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but I had a month or more of the vibrating, now I have had a few nights of cramps in the arch of my feet. My hands tend to cramp when I hold something too long.....
Did you ever figure out what was causing the cramp on the top of your foot? I am experiencing the same thing. Interested in what you learned. Thanks!
If your feet are hurting on the bottom and not the top, it may be plantar Fasciitis. It's very painful and is mostly on the heels and balls of your feet. I hope this is not what you're experiencing, it's not curable, doctor recommended really stiff insoles but, they just made them hurt more. Good luck and way to go, keep improving your health!
I've been having foot cramps for years, i always thought everybody got them, just something normal, I am constantly being woken up in the middle of the night with the shock of my foot or feet twisted and locked up. No one has every said to me that foot cramp was a neurological sign, though i think i've been told my mother a thousand times or more that its caused by low magnesium (sp), and potasium.
I just started getting the buzzing today. right foot most noticeable on the outside right side of the foot closer to the toes. buzzes for 2-3 seconds, second pause, then buzzing again. Then it may stop for a while and start up again. I am under more stress than usual today.
I have had cramps on my left foot after i did some running a little over a week ago. I stopped working out and it seems like it was getting better although it was painful to walk. But then, i woke up this morning with a swollen left foot and was wondering what that means. I can't hardly walk now and the pain "cramps" was initially in the middle top side of my left foot.
I have a question. I have a lump that seems attached to the bone on the top of my foot. (From the diagram I looked up it seems to be on the 2nd cuneiform) it does not move and by that I mean it feels like it is anchored to the bone, it has gotton bigger over the last few days. (No injuries, no trauma).The lump does not hurt but my foot aches and it travels up to my ankle and almost up to my hip.I couldnt sleep last night because of the dull ache and cramps.
You can also massage the arch of your foot while flexing the toes. I also had the bruising (and am with this pregnancy too). Seems like even if I happen to sit with my elbow on my lap, I get a big ol' bruise on my thigh. I had previously been diagnosed with anemia, so my doctor routinely checks it. It has varied due to the time of day/when I'd eaten. One thing to note is that too much Calcium can inhibit Iron absorption...
Ever since I have had sometimes severe muscle twitches and cramps in my toes, calf, top of my foot, heel, etc. It keeps me up at night, and is very distracting and sometimes painful. I asked around (a few friends who probably don't know lol) and they said it could be the nerve either mis-firing, or trying to regrow. My neurosurgeon says that if I haven't gotten anything back within the first year after damage, I won't. He says it's the nerve randomly firing with no real purpose.
Thanks for your feedback. I was just wondering because like you I'm taking atenolol for my blood pressure/fast heart rate. Why are you taking a beta blocker? If it's only for blood pressure, there are a lot of meds that have less side effects... (I've changed a couple of times, it's why I know). My dr wants to slow down my heart rate... The side effects (you prabably know), are difficulties to sleep, nightmares, depression (more frequent in males).
I get excruciating cramps (charlie horses) in my calfs, toes, arch of feet, top of feet, inner right thigh, sides of calfs from the outside knee down to ankle. When I walk outside my home such as going to get groceries I am sure to have these cramps at night. They may also come during the daytime. My fingers and hands spasm also. My fingers on my right hand will pull in toward the center or my hand.. I became very ill about 2 years ago.
When I walk I get cramp in my right foot/ankle, this the top of my foot, not the instep or toes. Then when I try to stretch it out to easy the pain (like pointing your foot) I seem to get a different sort of cramp it is in the same area but has a different feeling. Aftera short while I feel more comfortable but then in the evening the cramp I felt walking comes back to haunt me! This is consistant when I walk say 300 metres (which is the distance from our house to the local shops.
I have not had any pain, tingling or typical numbness to speak of. I do have very slight numbness of the skin only on top of my big toe and above my ankles only about 4 inches above the lateral malleolus but i can feel pin pricks and fingernail tapping lightly and the numbness is only on the surface. My drop foot symptoms started appearing very suttle over the last year in the right foot only. I now remember tripping occaisionally when walking and tripping going up stairs.
I am type 2 diabetic and am awaken quite often early morning with severe cramping in various locations of either leg, most generally on my shins or the top of my feet that tends to atrophy my legs or feet with the slightest movement. i will generally try to spray "stop pain" which will uaually ease the cramping after 5 to 10 minutes.
Since starting treatment I've had periodic cramping in the joint where my right thigh meets the hip bone. In other words, way high up. Like most cramps, painful but usually they release in a minute or so. Therefore never really thought that much about it. Yesterday afternoon, I had an extremely painful cramp on my right toe extending up the top of my foot. The cramp actually "locked" my right toe and (arch front) in an up position. Sounds funny but quite the opposite.
Then in mid June I developed foot drop again anf numbness on top of my right foot, great toe and the next two toes as well as the top of my foot. After a walk of 3 miles at the end of the walk my muscles were sore (lower outside muscles) and my ankle and toe joint. This pain was peripheral neuropathy. This pain reoccured each time I walked more then 2 miles. Then the peripheral neuropathy got worse, it was dificult to sleep at night without pain pills.
About once or twice a month, my healthy four-year old son wakes in the night screaming of foot pain. He is inconsolable. He complains that the foot hurts on the top. His toes, arch, heel, etc. don't hurt him. He's able to walk on the foot and it's never the same foot each time. When this happens he can scream for up to an hour at a time and sometimes this happens twice a night. His pediatrician found no abnormality. His feet do not hurt during the day and he's a normal, active child.
With this heel location of the boot forward and that it is about 2 inches extended below the foot it provides a pivot for my foot on the floorboard of my car when I drive. This gives me very precise control of my gas pedal. With my old brace my driving was pretty much "Binary" all on or all off because I had to use my thigh muscle to punch my foot on or off the gas. I also got leg cramps on extended drives from using my thigh muscles to suspend my foot over the gas pedal.
Keep it going girl- you're close to the end of the worst physical. The rest is all mental.
It's also called a Dorsal Bunion - on the top. When you walk you must achieve about 80 degrees of bend in the back foot toe for a proper stride. Since I have less than 15 degrees, in order to walk I must rotate my foot out and bring it forward. It was already operated on on the left. 4) Ruptured ligaments on medial (inside or to the middle) ankle form 2 months ago. One can argue that my legs collapsed due to the weakness of the MS. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Other time like when I seat from inside e ankle to my whole foot will burn/tingle. It's almost like the pressure on the back of my leg causes this. Also, sometimes if you run your hand from the top of my leg to the ankle you can feel,it go from warm to very cld at the ankle. This has been gradually getting worse over the past 8 years and I have seen a ton of doctors. General doc, nuralagist, chiro, podiatrist, homeopathy, acupuncture, pulmutalagist,.
I found my dents last evening at work. At the top front of my scalp (skull) dents on either side of the center very top (from the mid to the front hairline) about 3 fingertips long and about 1/2 inch wide. About maybe 1/8th in deep. I am a cosmetologist, I do my hair everyday and I would have found these dents if they had existed before yesterday. I am very aware of my face and head, and I believe it happened overnight.
I take potassium and magnusuim every night, I only drink 2 cups of coffee a day and no soft drinks no tea. I only drink water, juice, vit. water and milk. My cramps are in the top of my feet and back of my legs. There are severe. Everytime I go to move or stretch at night, I am up hopping or walking them out. It is so bad that I am sore the next day! I have mentioned to my doc. but she tells me to just drink more water, which I do.
Any of u ladies having cramps in your legs that start st the bottom of your stomach and to the yop of your knee cap. Like is this normal? I'm 27 weeks pregnant and its gettn unbearable. I work at a real stressful job wer i stand, bend, lift heavy, and not to.mention the heat.. So ready for it to b over..
When I touch the muscle or the top of my feet or my toes, theres a weird sensation that I can only describe as numbing. I can't stand up and walk that far until the pain in my leg over takes me and I have to sit down, and even when I sit down the pain is still there, I have to wait a while for it to go away. When I stand in one place, sometimes I feel a tingling in my foot and the muscle area that cramps up, the feeling is like when your leg falls asleep.
click on the forums button on the tool of the page...when the next page opens to the right is a list of expert forums to ask drs ?s.....they only accept so many ?s a get up early....sometimes a dr will answer ?s here.....can not gurantee that tho. As for ur other post with ur meds...ask ur dr if ne of them could cause an imbalance in ur minerals/vitamins.
Was prescribed foot drop elasticated lifter, but then tripped and fell over trapping toes on top of foot. Xray showed fractured metatarsals on right foot to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th metatarsals and a fractured small toe. Was put into a plaster cast for four weeks followed by an aircast boot for a further 3 weeks. Couldn't move foot or toes at all after cast was taken off.
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