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Hello, i have a small ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight> on my Penis. i had it once and i took a ilight>Fluconazoleilight> pill and Nysatin cream and it went away. Like 3 months later i had intercourse with my wife and she gave it to me again. i took the same medicine but only this time it isn't going away. i have tried several creams and also wash my penus 2 times a day with Water/Apple Cider Vinegar and nothing. i have gone to 3 docs and they say they can't see anything and that i exagerte.
Certain foods you should stay away from. i can't think of where i saw it.. When i get a ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight> i have to take the pill for it. The i am allergic to the creams or something. Are they sure it is just a yeast infection and not something else?
if you are having reoccuring ilight>yeastilight> infections it might be that you aren't treating the right kind of ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight>. i have read that 80% of yeast infections are caused by candida albicans (can be treated by monistat or diflucan) and 20% by candida albrata. is it possible that this is your problem? Also, i too had reoccurring yeast for awhile and dr. ended up prescribing boric acid capsules. You have to get them at a compounding pharmacy or look up online how to make them yourself.
The area surrounding there is also very red, irritated, and i feel some really small bumps i guess. is this a ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight>? i finished up a 10 day course of antibiotics for a sinus infection like a week and a half ago. i have never had a yeast infection before. As a matter of fact, i am 30 and have never been to a gynecologist. i have big time anxiety regarding going to doctors. Anyway, is this something i need to go regarding?
if you keep getting ilight>yeastilight> infections, you probably have a systemic ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight>. Garden of Life Fungal Defense is the best yeast detox on the market in my opinion. One bottle is a 2 week detox. Just follow the directions and drinks LOTS of water.
My wife and i got married in January, we havent had sex in, well without pain, in 1 1/2 years. A previous doctor couldnt pick up a ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight>. Kept telling her the pain she's been having down there was because she was "raw." i wont get into that and the pain i'd like to deliver to that doctor's face. But anyway, we have seen a specialist in Hershey PA twice over the last 2 months. He prescribed Spornox, itraconozale...spelling on both?
Sometimes combining the prescription therapy with the over the counter topical cream will clear up the ilight>infectionilight>. i really feel for you. Two months of a ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight> was enough to drive me crazy. i can't imagine having one for six months. i really hope it clears up soon.
All my results were negative and i have in fact never been exposed to any type of Herpes at all. My doctor prescribed ilight>fluconazoleilight>, which helped with the ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight>, but the cuts kept coming back. They were very painful at first and would bleed especially when i wiped after peeing. Also the pee would sting. Since i have sensitive skin it just made the situation worse. My doctor gave me the following regimen: wash myself with only water and avoid all soaps and fragrances down there.
Hahn was treating me for other infections with anti-biotics as well as ilight>Fluconazoleilight> for a ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight> i may have gotten from to much anti-biotics, he said. To this day 8/9/2012, i still take one Fluconazole every other day to help the burning while urinating and the blistering/skin chapping and i still have a yeast infection 12 years later. i'll get to this part! So around 2004 (averaged every two years-ish) i was back in the same position again.
Just to be on the safe side i stopped having sex with my husband until he gets retested for std and told him to get treated for a ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight>. Eventhough he shows no symptoms (ilight>menilight> usually don't show signs) Yes men can have or get yeast infections too. it doesn't make any sense for me to get cleared up and get re-infected by having sex with him. And if he doesn't have, then there's no harm done. 1.5 years ago he gave me a std (trichomonase) he was the only person i ever had sex with.
Or.....your partner can have a ilight>yeastilight> infection and you two keep passing it back and forth, have him checked too.
Also they told me to eat yogurt when taking other antibiotics. i would always get a bladder ilight>infectionilight> that would turn into a ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight>. i would end up with four or more a year. it sucks and it makes me miserable. i never found the creams to work for me. They just made it worse. HTH!
i had my first ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight> like 3 month ago, 2 weeks ago i went to the gyno and she gave me a pill name Fluconazole (Difulcan) first it was only 1 pill.She told me that this pill is so strong that it will stay in my body for a month. That i shouldn't have sex again in a month but she never told me nothing about monistat, i know about this cream 'cause before i went to the gyno i was using it. So ladys NO SEX iN A MONTH....
i have been through the unbelievable embarasment with filling prescriptions, because unfournutley for ilight>menilight> there is no prescription ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight> medicine specificly for me. i have had to take difilucin 3 different times and it didn't work and everytime i had to pick this up i have eithier had to convince them that it is ok for me to take and maybe make a joke like " last time i checked i didn't have a vagina.
Hello and hope you are doing well. The pain could be due to Balanitis, which is inflammation of the glans penis. it is usually occurs in uncircumcised men, in whom the smegma collection along with discharge is likely to result in inflammation. This causes pain, discharge, itching, difficulty urinating and sometimes impotence. This is very common in diabetics.
i will have to wait some time to see a specialist (urology) so your insight would be greatly appreciated. Could this be a ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight> that is difficult to cure, one that is in my urethra? What else could this be? Finally, seeing as how my skin responds so well to loprox, would it be of any benefit/danger to try to get the cream into the urethra?
When i returned to the states i developed a mild ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight> after intercourse—this ilight>infectionilight> just keeps coming back. Now my boyfriend has prostatitis—likely linked to the yeast. He informed me that he ex-wife used to get yeast infections all the time. i never had a yeast problem before, despite ejaculatory sex and b.c. pills with my ex-fiancé. Could my new boyfriend have been carrying yeast from his ex and passing to me? Or is his prostatitis all my fault? P.S.
They called and said i had a VERY bad ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight>. This time i started feeling similar to the last time. By day 3 i was swollen and red again with mild itching and a white/clear stretchy discharge. i have been with a new partner since Nov. 2005 and these problems have started since then. i seem to be irritated down there almost always after we have sex. Do you think maybe it's his body chemistry that isn't mixing well with my "inside"?
Have you looked into it being a yeast ilight>infectionilight>? ilight>yeastilight> infections in ilight>menilight> can mimic some of the symptoms of herpes, particularly the blotches on the tip of your penis. i was put on fluconazole, and the redness started to fade. Still there, so now i'm trying monistat.
i think you have a ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight>!! ilight>yeastilight> infection Symptoms: Symptoms indicating Other Health issues: Vaginal itching Vaginal discharge that may be thick, white and lumpy like cottage cheese Vaginal soreness, irritation or burning Rash or redness on the skin outside the vagina Burning on urination Painful vaginal intercourse That something else could very well be a fungus whose technical name is candida, and which causes what is often called a "yeast" infection.
Your terminology has me confused. Thrush is a ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight>. Are you using the term to describe an oral ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight>? A few comments which may be helpful to you. for starters, the onset of your genital symptoms occurred far too soon to be anything other than a local, chemical irrigation. Possible causes could be the N-9, the latex, or other creams/lubricants you may have come into contact with. The N-9 however is the most likely cause.
is often used in the UK to mean ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight> in general, whereas on this side of the Atlantic we tend to use thrush to mean oral infection only. it wasn't always that way; the change in the US seems to have evolved in connection with awareness of oral yeast as a possible indicator of AiDS. (There is nothing in your situation that raises HiV/AiDS concerns.) Whether yeast causes urethritis in men also is subject to differences of opinion on each side of the Atlantic.
The additional information doesn't change my opinion or advice. Your discharge could have been due to a ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight>, and yes, ilight>fluconazoleilight> can cause diarrhea as a side effect. i'm still certain you don't have HiV.
recently, my wife has been having frequent ilight>yeastilight> infections. She would take over the counter ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight> medication and it would go away. She has had her annual pap and described symptoms to her doctor. Her doctor stated that she was fine because if it was something else, yeast medication would not have releaved her symptoms. After taking all std test that i can think of, i read about trichamonasis and it symptoms. it stated that its mostly found in women and is hard to find in men.
yeast ilight>infectionilight> are uncommon in ilight>menilight> - but what did the GUM clinician say about it? i suggest continuing to follow up at the GUM clinic or with your primary health care provider if your symptoms persist. But HiV is not a concern.
Two months ago, my doctor prescribed me FLUCONAZOLE because he told me its just a ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight> basing it from my urinalysis urethral smear. Until now am worried and am confused because i my situation didn't improve and i have read in the postings of other people having the same feeling just like mine about PROSTATiTiS and EPiDiDYMiTiS. Pls enlightened me about my condition and i need your best medical advice. Thanks very much and more power!
thrush is an oral yeast ilight>infectionilight>. You can also get it from being on antibiotics or from a new Birth control etc etc.. ilight>menilight> USUALLY...rarely ever get yeast infections...however possible but rare...babies are usually the ones who get thrush from passing through the mother's birth canal and the mother having a yeast infection.. personally i think you may have had a yeast infection and did not know about it and by using no protection and finishing it off other ways you gave it to yourself...
Hello, i'm a 27 year old female living in the UK and recently had symptoms of a yeast ilight>infectionilight>. i was tested and my results came back positive for the ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight> and i was treated with fluconazole. Symptoms went away after four days. However,the diagnosis came back positive also for ureaplasma (negative for BV and trich) for which the doctor explained to me was an STD and prescribed me for doxy twice daily for 7 days.
Went to doctor i do not have any desease neither my wife. i'm almost sure is semen. i was given ilight>fluconazoleilight> to treat ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight> many times and still happens, so i just continue living my life normally. At this time is happening less often. May not be the same condition so i suggest you to go back with an urologyst he will tell you if you have to worry or not.
i had sex with my bf on period after my period end i started to itch n i thought i had a disease for a second i went on google to search it up i thought i had a ilight>yeastilight> ilight>infectionilight> never happen before than i use monistat big relief i was scared to tell my bf what was happening than it had stop.. Than now he's itching he think i got a disease when i told him i had sex with him n maybe the blood Bactria may cause it.. is it because i didn't clean it right ?
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