Frequent urination lower abdominal swelling

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Since last few days i have been suffering from frequent urination. At times have a bit pain on left side of chest and lower abdomen. usually my stomach is also upset with gas problem. some times feel like i cant breathe normal. pls suggest.....
I have bloating, I look like I am pregnant, frequent urination, pressure in my abdomen, lower back pain, extreme fatigue and pain during intercourse. What could this be. My doctor kept giving me medication for urinary tract infection.
Had same thing, dull ache in left testicle, not serious pain but very annoying, especially when sitting. It got very severe one night so I went to the ER and got an ultrasound for testicular torsion but came up clean. They put me on antibiotics for Epididimitys 2 weeks and I was fine for about 2 weeks after that but now it has come back on more dull.
.•abdominal pain, first around the navel then moving to the lower right quadrant of the abdomen • nausea • vomiting • loss of appetite • diarrhea, constipation , and/or inability to pass gas • fever beginning after other symptoms • abdominal swelling and tenderness Other possible symptoms are pain on urination, inability to urinate, or frequent urge to urinate if the swollen appendix is near the urinary tract and bladder.
frequent diarrhea and/or constipation and lower abdominal cramping. Today the side stich was pretty bad - like I had just jogged a few miles with this incredible pain. The muscles closer to the center of my abdomen were also hard like they were knotted or in spasm, yet the original source of the pain did not feel muscular - it felt more intestinal or stomach related. Yet I didn't feel nausea or gas.
At the same time I have very minor right lower back pain with numbness of my lower right leg. The pain in the lower right leg can be severe at times.I do not have pain in my stomach but that can also be the sign of sciatica. I also developed this out of the blue (unlike you when you run) and the conditions remain in time. Really my main problem is the right testicle pain. I would like to hear more about yours what symptoms you had in the past.
The anxiety progressed in last month or so with usual symptoms including diarrhea/constipation, frequent urination, tense neck muscles, etc. In this state I also got little focused and anxious about by urine (output and color). Googling made it worst when I related little foam or little reduction in urine to onset of kidney disease. Last weekend all this manifested into full anxiety/panic attack.
I went to an internal med MD in July. He ran blood tests that all came back fine. He sent me to have an abdominal ultrasound which showed only "healthy" organs. No dilated bile duct, no gall stones, liver enzymes were in normal range. It is 4 months later and the pain is still happening. When I sit, or bend at the waist, I can feel the pain. It is not a deep, internal pain, but seems close to the surface, just to the right of that little cartlidge/bone that splits the rib cage...
-Fatigue -Left sided Loin pain (constant since feb 12th) -lower and upper abdominal pain (comes and goes) -headaches, lightheadedness(more than usual) -chest pain(random sharp pains lasting 3-60 seconds, mostly at night, or laying down) -pelvic pain(comes and goes) -frequent urination, as well as pelvic pain with urination (trouble fully emtying bladder) -Abdominal swelling (its currently about an inch or so bigger round than usual) (started a week or so ago) -nausea(no vomiting) -increased ap
symptoms such as those of abdominal swelling, constipation and/or diarrhea, water retention, more frequent urination, heavy and/or long periods, and general pelvic discomfort or a sense of lower abdominal 'heaviness' due to the previously listed problems.
-Fatigue -Left sided Loin pain (constant since feb 12th) -lower and upper abdominal pain (comes and goes) -headaches, lightheadedness(more than usual) -chest pain(random sharp pains lasting 3-60 seconds, mostly at night, or laying down) -pelvic pain(comes and goes) -frequent urination, as well as pelvic pain with urination (trouble fully emtying bladder) -Abdominal swelling (its currently about an inch or so bigger round than usual) (started a week or so ago) -nausea(no vomiting) -increased ap
) SIGNS OF PRETERM LABOR (Before 37 weeks) • Change or increase in vaginal discharge • Pelvic or lower abdominal pressure • Constant low, dull, backache • Mild abdominal cramps (with or without diarrhea) that may feel like persistent menstrual cramps • Regular or frequent contractions that occur four or more times in one hour (which might be painless) • Your water breaks in a trickle or gush
I had a TransAbdominal and Tranvaginal Pelvic Sono due to back pain, abdominal swelling, and lower abdominal pain. The diagnosis returned indicating slightly enlarged uterus, 3 large fibroids with one that is pedunculated. The sono showed fluid in the ovaries. My doctor rec'd the results and I cant seem to get her to call back. My pain is escalating and I am suffering a great deal with indigestion, nauseau and frequent urination.
Frequent urination and abdominal pain can be due to urinary tract infection, ovarian cysts or any abdominal cause. Ovarian cancer is usually seen in late age. A physical examination will be helpful. Investigations may be need based on the clinical examination findings. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. I hope it helped. Best luck and regards!
Since Christmas I have been experiencing back pain on the right side, frequent urination again and occasional lower right abdominal and pelvic pain. Am waiting for an ultrasound to determine whether I have a kidney stone or fibroidsa(due to occasional spotting after intercourse), however the last couple of days the abdominal pain has worsened and I now have an ammonia-like smell in my urine. Could the original thought of kidney stones be the right one??
I forgot to mention I also have cronic lower back pain, abdominal swelling , and heaviness of the bladder and frequent urination.
The common symptoms of fibroids are heavy periods, bleeding between periods, abdominal swelling, frequent urination, and lower back pain. The symptoms that you list do seem to me more like those of an ovarian cyst. However, keep in mind that the symptoms of an ovarian cancer are the same as those for a benign ovarian mass, so further study will be needed to determine what your condition is. What has your doctor suggested as the next step?
Over the next week I had a noticeable increase in breast size (almost a cup!), along with steady lower abdominal swelling, nausea and a few other suspicious symptoms such as frequent urination, gas, appetite changes, aversion to alcohol, tearfulness, extreme fatigue and almost daily headaches. I have not had the severe cramps or breast sensitivity I would expect with my period.
weight loss, unexplained filing up quickly, despite normal appetite persistent mild background nausea frequent urination fatigue bloating changes in bowel habits occasional low back pain upper and lower abdominal pain (mild to moderate) TVU shows small 2.4x2.
More common Abdominal or stomach pain anxiety bladder pain bloody or cloudy urine blurred vision chills cold sweats coma confusion cool, pale skin depression difficult breathing difficult, burning, or painful urination dizziness fast heartbeat frequent urge to urinate headache increased hunger irregular heartbeat lower back or side pain nausea or vomiting nightmares numbness or tingling in the hands, fe
-Fatigue -Left sided Loin pain (constant since feb 12th) -lower and upper abdominal pain (comes and goes) -headaches, lightheadedness(more than usual) -chest pain(random sharp pains lasting 3-60 seconds, mostly at night, or laying down) -pelvic pain(comes and goes) -frequent urination, as well as pelvic pain with urination (trouble fully emtying bladder) -Abdominal swelling (its currently about an inch or so bigger round than usual) (started a week or so ago) -nausea(no vomiting) -increased ap
She did tests for bacteria and yeast, both were negative. Well I decided that maybe I was imagining the lower abdominal pain. That is until a few days ago. I noticed a bump on my labia minora, it was relatively small. I shave frequently, and I automatically assumed it was an ingrown hair. So I picked at it for a while, and it became sore and swollen, just like picking at a pimple would feel. I wake up the next morning and my labia majora has swollen to double in size.
No. Urine looks/smells the same. No more frequent than usual. Any pain in urination? No. Any problems with sexual response ( erectile and ejaculation problems)? No. Any change in bowel movements? No. The only thing I can think of that happened right before I started feeling pain was someone ran their hand up my leg and must have hit a nerve or something because i tensed up real quick in my lower abdomen, i got so tense that i did feel pain in my lower right abdomen...
7 °C) • Sudden swelling in your face or hands • Vomiting or diarrhea lasting 24 hours or more • Vaginal bleeding • Major change in your baby’s movement • Sudden pain in your abdominal area • Pain or burning during urination (This could be a sign of a urinary tract infection, which poses more risk during pregnancy than at other times. Don’t try to self-treat it.) • Anything else that doesn’t seem right (Trust your instincts!
At the end of the 7 days of meds I returned, now at 15 days after my indiscretion (around 8/20/08), still having burning in the tip, sensitive skin in the groin that burned and hurt to touch , now with strong abdominal pains, very run down, occasional sweats (couple/week) and loose stools, very frequent urgency for urinating. He did a visual of my genital area and said it was a bit irritated in the lower crotch area, but no lesions, or excretions. He check my glands and there was no swelling.
More common * Decreased sexual desire or ability * failure to discharge semen (in men) Less common or rare * Aggressive reaction * breast tenderness or enlargement * fast talking and excited feelings or actions that are out of control * fast, pounding, irregular, or slow heartbeat * fever * inability to sit still * increase in body movements * loss of bladder control * low blood sodium (confusion, convulsions [seizures], drowsiness, dryness of the
Is there any penile discharge or scrotal swelling? Any problems with urination or changes in the character of the urine? Do keep us posted with your answers.
I have sore nipples, nausea, headache, frequent urination, and lately a small increase appetite and extreme extreme bloating and constipation.....
Allergy problems, increase in allergies (number, sensitivity, reactions, lengthier reactions) Back pain, stiffness, tension, pressure, soreness, spasms, immobility in the back or back muscles Blanching (looking pale, loss of color in the face or skin) Blushing, turning red, flushed face, flushed skin, blushing, red face or skin Body aches, parts of or your entire body feels sore and achy, feels like your body and muscles are bruised Body jolts, body zaps, electric jolt feeling in body, in
Right now i just have frequent urination, aversion to certain foods, and i Look pregnant. I didnt take a test until this month, and they have all been negative. i took like seven. Except one. It was a very light positive. These movements are really worrying me. My doctor wont do a blood test until i have a + urine test. I feel like im pregnant, i look like im pregnant... Im worried that one day ill just go into labor, and i wont be prepared. Is it likely that i am pregnant?
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