Fingernails growing downward

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Avatar n tn Hello, It sounds like spoon shaped nails which is due to koilonychia. Koilonychia is usually caused by iron deficiency anemia.These nails show raised ridges and are thin and concave.I would suggest that you get your Hb levels estimated and also take some iron supplements for some days.If the symptoms persist then pls consult a dermatologist. Hope it helps. Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries.Kind regards.
Avatar f tn I'm in my teens and i thought it was just a phase of growing up with the hairs growing back faster since i'm still growing, but it seems as though alot of the people who have posted comments on this topic have the same thing and are older than me! I especially get irritation when i'm in bed so dust mites may be a catalyst there, but i also get it randomly when i'm not in bed so i'm not sure what could be the cause of that.
653142 tn?1224804820 I am sure u will be very good at it especially since it's been a dream for so much of ur growing up and it didn't daughter asked to take dance lessons at 2.5 and now has her masters in dance ed......yeah's hashimotos.....I am confused as to y I am not on meds skin is soooo dry...never had dry skin.....I do have other health issues adding to my list of symptoms, so maybe that'd y the drs r reluctant to put me on meds. I am sure u will do well in school...
Avatar n tn It was interesting that when the range for TSH was revised downward from .5-5.0 to .3-3.0, someone estimated that change meant that approx 18 million people in the U. S. had been added to the group of people with hypothyroidism. I am also surprised that more people are not aware of using body temperature to identify potential thyroid problems.
Avatar n tn I know, menopause is not fun...but it is a natural progression. I think of the pains as growing older pains, much like growing pains when we were kids. It will pass as our growing pains did. Then we will be feeling just takes some time to get here. We are in the 3rd stage of our lives and we have to go through crap to get there. I, too, cannot WAIT for it to be over. But, I'm trying my best to put a positive and humorous spin on it...
Avatar n tn It went away for a week... then came back. NOW it's on both eyes, and on the Right eye it is spreading downward below my eye. Once the redness and swelling disappear, I am left with a dry scaly surface. If I rub it during this period of the cycle, it BURNS like it's cut open or something. It burns like heck. I haven't used any new products or anything. I can't figure it out. Haven't worn makeup in forever. It's frustrating. Now I have developed a rash on my arms, and near my armpits.
Avatar n tn Hi,im addicted to Nurofen plus and have been on and off for the past three years,I take between 24 and 50 a day and im growing desperate to stop.I recently detoxed and stayed clean for a while,but i re lapsed and have been adicted for the last three months.What i want to know is have peaple slowly withdrawn.I cant take time of work and hate detoxes,my girlfriend does not know and would be suspicious if i suddenly started to withdraw.
Avatar f tn I was a sun worshiper growing up to the point I had 3rd degree burns sometimes (I know, I look back at how stupid I was) I also have a problem with two vertebrae on my neck and my chiro wanted a second opinion to see if he should even touch it. This website has helped. Mine is always on my right arm, it gets warm and red when it itches and the hairs stand up like static during these episodes. If there is no cure I don't even want to go to lots of doctors to try and figue it out.
Avatar n tn As I gained more freedom growing up and greater access to porn..well.. that became a central focus during those activities. Once I finished college, I met far fewer girls of course.. as school kinda puts everyone right there together, but not so much in the real working world. Well, I've had trouble staying erect lately with my partner unless I skip all porn and masturbation for a few days ahead of time, which makes it hard to be spontaneous.