Foot cramps during pregnancy

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Yes I get them all day and night, 3rd pregnancy for me and nothing really makes them go away I alternate stretching, pillows, exercise, tylonol (when unbearable), potassium, I try to eat bananas. Sometimes it helps others nothing works. Its one of the more annoying cant do much about it symptoms, just try to hang in there, oh also sleeping propped up helps, in a recliner prefrably. Hope you find some relief.
Foot cream rubbed on the back of my calves helped. So did soaks in hot water and showers. Get hubby to give you a leg rub. Heating pad on the legs where it hurts or a warm water bottle. Exercise helps to keep the blood flowing. Wooden massage tool. Hop something helps soon! I feel your pain! I'm going through the exact same thing right now!!
So All Day Today In My Left Foot I Fell Like Little Charlie Horse Cramps In My Foot Is That Normal ?
My first question is about foot cramps. I have read a little about pregnant women getting cramps in their legs, and I had one last week. But I have been struggling w/ really BAD foot cramps..I woke up the other night and I was almost in tears because I could not get the cramp out...Is foot cramping common as well? I think I read leg cramps could come from a lack of calcium, could that be the case w/ foot cramps as well? I am taking a horse of a prenatal vitamin, lol!
feeling bloated, lightheaded, backache, cramping, even pain in belly-button, but not for long, I even had a cramp in my foot one day, which reminded me of my last pregnancy (which was my first and I unfortunately miscarried at 6 wks). I've had these symptoms for 2wks now, and have tested twice. have also bled twice (1st time just for 3 days light bleeding brown-pink color, started yesterday again, same thing.
the doctors say it is easy to have an erosion on the cervix that can bleed a little during pregnancy. unless you are in awful pain and bleeding heavy you are ok. my sister had a rush of heavy bleading and lost some big clots at 10 weeks. katelin is now 10 yrs old. dont fret about it its all normal. people can have periods all through there pregnancys. after having an early miscarrage, let me tell you...
i keep falling during my pregnancy, yesterday was my 9th time, i was walking inside our den and next thing i know i slid on my sons toy car and when i landed i practically did the splits, my leg is killing me now, but im not concerned, my lil girl is moving just as much as she was before, i just wish my leg wasn't so sore, i walk around all day at work and lift 25-30 pound birds , a sore leg just makes it a pain in butt
I have been getting horrible leg cramps at night that go away but if I put my foot on a certain position or are standing it comes back just not as pain full. Any advice?
Go to CVS or a health food store, the is a product by Hylands called leg cramps. Its homeopathic and safe during pregnancy. I highly recommend it! Works for back cramps too. Also you can take a magnesium supplement that does wonders as well. I take both. Good luck.
maybe it is ur stomach, i have it too and i am 23 weeks. but as mamaof4410 said i been told its normal.
Made me jump outa bed real quick. My whole lower leg and foot. I get them every pregnancy and dont know how to stop them. Interested in remedies as well!
It happens at night for me and I have to get out of bed and like jump around for it to stop. It hurts so so bad in my calves. I know its common during pregnancy but geez it hurts so bad.
i havent had much of them lately because they kind of have grossed me out during my pregnancy for whatever reason...i used to love them prepregnancy. but ill try eating one and see if it helps! nickie- interesting trick...i do have freezing cold tile in my bathroom...luckily because everywhere else is wood floors! i'll try that tonight or anytime today that i get them.
But I read that not moving during pregnancy is not good. You can get blood clots and other health problems. Why is bedrest necessary? I mean, I know that having 2 babies means that there is more risk of everything, but does it really mean that I cannot walk at all?
My fiance and I finally get intimate after a week or So and I start cramping up in my calves just as things were heating up. I was mortified. I never had cramps at all during this pregnancy and It's my first. As I got bigger we would only have sex in the spoon position, boring after a while but comfortable. Then yesterday morning we try missionary because I miss it and my calves start going haywire. We had to stop. I had to massage my calves; he tried to help.
I asked my physician about those during week 20-22 I had them almost every night and occasionally during the day. She advised me to drink 100% coconut water. To up my milk intake and take 4 tums chewables before I went to bed. They worked!!!! Since then ive not experienced any leg cramping. Im pretty sure it should work.
Bananas CAN help, but leg cramps during pregnancy can be normal anyway, especially at night. What I mean is that you could very well need some extra potassium, but it could also just be a normal part of pregnancy. And I know they hurt like crazy!!! Make sure when you stretch to NOT point your toes. I made that mistake when I was half asleep once. My body shot straight up and I had to use my hands to straighten out my foot. It was terrible!!! OUCH!!!
I am one day past IVF and am having lower menstrual cramps. Is this unusual. Did anyone else's doctor require them to have bedrest for 24 hours? Thanks for listening.
I have IBS, and have done ALOT of research for what is safe during pregnancy. I suffer from the gassy-cramps-wanna-poop-cant-poop-oh-jeez-let-me-die symptoms. The best thing to prevent that feeling is ACIDOPHILUS. You can get them as a powder of pill (pretty cheap too... like $4 at walmart). What it does is increase good bacteria in your intestines. The cause for cramping, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, heartburn can be to to not enough good bacteria or an overgrowth of bad.
Omg.this happens a lot to me. So painful. I try to drink plenty of water to remain hydrated.
the doctor says it's all normal and related to hormones. if it can happen during pregnancy due to hormones, i supposed it could happen during regular cycles as well. i have had sinus problems come and go all my life, but never thought to keep track of when they were happening. i'll be curious to see if i see this pattern when i'm not pregnant.
I too was anemic through my pregnancy, and was taking 2 iron supplements daily. I had horrible heartburn during my pregnancy and was eating tums like CRAZY! As long as you take your iron pills with orange juice or any vitamin C beverage (because it absorbs the iron better) and try not to eat foods high in calcium too close together, you're ok. I used to take my iron pills on an empty stomach with oj.
I Am 26W And Wake Up During The Night From These Awful Leg Cramps. They've Mainly Been In My Calve Muscles And Sometimes My Foot Arch. Please Someone Tell Me What's Going On And How Can I Keep This From Happening. Especially While I Sleep And Try To Stretch Or Move Into A More Comfortable Position. I'm Afraid To Move At Night Or Stretch now.
they are sore and dont feel sturdy underneath me when I stand. I know your legs can cramp alot during pregnancy but they tell you to sit down or lie down when it happens. So i dont understand because Im waking up in the middle of the night with these cramps. Does any one have any knowledge or expirence with this. Why does it happen and what can I do? Im going to mention it to my doctor and mention it but thats about a week and a half away! help!
I had some morning sickness, weakness, I felt tired, etc., etc., basically all the signs of pregnancy, but the pregnancy test kept coming negative. Yesterday evening I had bad stomach cramps, similar to the ones that I get when I am about to get my period. Today in the morning I got my period. I do not know what caused such a delay which has never happened to me before. I am a student and have been stressed with my studies for several years now and nothing like this has ever happened.
Recently my Doctor has put me back on birth control (after taking me off for fear it was causing my migraines (I still had them off the birth control)I have been having migraines for about two to three years) I have since had my period, but it is not of normal length for me, usually my periods were only three to four days long, this has been going on for over a week, and I never used to get cramps, now they won't go away, also this is happening during the twenty one days that I am taking an actu
Sometimes the uterine cramps of pregnancy can cause a cramping feeling in our legs and back. Additionally you can have pain and discomfort due to pressure on you sciatic nerve that can travel down your leg. Some home remedies would be a warm bath, heating pad to the lower back. Whatever over the counter pain reliever you take for cramps may help as well.
I wonder if they'd want to put me on a thinner during pregnancy, too. I also wonder what they do when you are full term - you wouldn't want to be on thinners when you deliver, I'm guessing... ???
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