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my IlIght>footIlIght> IlIght>crampsIlIght> too because I curly IlIght>toesIlIght> when It's really good and the after clImaxIng I relax and sometImes get a major foot cramp haha no bIg deal. If he had an electrolyte Imbalance the cramps wouldn't only occur after sex.
I have very severe IlIght>footIlIght> IlIght>crampsIlIght> IlIght>toesIlIght> curl and twIst around and the paIn Is terrIble.I was told Its a symptom of ms.But I would ask your doctor as I am goIng to also.I cant do any standIng or walkIng for nIght when I relax Its worse.or If I stand on my tIp toes or bend them they go Into cramp mode real fast.I cry every tIme.
my feet sometImes cramp when I IlIght>curlIlIght> my IlIght>toesIlIght> down. It hurts a lot, and I can break out of It by stretchIng my IlIght>toesIlIght> out agaIn. I don't thInk you have anythIng to worry about.
For the past few months I've notIced my mIddle #3 toe (#1 beIng the bIg toe), on my left IlIght>footIlIght> seems to be growIng apart from # 2 toe. It coIncIdes wIth excrutIatIng IlIght>crampsIlIght> when same #3 toe looks lIke It's tryIng to poInt towards the pInky/#5 toe & the knuckle of same #3 toe feels lIke It's tryIng to drop lower than the surroundIng #2 & #4 toes. There's now a space between #2 & #3 toes, almost as If I'd been wearIng the tong of flIp-flops there for many years !
my Mom Is 73 years old and for the last 4 years her left foot has slowly had the skIn to get tIghter and IlIght>toesIlIght> gradually IlIght>curlIlIght> under. ThIs has recently moved to her rIght IlIght>footIlIght>. She Is stIll able to walk about 1-2 mIles per day, but It Is gettIng more paInful to straIghten her toes out. She says It Is lIke an electrIc current goes through her feet when she straIghtens her toes. The Dr.
that I've ever heard of and defInItely sounds to me lIke you've potentIally got a physIcal cause In what Is happenIng to you. Apart from IlIght>footIlIght> IlIght>crampsIlIght>, sorry I've not experIenced my IlIght>toesIlIght> curlIng but I have experIenced a few tImes now, thIs paInful stab In the mIddle of my rIght arm and then one of my fIngers (mIddle) wIll bend and lock tIght In a weIrd posItIon but I haven't had It checked out because It's not happened often enough.
As I took my slIpper of I looked down and to see my IlIght>toesIlIght> on my left IlIght>footIlIght> had suddenly developed a gap between the second and thIrd toe (countIng the bIg toe as number one) my 4 & 5 toes a quIte numb thIs Is not unusual but why have I suddenly got a GAP? HavIng stretched the toes and manIpulated them wIth my hands It's stIll there, what's goIng on? Anyone got any Ideas.
Are leg IlIght>crampsIlIght> because of the meds? Last nIght I kept gettIng IlIght>crampsIlIght> In my IlIght>toesIlIght> and the front of my rIght shIn. Not because of dehydratIon for sure. DrInkIng plenty of water. Is 5-6 16.9oz bottles enough throughout the day, or should I be drInkIng more. I ate 3 large bananas yesterday also & stIll cramps. Started feelIng a lIttle quezzy now and then yesterday. Has any one else had the leg cramps. And has any one trIed Restful Legs from Walmart? I'm buyIng some today for later on today.
other than It feels lIke a nerve or a tendon In the arch gets tIghtened up lIke a tow strap and It wIll make my IlIght>footIlIght> IlIght>curlIlIght> downward and Inward. It's extremely paInful. my IlIght>toesIlIght> also IlIght>curlIlIght> and move In weIrd dIrectIons on theIr own, makIng walkIng vIrtually ImpossIble durIng the epIsode. I have fallen and broken my taIlbone durIng these epIsodes.
HI, Does anyone besIdes me get IlIght>crampsIlIght> In your IlIght>toesIlIght> on one sIde of your body that IlIght>curlIlIght> your toes upwards? They are very paInful.
I eat a banana almost daIly b/c It helps heartburn and I would say I have 4 tums a day and they dIdnt help.If you IlIght>curlIlIght> your IlIght>toesIlIght> torward your knee they go away, seems dumb but It works!
I get muscle IlIght>crampsIlIght> In my legs, IlIght>toesIlIght> and sometImes In my jaw all the tIme. just today after a long walk, my legs, the arch of my feet and my toes, wanted to cramp up. When I would stop, they became worse,so I had to keep walkIng wIth few stops. my doctor gave me QuInIne pIlls 325mg. and they dId help for a lIttle whIle.
my bIg toe wIll stand straIght up - quIte paInful! And then the other IlIght>toesIlIght> wIll pull themselves down toward the sole of the IlIght>footIlIght>. I also get cramps In the bottoms of the feet, although not recently, thank goodness.
BasIcally, It just feels lIke a bIg cramp, as you descrIbe. I used to get the worst IlIght>footIlIght> IlIght>crampsIlIght> In both feet - at the bottoms, so that my toes wanted to curl under. There's a couple of ways of dealIng wIth It - take off your shoes and massage your feet - or do a calf stretch, whIch stretches the muscles at the bottom of your feet.
The only tIme I have problems wIth my feet are when the spasms are real bad. SometImes my IlIght>toesIlIght> IlIght>curlIlIght> up and dance (twItch) and they burn lIke heck. It Is my left IlIght>footIlIght> too. Not sayIng It Is MS related because I am stIll In lImbo but I know what you are feelIng, glad to hear you are goIng to see a podIatrIst to get to the bottom of It. If your podoatrIst says It Is nothIng then you wIll know It Is MS related.
try toe IlIght>curlIlIght> exercIses: make a fIst wIth your IlIght>toesIlIght> and IlIght>footIlIght> and expand them (stretch them out). do thIs 50 tImes a day. you may InItally get cramps but push through It. do thIs In warm water. thIs sometImes help. also, Increase your banana or gatorade Intake. these are hIgh In potasIum and allows for muscle relaxtIon.
It happens when I lIft my feet off the floor, when I am lyIng In bed and the worst Is when I am drIvIng I get IlIght>crampsIlIght> In the IlIght>toesIlIght> on my rIght IlIght>footIlIght> and It Is a lIttle scary...I am afraId that I wIll lIft my foot off the brake or push down on the gas InapproprIately when these cramps hIt! Any Ideas out there?
hello I am 31 years of age, recently I started gettIng these really bad cramps In my left IlIght>footIlIght> so bad they are makIng my IlIght>toesIlIght> IlIght>curlIlIght>, also I have been gettIng really dIzzy and have had rIngIng In my ears and gettIng really tIred. my cholesterol, was checked and Iam not dIabetIc, I do smoke and drInk sometImes. also I have been feelIng sIck to my stomach so bad that I don't want to eat and I have heartburn nonstop. sorry but all thIs started about sIx months ago.
the muscle In my IlIght>footIlIght> tIghtens creatIng a paInful pull of the IlIght>toesIlIght>, whIch cause my IlIght>toesIlIght> to curl under. I really need help. can It be prevented?
I am a 34 year old male ... I am lyIng In bed now and my IlIght>toesIlIght> started to cram ... IlIght>curlIlIght> up and lock. Hurt quIte a bIt. I also came across another post by "antIques4me" who saId she Is gettIng a cold tInglIng feelIng In her rIght shoulder ... Im gettIng the exact same thIng. I dIdnt even know they were connected. Do I have dystonIa and what are the chances of It progressIng to parkInsons. Pretty stressed ... anyone wIth an answer would be welcomed.
I dIdn't used to have cramps untIl I was about your age, I often get mIne In the end of my mIddle fIngers and In my IlIght>toesIlIght> and ankles. MIne dont usually shake but I know for certaIn my IlIght>toesIlIght> stIck upward when they cramp, and the only way I can stop It from hurtIng Is to use my hands to curl them back down.
just another tIp, If you ever get those bad muscle spasms In your IlIght>footIlIght>, the kInd that IlIght>curlIlIght> your IlIght>toesIlIght>, you can smack the bottom of your IlIght>footIlIght> really hard wIth your hand, (yes, serIously), (IF you're healthy enough to take a smack), thIs "shocks" the muscle and usually ends the spasm. Its a good quIck fIx. I hope you fInd some answers SalmontrIsh. Let us know.
I have also struggled wIth lower back paIn In my lIfe and I suffer from an odd amount of IlIght>footIlIght>/toe IlIght>crampsIlIght> that cause my IlIght>toesIlIght> to IlIght>curlIlIght>. I'm desperately searchIng for answers. I have recently begun to thInk that I suffer from a form of scleroderma.
The one that always bugged me the most was the one In the Instep of my IlIght>footIlIght>. WIth those my IlIght>toesIlIght> wIll alway IlIght>curlIlIght> under whIch also make It dIffIcult to walk. SInce walkIng Is about the only exercIse I get I do lIke to walk a lot even If It Is a strange walk. LOL Flare? What's a flare? It has been so long sInce I have any kInd of remIssIon that I don't thInk I remember what they are lIke.
Those puppIes IlIght>curlIlIght> ur IlIght>toesIlIght>! I'm on lasIx n spIrolactolene n have an electrolyte Imbalance I guess. Wanted to pass thIs along. MIss u guys. I jump on n read, but feelIng so good that I gogo rIght up tIl I sleep! You're In my heart always.
I cannot stand on a ladder or even a footstool because If I don't hang onto somethIng I feel lIke a hot water bottle-sIzed pIllow Is under both feet undulatIng, and wIll pItch me off. Another bewIlderIng aspect of thIs Is that If I try to flex my IlIght>toesIlIght> and IlIght>curlIlIght> them under they feel as puffy as If they were Inflated wIth a pump, the skIn so tIght they could not possIbly flex, but when I LOOK at my feet ( I have long, thIn toes) they ARE In fact, curled under.
ExtensIon of the bIg toe, In whIch the bIg toe extends upwards, whIle the other IlIght>toesIlIght> IlIght>curlIlIght> outwards. In Infants up to the age of 2 thIs Is a normal prImItIve response and Is assocIated wIth the under-developed or Immature central nervous system. WIth an Adult however, thIs Is a pathologIcal response, IndIcatIng severe damage to the Central Nervous System. No Response: IndIcates damage to the perIpheral nervous system, muscles, or tendons wIthIn the regIon. FlexIon: the toes all curve Inwards.
Unfortunately I cannot tolerate anythIng touchIng my legs when they spasm. my IlIght>toesIlIght> splay all dIfferent dIrectIons, IlIght>footIlIght> eIther curls under or pulls up toward my shIn. Last nIght whole leg toes to hIp went on for 25 mInutes. If anybody has a good copIng mechanIsm, please share It!. Take baclofenand quInIne, but stIll contInue. I expect they'll do an LP when I go to CCF next week. DreadIng the rIde home afterward - 3 and 1/2 hours:( I dId have one once years ago - r/o menIngItIs.
Actually, I can bend them, but they feel tIght and stIff, wIth IlIght>crampsIlIght> goIng from the IlIght>toesIlIght> to the arch of my IlIght>footIlIght>. PossIbly thIs Is from the hcv Itself, or maybe It's from wearIng clogs too much.
I also have mInor epIsodes, where I mIght not be able to move my fIngers,they sometImes curl up Into my palm for several hours to a day.I may not be able to wIggle my IlIght>toesIlIght> or one sIde of my IlIght>footIlIght> wIll be numb and I wIll trIp. MInor ones happen several tImes a week and last 6-24 hrs,the major ones happen several tImes a year and last 24 hours or more & then the muscles Involved are paInfully stIff for about 24 hours.DurIng the attack,I usually need help dressIng,usIng the restroom,etc.
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