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I am 24y old male,past 8-9y i have stone problem now i have 4 to 6 mm stone in both kidney (upper urater) plz tell me effective med. Or test to solve that problem. Thanks for help.
Sorry about your kidney-stone, Brother. I feel your pain, literally! I get them all the time and take Tamsulosin (Flomax). Hopefully your doctor instructed you to drink PLENTY of water (3L-5L/day) until you pass the stone. Did he? If not, DRINK LOTS OF WATER. The mild burning sensation comes with the territory, but drinking plenty of fluids will help dilute your urine. I wouldn't worry too much about it, unless it persists after you pass the stone. Post back and let us know how you make out.
I passed the kidney stone now I started taking Magnesium citrate for kidney stone prevention? and where do I buy 10 mg of pyridoxine (vitamin B6)?
I am a 21 year old female, and I have a 6mm kidney stone. I am wondering if it is possible to pass a stone this size with no pain. I caught something in the strainer, but I did not even feel anything. Everyone I talk to tells me actually passing the stone is very painful and I would definitely have known. Can anyone help?
Hello and hope you are doing well. As suggested the condition needs proper evaluation by your physician. The causes for stone formation are urinary tract infections, kidney disorders and metabolic disorders like hyperparathyroidism. In addition to this if the person has a strong family history is more likely to develop stones. So, the stone formation causes need to be dealt with to prevent stone formation.
I had kidney stone but I passed it. Do I add the maintenance supplements–flaxseed, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and zinc/copper–on a long-term basis. Will I have less getting the kidney stone again? How much calcium and zinc do I take?
I had surgery yesterday and was unsuccessful in retrieving or blasting the stone....I now have a stint in for the next 2 weeks and they are goin 2 try again in a week ....I was told I would have some discomfort when I went pee now due 2 the stint but some discomfort and what im going thru are 2 different things.....like WOOOOW im almost afraid 2 pee but if I wait 2 long I gotta pee longer so It hurts longer.....
I was given pain meds and flomax, however I never passed the stone. Recently my stones started acting up again and I was told to go to a Urologist to have them taken out. Well I cant get into the Urologist for 3 weeks and I have been suffering with extreme pain for 4 days now. The problem is that it has quit hurting in my back and side, and only hurts in my lower left abdomine now. This pain mainly appears late at night waking me several times.
I had a cystoscopy several months after passing a kidney stone if that's what actually happened and the urologist said my bladder looks fine. I also had hydrodistention (I hope I'm using the correct term) in which the urologist stretched my bladder under general anethesia and instilled an IC cocktail (I have no idea what was in the cocktail). Anyway, the urologist said that my bladder looked fine. The urologist thinks that I have sensory urgency.
I put off the treatments a few days and ended up with a blocked kidney and a MRSA Blood infection. Needed a stent, all sorts of fun procedures, and ended up with a scope up my You-Know-What anyway. Don't wait..........
In the meantime she gave me an anti inflammatory shot again (toradol), flomax, diuretic, antibiotic and more pain medication. Stone does not seem to be moving but I am still hurting badly in lower back. Could this be something besides a stone (lower back pain-protein and blood in urine)? Is it normal to have pain off and on for several weeks?
I think the Doc is thinking well it's not obstructing and so it might sit there forever,right after the attack l have already had etc (l'm sure l must hve been passing a stone then) and with a slight protrubence in my right kidney pelvis (what could that be), l think l'd be very lucky that this sucker will sit still and not cause problems. He considers that if l drink heaps of water and never get dehydrated etc it will stave off any possible problems. ?
I am a 46 yr old male...I had kidney stone surgery a month ago..and now have an enlarged prostate..I am scheduled for surgery to scrape the prostate...I have had catheters in and out..I'm on number 6 and take flomax...I have been having constant bladder spasms and now urinating around the tube of the catheter 4/5 times and the urine is not going into my bag much.....is the flomax causing me to urinate around the tube...or is this part of the bladder spasm...do I need to stop taking flomax...
A fellow resident started an IV and I went to the CT scanner for films that confirmed a small stone blocking my right ureter and kidney. I was pumped full of morphine and Toradol, and about five hours later, I saw a little round black pebble hit the back of the urinal. The word “relief” does not begin to describe the sight of that stone.
the Ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) ? I'm asking because my Urologist has spoken to me about my report, etc., and said the stone in my ureter is high up near the kidney. I've heard about a UPJ obstruction before, but forgot to ask him on the phone. Presently, my symptoms are mild (which was not the case over the weekend), so we're waiting 2 weeks to image again. I'm on Flomax, an antibiotic & drinking a lot of water.
husband had a kidney stone in june - 4 mm. has another one - 4mm. took his system 5 days to pass the first one, going on day 2 on this one. looking for any insight on how he could get one so quickly.
She was operated by laser machine (Laser Session to break stone) 3 times in General Hospital and her some stone was released while some is still in her kidney about 5mm to 6mm. Now the problem is that she is pregnant and can't bear another laser session and I think its harmful for baby too (Its 4th month of pregnancy), she is bearing kidney pain after every 1 or 2 days. Is there a medicine or solution that her stone be released or at least her pain is finished?
I would suggest that you stop drinking the cranberry juice and stick to plain water. Some time ago on the kidney stone forum someone did mention drinking lemon juice to help dissolve the stones. I do not know if that works or not, but drinking lots of water 2-3 litres per day will help to move the stone unless it has got lodged in the urinary tubes and cannot move.
increased hydration, medication for treating infection and reducing pain, and diuretics to encourage urine flow and prevent further stone formation. Take care and regards.
I am experiencing my first kidney stone, and i also have no insurance. I saw a urologist that told me my back pain was not urological because my kidney stone was sitting in the left kidney (with has not been checked in over two weeks). He did not want to do anything to help me as soon as i said i had no insurance.
Hello, Most people with kidney stones will have blood in the urine .The urine may be pink or reddish, or the blood may be visible only with urine dipstick testing or microscopic examination of the urine. In people who do not pass kidney stone lithotripsy is the treatment of choice. It is indicated for stones 1 cm or less in the kidney and upper ureter. Contact your doctor if the haematuria is persisting. Persistent haematuria can lead to weakness, dizziness and hypotension.
I passed a lot of small pieces but ultrasound still shows about 3mm stone in kidney. My main symptom since July 14th is the CONSTANT urge to urinate all day everyday. My urologist just kind of blows it off and says it is from small pieces still trying to pass. I just don't get it. I have no blockage or anything. Does this sound normal? The constant urge to urinate is becoming debilitating. Has anyone experienced this?
Will it be whole or in pieces? It's 3.4mm now and I'm on Flomax and lots of fluids.
should I take Flomax BEFORE taking Cipro? I've heard taking Flomax and hour or 2 before will soften the prostate and allow the antibiotic to better penetrate the prostate? Does it matter if I take them in the morning or evening, or is the rule just be consistent? Thanks again.
July 2011 I had severe pain in left kidney and scanned it USG result in 4.9 mm stone in left kidney.Doctor gave me medicines and a diet chart which is seriously followed by me.Yesterday March 2013 again I had a pain in left and USG showing 4.9 mm stone in Left upper ureteric Calculus.Is surgery is last option available ??? Can medicine help me to pass it through......
I was diagnosed with a kidney stone that is about 5mm. I was prescribed Flomax and Vicodin for pain. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any other remedies to help rid the kidney stone? I was also wondering, how long does it take to pass the stone?
I was at the ER all day yesterday with my first kidney stone and holy cow was that painful. I had a CT performed that showed 3 small stones inside my right kidney which are not bothering me but a 5mm stone in my left UVJ. the left also showing mild hydronephrosis which the ER doc says she would expect to find. she gave me pain meds and flomax and sent me on my way.
I was in the ER seven days ago and they did CT and found 4 ml kidney stone in my right kidney. Given pain meds. Severe pain now gone but I feel a constant need to urinate. Went back to regular doctor on Wed. Urine showed infection and she gave me CIPRO and flomax to help pass stone. Still feel and urgent need to pee and was wondering if there is anything I can do. Not in serious pain just uncomfortable feeling as far as urination goes. How long should I wait til I return to doctor.
Small kidney stones usually pass out with the urine and the persistence of symptoms may need to be evaluated further. There are many types of kidney stones and some types are not easily detected or the stone passed but the pain is from another stone. You may benefit from a referral to a urologist and additional diagnostics. Continue medications as prescribed or if these are not helping, inform your doctor about this for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.
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