Fingernails flattening out

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Avatar_m_tn They are changing, getting striations and flattening out across the tops. Any ideas why? Or where I could look for further info? Thanks!
Avatar_n_tn annie, i havent used in excces the straightening iron, just from time to time and i havent bleached my hair at all :( I'm trying as less possible to use them cuz i know the effects...
Avatar_n_tn 32 YO FE, car accident in 9/04. my drivers door was hit going 45-50 MPH. ER said my hip or pelvis not broken, just had contusions and was released. Saw my primary doc on day 3. He said my L SI was off so I needed ajustments go to the chiropractor and to rest, MY whole body hurt at that point, I was really out of it. and had a terrible headache that lasted several days. followed-up in 2 weeks w/ prim doc, by that time felt much worse,left side.