten worse with this pregnancy! I noticed it sometime in the 2nd trimester and I am now 32 weeks. Sometimes I just get an awful burning in my throat as well. I usually take tums, it works for a little while and but always comes back!! I figure I am almost there, so I think I can hang in there. But like these other ladies have said, you may want to get a prescription for something if it's really bad. I feel your pain!!
Ugh even when i dont eat anything my throat is on fire and i dont want to od on tums . I was wondering if their are some other ways to help with heart burn .
So I'm guessing it goes along with heartburn but it's not my chest it's like a burning in my throat..kind of like that just puked feeling. Any suggestions of how to cool/get rid of it?
This may not be your issue, but I started taking my prenatal vitamin at dinner time instead of lunch and my heartburn/acid reflux completely went away. I would play around with the time of day you take it because it seems like it affects everyone differently. Other than that though, everyone i spoke with recommended tums.
I have never experienced anything like this (especially with the recent feeling of vomit in my mouth and nose), waking up choking on my own vomit, it burning my throat and my ears, and this horrible "out of nowhere" gas and my upper belly has become large and hard...I know I have gained some weight, but this doesn't seem quite right! I have never gained most of my weight in my upper belly.
During my preg. I was told Maalox, even extra strength, as I could only sleep upright due to acid in my throat......Maalox worked.
When you have burning at the top of stomach or feels kinda like your throat is burning is that heartburn? And also is it true that the more heartburn u have the more hair the baby will have ...
I have never had heartburn in my entire life until now I'm 24 weeks pregnant and seems like everything I eat gives me heartburn what can I take to relieve it?
I always felt like when I took the pill it was burning all the way down my esophagus, I also had terrible burning in my throat that I could hear at night. I quit taking it that day! I went to my doctor and he said I was crazy. I stayed off of it for 8 months and now I am finally trying synthroid. I do not recommend anyone quite taking your thyroid medicine!! I do recommend you change to synthroid! Four weeks into synthroid and I do not have heartburn or stomach problems.
You know what helped me a lot was eating carrots.
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