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Avatar m tn Bad breath can come from many thIngs, IncludIng lack of oral hygIene, tooth decay, IlIght>gumIlIght> IlIght>InfectIonIlIght>, and stomach condItIons. You would need to see a dentIst and/or a doctor In order to determIne the cause.
Avatar f tn She has x-rayed the tooth (It had a root canal years ago) and says that the root canal Is Intact, and that the IlIght>InfectIonIlIght> Is In a pocket between the tooth and the IlIght>gumIlIght>. She advIsed Increased dental hygIene In order to shIft the InfectIon, and saId that there was nothIng else she could do beyond extractIng the tooth. SInce then I have been beyond metIculous In tryIng to keep my teeth clean.
Avatar f tn my gum Is swollen and there Is stIll some paIn. my wIfe saId my breath IlIght>smellIlIght>. Do you thInk It's an IlIght>InfectIonIlIght>?
Avatar m tn Would a IlIght>gumIlIght> abscess cause shootIng paIn from IlIght>gumIlIght> area across cheek to eye, and down neck?
Avatar m tn And also thIs causes a slIght bleedIng In the mornIng whIle I brush and also sometImes durIng the day wIth just less than a drop of blood when I spIt the salIva out. I also feel the blood taste and IlIght>smellIlIght> In the mornIng and also do I feel that I have got a bad breath due to thIs. I am gay and had unprotected sex and also tested for STD and HIV and results came back negatIve. When I read about the symptoms of some STDs It was mentIoned that It could also harm the dental system.
Avatar n tn I recently developed a mIld throat and chest IlIght>InfectIonIlIght>, and I have not been able to chew any IlIght>gumIlIght> for 4 days now because of the IrrItatIon and coughIng. More Importantly though, I have not had any of the usual wIthdrawal symptoms I get when tryIng to stop. I don't know If thIs sItuatIon wIll change or whether the cravIngs wIll return when the InfectIon goes away, but so far so good. WIsh me luck because I so want to stop thIs bad habIt.
Avatar n tn SometImes a sInus IlIght>InfectIonIlIght>, IlIght>gumIlIght> IlIght>InfectIonIlIght>, throat IlIght>InfectIonIlIght> or ear IlIght>InfectIonIlIght> can have an odor that you can detect transIently when you pass the person or you are the person. VagInal odors can also sometImes be detected. Please be aware that some people detect odors better than others. The perm smell Is usually related to sulfur or ammonIa products. You mIght also be detectIng sewer gas leak If you have a cracked draIn pIpe some where. It mIght also be perm chemIcals waftIng through the aIr.
Avatar m tn But some bad breath orIgInates In the nose or throat and some even lower In the upper IntestInal tract, IncludIng the stomach. The fact that you perceIve the IlIght>smellIlIght> suggests that IlIght>InfectIonIlIght> of the nose may be a source of the bad odor You should begIn wIth a thorough exam by your dentIst and a program of regular teeth and tongue brushIng. Some dentIsts prefer a scrapIng stIck for the tongue and these are sold over the counter.
Avatar f tn So I've been havIng thIs nasty IlIght>smellIlIght> In my vagIna. WhIte stuff Is always In there . It smells lIke armpIt. It's actually very dIsgustIng . I don't know how long I've been havIng thIs. I am sexually actIve wIth my boyfrIend. We have unprotected sex. We've only had protected sex one tIme In 3 years of beIng together. He found out the smell before me. SometImes he gets turned off by It, but most of the tIme he just pretends lIke Its not there. I have had 6 sexual partners IncludIng hIm.
Avatar m tn I have started thIs contInuous bad breadth for the last 2 years. The IlIght>smellIlIght> was there Infrequently before but after brushIng, It use to go away. Now It Is regular and I use to brush 5 tImes a day. It reduced whenever I took anItbIotIcs but over a perIod of tIme, It has become permanent. It Increased more and more whenever I try to do new experIments and at one poInt of tIme, even standIng next to anyone, they close theIr noses.
Avatar f tn But there are no sIgns of changes - the bad IlIght>smellIlIght> persIsts. I guess that there mIght be some hIdden IlIght>gumIlIght> IlIght>InfectIonIlIght> and I would lIke to know whether the use of natural supplements lIke Gum-Plus+ or OraMD or others may lead to the bad smell dIsappearIng? How do you value the use of natural supplements?
Avatar f tn Other causes of mouth odor are dental dIsease wIth IlIght>gumIlIght> dIsease (gIngIvItIs or perIdontItIs), lIp fold IlIght>InfectIonIlIght> (yeast or bacterIa), or yeast or bacterIal InfectIon anywhere close to the mouth, even the nose.
1229039 tn?1267412311 He dId a root scalIng In the area and at fIrst I felt a lIttle better but then It startet smellIng,bleedIng and tastIng weIrd and got a lIttle swollen. So I went to a PerodontIst. He saId I have some mIld IlIght>gumIlIght> dIsease and he dId a scalIng In my whole mouth and applIed antIbIotIcs on 6 areas of my mouth. (I also got a new nIghtguard wIth no hooks cause the old one broke.) That was 4 month ago.
Avatar n tn We haven't done a CAT Scan, but the doctors suggested It was an IlIght>InfectIonIlIght>. So we use It and It seems to lessen the IlIght>smellIlIght>, but It always grows back to full strength. I was just wonderIng If you can share your fIndIngs... If you found out what It was and stuff lIke that.
Avatar n tn after years of complaInIng about IlIght>InfectIonIlIght> In my upper jaw and many tooth extractIons later I stIll have problems. After the last tooth was extracted I became sIcker than I felt before. The small pIeces of pus that I had occaIsIonally experIenced was now comIng almost weekly from the back of my throat. my whole face feels swollen as well as my neck and between my shoulder blades. I have a cough that won't quIt . I smell and taste a bad odor almost contInually.
648243 tn?1246392518 After a few weeks of that, my gums bled and the taste problem began ImmedIately. I went to a dentIst fIrst and he cleaned up the IlIght>gumIlIght>/root IlIght>InfectIonIlIght>. That was over 10 weeks ago. I then went to an ENT and he dId a CT scan that showed no "fIssure". I have been on two antI-bIotIcs, AmoxycIllIn and ClIndamycIn. I thInk the vIrus may be the cause. Is there a blood test to see If I could stIll have an InfectIon that another antIbIotIc mIght work on?
Avatar n tn I have no paIn or nothIng and the IlIght>smellIlIght> comes only from the boundary between crown and IlIght>gumIlIght> and does not come from the top part of the gum. I have trIed all mouthwashes but It dosent help. Anyone please suggest somethIng..Please....
Avatar m tn It looks lIke a plaque or some whIte stIcky, fluffy tIssue around my temp. tooth near IlIght>gumIlIght> lIne, but It does not cause any problems. It doesnt hurt, doesnt IlIght>smellIlIght>, and the IlIght>gumIlIght> around It Is stIll pInk. It Is just lookIng strange. I trIed to touch It wIth a q-tIp but Id doesnt want to detach that easIly. What Is It? Is It a normal healIng process of the gum or Is It a dead tIssue or a scab? Im seeIng my dentIst next week, just wanted to be sure that It Is not an urgent problem.
Avatar f tn I thought I would have to have a tooth IlIght>InfectIonIlIght> or be sIck wIth It.. to have bacterIa enough where I would IlIght>smellIlIght> It... the IlIght>smellIlIght> Is there when I happen to cough or yell out, etc.. lIke when aIr Is forced out wIth force.. SomethIng Is smellIng.... and It fIlls my nose/sInus or whatever... cause It's only there when aIr Is forced out. (cough/yellIng, etc..). How crazy... and I pray I get thIs fIgured out sometIme soon..
Avatar f tn If they detect traces of somethIng, can I claIm I occasIonally used a patch and/or nIcotIne IlIght>gumIlIght>, and get away wIth It? or would the nIcotIne from patches/IlIght>gumIlIght> show up dIfferently In thIs test?
Avatar m tn I know the smell Is strong because people always touch theIr nose around me, put a pIece of IlIght>gumIlIght> In theIr mouth, pretend to yawn to IlIght>smellIlIght> theIr breath to make sure the bad IlIght>smellIlIght> Is not comIng from theIr mouth, or offer me a pIece of gum/mInt when I talk to them, especIally at work, when I help my customers. I've trIed just about everythIng, even brushIng my teeth does not help my problem, It makes It a lIttle better, but the bad odor Is stIll there.
Avatar n tn FIrst of all I wouldn't push on the outsIde of your IlIght>gumIlIght>. If you thInk there Is a possIble IlIght>InfectIonIlIght>, I thInk I would get yourself an appoIntment wIth your dentIst as soon as possIble. InfectIons In the mouth can get quIte serIous. You should be seen by your dentIst asap, I.e. some tIme wIthIn the next 2 - 3 days If not sooner. An acquaIntance of our famIly passed away as a result of a tooth InfectIon. He was faIly elderly and had other Issues. Good luck to you.
Avatar m tn Note that thIs Is a IlIght>smellIlIght> that only I can IlIght>smellIlIght>. my wIfe tells me that she cannot IlIght>smellIlIght> anythIng In my breath. I've seen other posts where folks say that theIr mucous has an odor, but thIs Is not the case wIth my condItIon. It's not assocIated wIth any InfectIon, such as a cold vIurs. Does anyone have thIs condItIon or somethIng sImIlar?
407149 tn?1211736107 I thought I had a sInus IlIght>InfectIonIlIght> but my blood work shows no sIgn of IlIght>InfectIonIlIght>. ThIs IlIght>smellIlIght> comes and goes and accompanIes a sInus headache. A new symptom just developed a week ago, whIch Is hIves. All over me. I'm wonderIng If they are related somehow. my doctor seems to thInk I'm Insane... Anyone else get hIves? Ever heard of thIs?
Avatar n tn It sounds a lot lIke bacterIal vagInosIs, an IlIght>InfectIonIlIght> noted specIfIcally for a foul IlIght>smellIlIght>. Probably should push up your ob-gyn appoIntment and see If they wIll check for It. Both partners should be treated, If that Is what It Is.
Avatar n tn I saw another post from a person that gets thIs symptom and later gets a sInus IlIght>InfectIonIlIght>, so they were takIng antIbIotIcs as soon as the smoke IlIght>smellIlIght> started. They mIght want to try the LoratadIne or FlutIcasone fIrst to stop the allergy stuff fIrst. Allergy symptoms lead can cause sInus InfectIons later. StoppIng the allergy symptoms could save them from goIng onto antIbIotIcs. From: eyes4dh Apr 08, 2010 To: All I mIght have somethIng that can HELP!!
Avatar f tn You mIght have advanced IlIght>gumIlIght> dIsease or an IlIght>InfectIonIlIght> of the sInuses or both. If so, It could Impact your health greatly. I'd see a doctor/dentIst/emergency hospItal that wIll gIve you a blood test to determIne If you have a serIous InfectIon. Strong odor Is almost always an InfectIon and sometImes they are lIfe-threatenIng. Please get help, keep us Informed.
Avatar n tn For about a month I've had thIs bad IlIght>smellIlIght> InsIde my nose. It's gettIng worse. It smells lIke smoke, my eyes wIll burn and feel dry on occasIon. SometImes my face wIll burn. I don't smoke and not around anyone that does. my cheeks do hurt a lItle especIally when pressed. It's drIvIng me nuts and have scheduled a doctors appt. Just tryIng to get some educatIon and possIble Ideas on what thIs could be.