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745313_tn?1323145898 I knew about the thinning hair, which I am experiencing to a much, MUCH worse degree than I expected (but hey, it's summer!! ) But I have never read anything about tx affecting your fingernails. It only makes sense, as they are both made of the same thing - but has anyone else had this problem? Mine are awful! They are like paper, thin, peeling, and constantly ripping, even though they are cut completely short.
Avatar_n_tn misshaped fingernails turning yellow kind of warbly and flat in spots and are not growing and splitting
Avatar_n_tn Don't forget that your bones are still growing and you need a good supply of calcium and Vitamin D that helps to absorb the calcium in your body. If you eat a healthy and balanced diet you should be fine. You could make an appointment with your doctor to check out your liver function as mentioned by terin400 and your iron levels. This is simply done by a taking a very small amount of blood for testing at the laboratory. Best wishes.
290018_tn?1240369468 Okay...i just looked down and I have these white spots on my fingernails. About 5 of m nails have them. They are near the ends....if i cut them down to the skin they would no longer be there. I did not have these 3 days ago...i know b/c i broke a nail and looked at all of them. Does anyone else have this? Is it something that happend with pregnancy?
Avatar_m_tn I've had this white band that appears only on my index and middle fingers for a few months now (see pic). Also, the lunula on all my fingernails is becoming misshaped and smaller and smaller and it's completely gone on a few fingernails. Should I see a doctor?
1092183_tn?1257130721 but every time it grows a bit it either chips or bends.. i have been drinking milk thinking its due to the lack of calcium. I have also applied calcium nail strengthning polish.. i dont think its wrking.. any suggestions??
681148_tn?1437665191 Zinc or calcium deficiency are causes of white spots on the nails. Magnesium deficiency is a common cause of migranes. Depression large enough to hold a drop of liquid often indicates iron deficiency anaemia. Zinc is essential for stomach acid production. Low stomach acid is very common. High stomach acid is not. If you are suffering GERD, don't assume you have high acid as low acid is the most common cause of this condition.
217229_tn?1192766004 I dunno if it happens to everyone, but yesterday I noticed that my fingernails were doing something weird. Yeah... Weird... Hmmmm... OK - how to explain it? Well - from the middle of the nail and up, it's kind of a grainy brownish yellow... Don't think dark brown, or dark yellow... just a normal looking nail, but lightly colored. Not really noticeable - especially before yesterday. But ---- about halfway to the "quick" part...
Avatar_f_tn Yes,beta blockers seem to aggravate my Raynaud's, I had to come off of them ultimately. I now am on calcium channel blockers for my SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) which also seems to help my Raynaud's (vasodilates) so it is a win win situation. But, each case is very individual. PVC's are usually treated with beta blockers, sometimes others are used if it is bad enough. As far as that bubble sensation, sounds like it could easily be reflux disease as well.
1110676_tn?1265815709 i got horizontal ridges on both toenails, as well as on my fingernails but barely noticeable. im not sure how long i have these but i discovered it late last year and it seem to be deteriorating. i cut my nails on a regular basis but it seem to not go away. what does this mean? pls help. tnx.
Avatar_m_tn Also my nails feel brittle. I asked around and got everything from damage below the cuticle to calcium deciciency.
335728_tn?1331418012 I can't say that I have a perfect diet and as I told my hubby that perhaps if I started drinking again it would help with the calcium deficiency...I always drank Kahlua and Milk (calcium in the milk) he he. I am probably grasping at straws here but I can't say that I have ever heard of someone being protein deficient before. Has any one here had this problem?
Avatar_f_tn My endo told me at my 6 month check that I needed to add a calcium supplement to my diet due to being on Synthroid. We talked about the different kinds, carbonate vs. citrate etc. I cannot take calcium citrate because I take Prilosec and for whatever reason you can't take them together. I cannot take calcium carbonate because it upsets my stomach. So I went to the health food store and talked to the nutrionist and she gave me some kind of calcium that's cheleated and supposed to be okay.
Avatar_f_tn This is oftem caused by getting too much Calcium i have had this too and I realized it was because i was getting too much calcium if you are taking a Calcium supplement and eating alot of dairy you may be over doing it just some advice
Avatar_n_tn They remind me of Calcium deposites, like the ones you can get on your fingernails. Does anyone know what this could be...I am concerned her teeth are going "bad.
Avatar_n_tn my 10 year was, however he didn't have the white finger nails. I just googled white fingernails and it said it could be kidneys, or anemia or if they have pink toward the bottom it could mean lover. thisis why I suggested a doctors appt. you can never be too cautious anymore.
1169104_tn?1303353238 Hi, since I found out I was pregnant, i started getting these white lines/blotches on my fingernails. Does anyone know what this means? i heard once this was due to lack of calcium but I drink way more milk than the average person.. Any thoughts????
Avatar_m_tn There are several possible causes for the discoloration, but the most common are mild trauma, a fungal infection, skin conditions(like psoriasis), or nutritional deficiencies(zinc and calcium).Take some nutritional supplements containing zinc and calcium for some days and see if the symptoms improve.If they persist then pls get it examined from a dermatologist and get fungal infections ruled out. Hope it helps.Take care and regards.
Avatar_f_tn There might be nothing going on with your parathyroid gland but you could ask for serum calcium, ionized calcium and PTH test. Calcium and PTH work in a seesaw effect. If one is up the other better be down.
Avatar_f_tn (was very curly now just frizzy) The skin under all my fingernails starting at the nail bed has a very light fleshy color and as it nears the end of the finder has a red line that turns even a deeper red as the nail extends beyond the end of the finger. The end of the nail is white. The ring fingernails are flat and the middle fingernails are flat to start with and then turn under in a wavy motion.
Avatar_f_tn So look, it's possible you are deficient in some nutrients, but to just guess without obvious symptoms such as muscle pain or constipation (signs of low magnesium) or brittle bones or fingernails (signs of low magnesium and calcium or signs of too much calcium and too little magnesium, common in the US) is, well, just guessing. I'm also wondering about the powdered calcium your Mom is taking.
Avatar_n_tn For bubbling or twitching of the calves get your B12, Calcium and Potassium levels checked. B12 deficiency causes neuromuscular problems. My sister has had bubbling twiching calves over 8 years now and she finally found out she has low B12 and low Calcium. One sign of low B12 that she had over 10 years ago was ridges in her fingernails. Low potassium levels cause muscle cramps. You can't take B12 as pills because it won't be absorbed this way.
Avatar_n_tn I had a pretty significant vitamin B deficiency causing megaloblastic anemia and required shots weekly for several months...Also, I have had problems with highs and lows of calcium, iron, and magnesium...I had a hair analysis done which revealed no heavy metal toxicities, but a deficiency in molybnium (? sp), copper, and nickle...and of course, low ferritin (showed in blood tests too)...My doc believes I have a borderline malabsorption problem and a low intrinsic factor...Something inherited...
Avatar_n_tn Hi, Years ago I ordered a women's health newsletter that turned out to be really keen on magnesium. It said that basically every time someone had calcium, of any sort, that we should then have magnesium. So, I just got the cheapest magnesium and began the plan -- A few years later I had an opportunity to have a bone density test (I'm 60) and the people administering the test were amazed at how dense my bone was... I hope that helps.
Avatar_n_tn I get white spots in my fingernails. Its from hitting your nail on something. I think its like a "nail bruise". Do you think this could be it?
Avatar_n_tn ) came back normal, but I do have low tissue magnesium and sodium (revealed by a hair mineral analysis), and a high calcium/magnesium tissue mineral ratio. Ejaculation exacerbates the symptoms big time, and sometimes I notice some indentations in the skin at the base of my fingernails right after it (accompanied by muscle twitches and generalized pain, I am not crazy).
Avatar_n_tn then i have to say that it sounds like decreased blood flow to the ends of your fingers. as for the white lines it sounds like calcium i have white on some of my fingernails as well. it has to do with calcium. id say go to the doctor if your really concerned/ ok.