Flonase vs nasacort

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Spray on some Flonase or Nasacort; let it dry, then apply the patch. Their patients reported no difference in absorbtion rates so it may be worth a try for people with adhesive allergies.
You should get a nasal steroid such a Flonase or Nasacort and start using it a month or so before the allergy season starts. These are prescription medications but Flonase is now generic so it should be cheaper now. It really works great.
If you cannot use Afrin what about one of the nasal sprays that are prescription like Flonase or Nasacort . I know they are steroids but for use when ill may work .. they do help my daughters with severe allergies. There is an otc called NasalCrom I believe that is non-steroidal. I thought it was "just me" and the cold meds, etc. Whew, sorry to hear your posting.