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I been having extreme heartburn and nausea for a couple of days now . Its killing me ! :/ Any tips for heartburn ?
I have been experiencing a lot of heartburn for the past 3 days not due my period for ten days.. I'm hoping this is an early pregnancy symptom because I never get heartburn has anyone else experienced heart burn from early on in pregnancy.. Many thanks.. We have been trying for 12 month and had sex on all the correct days..
I am 4 weeks and 4 days and 2 days ago I had heartburn like crazy I literally started drinking water back to back but after those 2 days i havent had heart burn every since, just praying it dont start back, but congratulations!
I was having really bad heartburn. I took Prilosec for two days and it went away. Dr. approved it.
It seems like for the past week everything I eat gives me heartburn any suggestions?
After taking it for two days I had relief. You can take it up to 14 days at a time. I only needed it for 4 now I am fine and don't need it. FYI I am 37 weeks..heartburn picks up toward the end.
What are some foods or drinks that help relieve heartburn. Mines so bad and I can't take tums anymore.
Im 23 weeks and 4 days...i get terrible heartburn at night. What is a good cure???
For the last couple of days, anything I eat, gives me heartburn! I did have heartburn once in a while! Now I'm concerned that I get it every time I eat! Must something be wrong???
39 days left...34 weeks and two days and im experiencing the worst heartburn ever its even made be be sick :-/ hopefully this doesnt last...
What is the best thing to take for heartburn??
14 wks 4 days prego heartburn is killing me!! Ive tried milk ice cream..tums zantac..ugh it hurts.
I'm 34 weeks pregnant and a FTM. For the past few days I've had severe heartburn. Is there anything I can do or take to ease it?
I'm now 28 weeks 4 days and although so many people have told me you get it bad in pregnancy I've not suffered from it up until now so I thought I was lucky but over the last few days I've been suffering soooo bad with heartburn. It wakes me up in the middle of the night and as soon as I've eaten I can feel it starting. Does anyone know of any remedies? Other than chugging loads of gaviscon and rennies lol.
I've had heart burn throughout my whole pregnancy but these past few days it's just been horrible I can't take it ! Is there any home remedies for this ? I hate milk and I heard that helps but I will not drink it , anything you ladies would recommend trying ?
For the last couple of days, anything I eat, gives me heartburn! I did have heartburn once in a while! Now I'm concerned that I get it every time I eat! Must something be wrong???
I am ftm @ 15wks 3 days with twins. I have severe heartburn. Anything I eat or drink causes heartburn. I haven't ate since 6pm this evening and its now 1152 pm and my heartburn will not let me go to sleep. Do any of you suffer from this and what is recommended.
This is my first pregnancy and I am 19 weeks and 2 days today, and I get heartburn like crazy! I never got heartburn before getting pregnant. Any natural suggestions on how to ease it? Because it's starting to hurt and even keeping me from sleeping properly at night.
i hate all those rennies, alkaseltzers etc, that never even work anyway and are bad for you. Almonds are very good for you and after a couple months i now hardly get heartburn. I probably have a packet a week and only when i have had a couple pints. Almonds can be found in the home baking section of uk supermarkets. When you get heartburn take a handful, grind it into a paste and swallow. That should see you through the day.
Im 14 weeks 4 days and this morning have woke up with THE WORST heartburn ever. Is this normal this early on?? What can i take for it???
Zantac worked awesome for me and my heartburn was dibilitating.... I also really liked the chewy rolaids. Good luck. I hope I don't get heatburn with this pregnancy....
Milk is not good for heartburn. It sits in your stomach and curdles and can make you vomit.
I am 35 weeks and 5 days and have been getting horrible heartburn. It will wake me up at night and I will have to end up falling asleep while sitting up. I am taking tums but they aren't really helping. Does anyone have any advice or remedies to help me out?
Tums should be OK for you to take.. also drinking a glass of milk helps me. Stay away from peppermints though if you plan to breastfeed. Apparently they can effect your ability to produce.
My dr told me to use Zantac 75.My heartburn was so bad i would puke up bile. My throat would be raw for days. Tums 1000, Rolaids, milk and everything else did not work. I'm counting my days until this comes to an end.
I just Googled this question and found out that you shouldn't use baking soda if pregnant. I'm dealing with heartburn for the lady could of days; I'm 38.
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