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Also, two more questions - they may seem trivial, but they are bothering me - is it safe to break open the Fluoxetine capsules, as I can not swallow them? Also I am taking 5mg Diazepam - is that safe? My GP says it's OK, I just want to know your experiences. I am very scared at the moment. Thank you.
Fluoxetine is generic Prozac. I've been on it a few times, and I'm back on it again. It will take 4-6 weeks before you begin to feel a difference (sometimes sooner). But it will happen. The only side effect I've ever had from it was insomnia, but that always goes away in a few weeks, so give it some time. As far as alcohol goes, you don't say how much you drank, but I have had a couple of beers now and then on fluoxetine without any problems.
Has anyone had a reaction to taking fluoxetine capsules versus taking the tablet form? My son (13) has been on the 10 mg tablets and we had to slowly increase to 20 mg. We did this by using the tablets. When we determined that 20 mg was working, the doctor prescribed the 20 mg capsule. He has been more irritable since taking the capsule. Since this is a time release capsule, wouldn't it make sense for it to work differently for him, than the tablets?
Hi, I just started taking a course of Fluoxetine capsules today. I wondered if anybody could share there experience with them, did they help?
You should reduce both your fluoxetine and buspirone dosage to play it safe but don't break any capsules (I think Prozac is in capsules and you should never open a capsule). I think the Buspar is in tablets so its okay to break in half. Anyway the thing you should do is go see a doctor as soon as possible but for now I would reduce dosage until you see a doctor to avoid any serotonin syndrome since you doses are pretty high.
Would like to know if any of you have heard of these or have taken them and can give some input. The new meds are as follows.. 1) Fluoxetine- Generic for Prozac. Taking for depression and mood stabilizing as well as lack of energy. Doctor said it should give an energy boost and does not cause weight gain which I was concerned about. She has me on (2) 10MG Capsules once daily. 2) Doxepin- Taking for anxiety and for sleep as well. Doc has me on 2 differnet dosages daily.
The combination of EPA plus the prescription drug fluoxetine (Prozac) was better than either EPA or fluoxetine alone for treating major depression in a short-term (8-week) study of 60 people. However, a more recent study of people with congestive heart failure and depression failed to show any additional benefit from EPA and DHA when added to treatment with sertraline (Carney, JAMA 2009).
i went back on and tried to taper myself. Effexor comes in capsules so i was opening the capsules and actually counting spheres. it was crazy. when i thought i had gotten down enough, i jumped. bad idea. i was suicidal. brain zaps. i went to ER and they gave me xanax for a week to come off. after that i didn't take either and that was that. i was so afraid to take anything after that but the panic/anxiety i took it for came back a couple years later.
I was put on Vesicare 5 mg daily and also was taking fluoxetine for depression and anxiety over this condition. After taking the meds for awhile my symptoms went away and I was symptom free for 3 years. Because of the expense of the vesicare and because I was doing so well. I decided to stop taking both medications. My bladder was fine and normal and then about a year later the symtoms came back. So I am now back on the vesicare and the fluoxetine.
2 mlU/ml normal values are 1-14 mlU/ml My doctor presrcibed me 1) L-carnitine-L tartarate,coenzyme q10,zinc oxide and lycopene (popson brand name) 2) testosterone undecanoate soft gelatin capsules (cernos brand name) 3) Fluoxetine 10 mg (prozac -brand name) I dunno why he prescribed fluoxetine with testosterone an anti depressant which i suspect may cause the problem again. I request you to make a point on this ! and please have a look on my hormonal profile and comment.
Hello I've been taking fluoxetine 20 mgs since April of this year. It's been working, only problem is I'm incredibly exhausted. I'm in college, and taking five classes, plus have a part time job at the school. I usually have to stay late so by the time I get home I have absolutely no energy, and there is no way around it at this point in the semester. I also have a hypothyroid, I take levothyroxine for it, seems to be helping as well, at least for that problem.
They use the same green/yellow capsules for multiple medications they produce, so it's really just a guess what's inside the capsules as they don't mark medications like in the US. The two known medications they use that capsule with are 'Flocet' (fluoxetine) and 'Veldrol' (tramadol). So more than likely it would either be an antidepressant or a pain killer, but it's impossible to say with certainty. And who knows if they are producing any other medications using that same capsule...
You can buy them at a chemist or a health store. Taking one capsules contains the same amount good bacteria as you would get from eating 20 pottles of yoghurt! That's about 25 billion good bacteria!! Also, for the depression I would really recommend Prozac (or it's generic form Fluoxetine). It is very gentle on your body, cheap, and easy to come off when you are ready.
Hello everyone I'm new, I hope you understand me, my first language is not English, but this is my experience trying to summarize a bit, two years ago, more or less, I having General Anxiety, some doctor told me I have also symptoms of OCD, and of course some depression, I have been prescribed, some well-known medications, I get tired of taking them anyway because, it makes me felt that my life was not normal and I really did not like the way the medications made ​​me feel, for almost two mont
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Before I wanted to come to terms with my depression I took Saint Johns Wort (capsules) and B12. I stayed with it for 6 months or so. It really helped a lot and it seemed to help pretty quickly. I wanted a natural way to help me out because I didn't want to take a pill and become a zombie. That was my biggest fear with antidepressants. I stopped taking it because I felt better and thought I could handle things on my own.
He said this was a mild from and that he would only perscribe more antidepressants to help with the anxiety so he gave my fluoxetine 20mg caps to take with my trazadone but in a month they will take me down off trazadone and keep me on fluoxetine so its just like a transition i did ask if fluoxetine was more easy to get off his reply was yes. I've been given only loperamide 2mg capsules for bowels and domperidone for sickness.
So it'll be interesting to see if my levels are back up. I was wondering, are the regular capsules good enough or is there a stronger, purer form? By the way, when I take milk thistle I also take selenium, zinc and alpha lapoic acid. Thanks!
A fascinating research study was published today by Irving Kirsch of the University of Hull, questioning whether or not 4 popular antidepressants are any better than placebo, and found that they weren't any better. Here's the study: http://medicine.plosjournals.org/perlserv/?request=get-document&doi=10.1371/journal.pmed.
I have begun to take a fairly low dose of Fluoxetine (generic Prozac). It's been about 2 weeks and I'm still feeling very depressed. By depressed I mean that I can't get enthused about anything, my thoughts are dark, and I can cry at the slightest thing. To add to this, my husband is leaving for a week tomorrow, and I really don't want to be alone. It's hard for me to reach out, but I am managing to try to go to a couple of groups for addiction.
He is so temperamental with many things which might be good for him. Ugh! The doctor put him on kids Prozac, fluoxetine to deal withthe depression side of it. He says that has the best track record with least lasting side effects etc.. Just started yesterday, so we will see how it goes. Maybe we can coax him towards the tea once he is stabilized. I am hoping i a stable place I can get him to do some things which he did not want to do normally. We will see.
Good idea, I really do NOT want my hair to fall out if I can help it or minimize it. You go, girl, look like a rocker. Better yet, be one! I keep telling my husband that if I have to be a bald woman, I want to be a skinny bald women; like Demi Moore? I too am a bit older, but what the heck, it's worth striving for, right? My appetite is NOT what is used to be. Heavy foods make me sick, as do large portions.
What if the manufacterors screwed up on the prozac and really put 80 mg. inside 10 mg capsules or worse- what if its a different drug. As for paxil- I havnt even taken that before. What if I get an allergic reaction? What if it makes me worse" I dont know which med to take. I dont know how I can gain enough courage to taker either. I know I have to get better. Im only 21 and Im not living life. I cant even go to the mall with my friends anymore. How safe are these 2 medications?
This went on for about 10 months and the doctor after all tests prescribed fluoxetine 20mg (prozac) which was an anti-depressant, didn't in any way feel depressed but after 4-6 weeks started feeling better and remained on them for about a year, changed habits and started relaxation techniques. Came off them about 5 years ago and have been fine ever since. Hope this helps.
An alternative is to change to Clomipramine (Anafranil)100mgs per day. This comes in 25mg and 10mgs capsules, permitting a more gradual dose reduction than with other SSRIs. The 10mg capsules can be opened up and part of the contents emptied out permitting a gradual lowering of the dose. 3. Stabilise on either option 1 or 2 for a week, then halve the dose. 4. If there has been no problem with step 3, the dose can be further halved.
If you are taking chlordiazepoxide capsules, change to tablets which can be halved for stages 14 onwards. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schedule 12. Withdrawal from zopiclone (Zimovane) 15mg with diazepam (Valium) substitution. (15mg zopiclone is approximately equivalent to 10mg diazepam) Night time Daily Diazepam Equivalent Starting dosage zopiclone 15mg 10mg Stage 1 (1 week) zopiclone 7.
One option I seldom hear discussed is switching to a different drug of the same class - only one with a longer half-life in order to wean yourself off. It's one of the reasons I usually suggest Prozac/fluoxetine - long half-life = easier taper. I had to do this recently with benzo's switching from Ambien to Valium to do a workable taper. I'm not sure if the same holds true with SSRIs, but it may be an option worth exploring with your doc.
Then went on fluoxetine (prozac). Did ok on that, but abused it when I started my opiate weaning and ended up w/seratonin syndrome. For ME and only ME Teresa, I decided when I stopped putting opiates in me to stop my AD as well. My spark plugs are SHOT......and my poor brain hasn't a clue how to produce its own chemicals. (kinda like my hubby's truck....it's misfiring, doesn't accelerate, has no "oomph"....cause it needs new plugs Hahaha! All that to say.......