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After weeks and a visit last week with my Obe's resident who diagnosed yeast down there and gave canestin (which didn't work), finally saw my Obe and she agreed yesterday that I do have a yeast infection (breast - ductal, vaginal, and I suspect systemic). "maybe my resident hasn't seen this before". Hope she told her better! Obe told me to stop breastfeeding for a week (pump only). Told her no way will my baby get formula. She told me to pump a lot in advance.
Stopping and restarting antibiotics is something the doc should approve, since the bacteria can become resistant to the meds by being wounded but not killed. One thing to ask is about yeast infection. Docs (even LLMDs) are sometimes not very savvy about these things, and I got a huge systemic yeast infection that several docs (not just my LLMD) didn't recognize as such.
Some of the problems may be caused by the same kind of bacteria that cause tonsilloliths, or tonsil stones. 13. Finally, some patients have doctors who have diagnosed a yeast infection in the gut, which cause the smell which comes out through the sinuses or breath, and prescribed Fluconazole 150mg. This looks somewhat promising, but Fluconazole must be administered by a doctor at any rate. Here is the Medhelp thread for that: http://www.medhelp.
4 bv will only treat bv diffrent antibiotics only work for the ailment theyre prescribed 4 however ant/bio will alot of times cause a yeast infection. they even cause a yeast infection in my mouth sometimes!
and for 2 days before it started, i started putting the moisturizer on my eyes. boy, what a mistake! at first i thought it could be a yeast or fungal infection because of the itching and so i used salt water and vinegar mixture in a compress. i eventually added garlic and this helped quite a bit. i was using castor oil as well (that's what they recommend for Blepharitis), and this helped until i underwent surgery. within 2 days it was back and worse than ever.
and the doctor prescribed me antibiotic I don't know exactly the name of the drug ,it was to avoid infection. after few days i felt the stone flowing out with my urine and i felt no trouble after that. a month after I developed mouth odor, smells like garlic. My best friend also aquire that thing..then several months later it got worst, bad breath came in.I thought tooth decay was the cause, so me and my best friend went to the clinic to pull those things out.
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