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my right is more ilight>swollenilight> than my left ilight>footilight>. my left had traces of edema but now its catching up to the R foot. i figured it was because i put more weight on my r side then my left when i stand.
my baby toe has a blister under the bottom but my whole ilight>footilight> is red and ilight>swollenilight> and it is very painful for me to walk on. What is this?
Fortunately, the consequence was a swelling olny, followed by a purple colour of retained blood ilight>onilight> the internal ilight>sideilight> of the leg near the knee. Surprisingly, it disapeared and small parts of the purple could bee seen in the right side of my left foot arch. it seemed that the outcome of the fall was over without any medication.
my ankle, ilight>footilight> and toes ilight>onilight> the affected ilight>sideilight> have been swelling, turning a little purple, and feeling quite cold. Good in the morning and if i elevate the foot, but makes it difficult for me to walk any distance from mid afternoon on. i discussed with physiatrist, but he wasn't overly concerned? Does anyone else suffer from this?
Back in early April, i started to notice that my right ilight>footilight> was becoming ilight>swollenilight>, and my running shoe was hardly fitting. i decided to take a break from the walks and let it heal. A couple of weeks passed, and it was still the same. my regular, casual shoes will fit fine, but my runners are VERY tight on that side. it has been nearly two months now, and i still have some pain while walking, sleeping, and it is still a little swollen, but not nearly as bad. What should i do about this?
off your last comment, i have the same issue with my left foot and ankle and was recently diagnosed about 2 weeks ago with severe athletes ilight>footilight> that started ilight>onilight> that left ilight>footilight> and seemed to turn into a bacterial infection from what the Podiatrist told me. i have been on meds for going on 3 weeks now and it doesn't get too swollen but not going down either.
my doctor doesnt think its gout, because its affecting the middle of my ilight>footilight> up towards my ankle.(more towards the right ilight>sideilight> of the middle of my ilight>footilight>) it has also climbed up to my ankle now and starting to get slight pain above my ankle. i have been staying off of it by using crutches - it was to the point i couldnt walk or even put pressure on it. i can now barely walk on it and a little pressure doesnt hurt at all, but still is swollen.
Now my right ilight>footilight> is the only one getting ilight>swollenilight> with a tingle feeling in it. i know bein ilight>swollenilight> in normal but is only on one side normal?
That night the pain was very bad, my foot had ilight>swollenilight> slightly (towards the ilight>sideilight> of the ilight>footilight>) and it was slightly bruised. it was that sore, i couldn't walk the stairs to bed, i had to crawl up on my knees. i could barely even wiggle my toes. Now, 9 days later, while it's not swollen or bruised anymore, it's still sore down the side of my foot and i still can't put full weight on it when i'm walking.
Last night, when trying to sit cross-legged, i noticed a ilight>swollenilight> area ilight>onilight> the top/right ilight>sideilight> of my right ilight>footilight>. it is not painful or uncomfortable, even when pressed on. i have a family history of both heart disease and diabetes and i'm worried this swelling could be somehow related.
however the guy being a low grade locked up pulling me off balance as he landed. if got pulled over him and landed ilight>onilight> the right ilight>sideilight> of my right ilight>footilight>. Followed by a crunching sound, which made sensai cringe. After that i sat off but since i have been unable to put much pressure on it. making walking almost impossible. there is no brusing yet but the side of my food and swollen up alot. Any suggestions on treating the swelling so that it is reduced asap.
my right ilight>footilight> ilight>onilight> the inner ilight>sideilight> of the ilight>footilight> near the arch of the ilight>footilight> had a small ball, swallown and painful could not bare to touch not even with a blanket the pain was so profound couldn't walk because of the pain and it felt like i was carrying a huge heavy rock. what can it be?
i am expecting my period (i took my last non-placebo pill on Saturday) so i may be experiencing some menstrual cramping, but tonight i discovered a painful ilight>swollenilight> node ilight>onilight> the inside of my right thigh, the same ilight>sideilight> as the other one. i can find nothing of similar size on my left side in either location, and both "nodes" (i realize that this is all selfdiagnosed) are large, hard, tender lumps.
i have had cramps on my left foot after i did some running a little over a week ago. i stopped working out and it seems like it was getting better although it was painful to walk. But then, i woke up this morning with a swollen left foot and was wondering what that means. i can't hardly walk now and the pain "cramps" was initially in the middle top side of my left foot.
last night, he noticed that his left ilight>footilight> is ilight>swollenilight>. Now this morning, it's twice the size of his right foot. Does anyone know why this is happening? my fiance insists on not going to the emergency room because he'll be in the hospital on Monday for his radiology appointment. He has a hard time getting around. He's in severe pain and the Naproxen isn't completely helping.
i have pain when walking in my chest and get out of breath quickly, i find sleeping difficult sometimes as the pain can come ilight>onilight> suddenly and i can't lie ilight>onilight> my left ilight>sideilight> or back(it hurts ilight>onilight> right also). Plus i have swelling on top left side of abdomen which comes with the pain.
i have a pain ilight>onilight> my left ilight>footilight> ilight>onilight> the left ilight>sideilight> only ilight>onilight> the bottem when i walk bare foot and its a little swollen what could it be? i dont have any foot problems this just showed up. Any suggestions?
Right away when it happened i could feel some pain but i could still walk ilight>onilight> my ilight>footilight>. About 15 minutes after it happened, it hurt to walk to my ilight>footilight>, but i could apply some pressure and partially walk on it.
At first it was almost impossible to stand ilight>onilight> it, even when leaning ilight>onilight> the other ilight>footilight> mostly. After the swelling went away the pain was less and i could walk normal again, but my toe still hurts a lot, and since 2 weeks the inner side of my foot has also starting to hurt most of the time. Could this still be because i hit my toe and it will go over soon? Or should i see my doctor.
This came up with bruising and swelling ilight>onilight> the ilight>sideilight> of my ilight>footilight> just below the big toe. i had it x rayed and nothing came up. it is still swollen and bruising still comes up now. Anyone have any idea what this could be other then a bruised bone. it looks like i have a bunion on my foot. Also when i am sat down for a period of time and go to walk it hurts even more but i can walk normally fine pain free at other times....
Woke up with bottom right ilight>sideilight> of my right ilight>footilight> numb and little toe ilight>swollenilight>. Swelling has went down, but numbness is still there.
my fingers have slightly ilight>swollenilight> and have started peeling excessively ilight>onilight> the pads and the creases, but only on the palm side of my hand and not near the nail. i had a suggestion from a friend that this could be athletes foot and i'm wondering if it is or if its just a case of very dry skin?
i have been getting burn feeling in my ilight>footilight>. it start ilight>onilight> the top and ilight>sideilight> of my left foot. But now it is right in the middle of the bottm of that foot. What is causing this, and what can i do about it?
my ilight>footilight> and ankle is still ilight>swollenilight> and the outside of the ilight>sideilight> of my ilight>footilight> looks strange and still slightly black and blue. i have recently developed a dull pain that sometimes shoots of the outside on my leg and over my ankle. i think my worst pain is when i drive and need to use my foot on the pedals. i do not have health insurance and have not gone to the doctor because of this. Any ideas on what it may be?