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5MG (OH yea i have GAD [General Anxiety Dissorder] to top things off ahah, so my worry is alot worse than id like it to be). I have just recently stoped taking Zopiclone as my sleep pattern came back naturally. The weird thing was, is that I randomly got really really sick just one random day...there were no prolonged wait or feelings of being sick before this occured. Just hit me like a ton of bricks. Any help upon this would be awesome, as I am really uneasy about the whole thing.
i've been having pvc's and my doctor put me on toprol XL 25 mg/day and they stopped for awhile and i weaned myself off the toprol. needless to say, the pvc's came back 3 weeks later. i also noticed lately that my fingernail beds are really pale but at the end behing the white part it is a dark pink. does anybody else notice this? i know that nails can give clues to health problems and i read that it can be related to heart problems.
I am positive it's a fungal infection and even my doctor agreed. However after sending some samples of clippings off to the lab it came back as negative to any fungal infections. Please help as it is looking unsightedly and i want rid.
Now every time i take a bath my toenail comes half off and it still has not came off ( i can see the new nail growing under it, there is no blood under it ether it looks normal ). Should i pull it or i should just leave it until it falls off itself.
I didn't even think about it when I talked with her, but I now realize that tape is super duper sticky and I have no idea how to get it off. I can't even get my fingernail under it to start pulling it off. It is a clear tape that covers my incision and extends about 3 inches on either side of it. Any ideas? I stood in the shower for about 20 minutes trying to loosen it but no luck.
im sleepy but other than that im ok, not too sick, not really feeling WD symptoms yet so i am glad. Anyone know how to get fingernail polish off a 2 year old? im scared that the fumes from polish remover are not good for me and to harsh for his skin. I put him in the tub for an hour and a lot came off but there is a LOT more!
I have had two tests for fungus where parts of the fingernail would be removed and some more would be scratched off the fingernail but they came out negative. 1. Would that be sufficient to decide there is not fungus or candida? 2. Can these be changes due to trauma? (When i cut my nails i sometime don't cut till the corner but rather almost and then pull the fingernail, and this thing does start from the corners). 3. Can this be an infection? 4. What other tests can be made?
But this morning I find my scar in knee has been removed and there is wound in knee again. And I find there is some dark red stain in my fingernail. I am worried that maybe this dark red stain was left in my fingernail when checking the door and I scratched my knee when sleeping, so this stain maybe contact the wound in knee. What's more, I don't know if there is another's blood in the stain, because the server clears up house everyday and he can touch anything in the house.
Six months ago I had an encounter which worried me a lot. I had bitten off my fingernail and had caused a tear that may have been bleeding next to it. I then fingered this girl after but my finger was not bleeding then. I don't know how many people in Cali. are infected either. Or how many people ages 15-16. I got a test 30 days after and the Elisa came back positive but the Western Blot negative. I am currently waiting for the results to a test that I took today.
I kind of have two stretch the scrotum skin out in order to see these bumps otherwise you cannot really see them. I squeezed one of these bumps and a small amount of clear fluid came out of it so I immediately cleaned it off with antibacterial soap and put on bactrobin. When it was healing it i could tell a small opening from where the clear fluid came out of and later looked like it scabbed over.
Off the tramadol with no issues but a little more pain than an advil can help. switched from one Lyrica - 2 gabapenten to 2- 25 mg lyrica and 1- 100 mg gabapentin for the next week. Does seem to be a cleaner drug. Trying to add a lot more leafy greens via green smoothies. Dang they really taste great!
I know it wasn't bleeding at the time of my incident (nor did it bleed before) but i also know that i had bit off some of my fingernail and the skin on my fingertip just before the incident. I have been having a dull pain in my jaw and neck for almost 3 weeks now (since 5 weeks post my incident). I have also been suffering from hyperacidity causing stomach pains for the last 10 days.
Skin on left side is more tender than other side and was very tough, couldn't cut it off at first but did finally get about half off other day. This actually felt good, skin that came off was extremely hard. I'm thinking about trying icthamol salve. Any insight as too what this is? Thank you.
Around three years ago, I mashed my left thumb at work. This caused the fingernail to bruise and eventually come off. However, it has never grown back right. It has yellowing underneath the nail, like a fungus which the dermatologist tested for and was negative, and whiteness on top where the nail looks dead, and you can see the new nail underneath. The doctor didn't think I had damaged the nail bed because it was growing out straight, but is funny looking.
I'm not sure if the area between my skin and fingernail came in touch with her fluids but a little while later (not sure how long) the area of the fingernail at the cuticle hardened and raised a little bit. the area wasn't discolored at all. it actually looked like a callus and at the time i thought it was a callus that had hardened around the area until it healed. but now i just wanted to make sure that it wasn't an std or something.
Week later w/ no better results, went back to PCP who ran chest xray and bloodwork (all of which came back normal). Diagnosed as anxiety and prescribed xanax. Went one week with no problems. Week later SOB started up again. Went to see psychiatrist who took me off of xanax and started up on Zoloft (50mg daily) and Ativan (as needed for a few weeks). Still SOB, went back to PCP - who I convinced to do PFT.
It has almost all the ABCDE'S of skin cancer, plus I have had a mole taken off my foot like 10 years ago that they said came back pre-cancerous, and my mom had skin cancer. But, now both my cheeks and the creases of my nose and beside my hairline (by temples), are dry. I mean I can take my fingernail and scrape it off. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Im 34 years old and not sure if Im freaking out for nothing. Thanks!
He doesn't look at me all crazy because of my tattoos, etc. He actually treats me pretty good. So I went in to have a fingernail and some scar tissue checked out and he ended up doing a full on physical. Its all good...this doc is really big on preventative care and I got a really good PPO so I was game. I went back today for the results of my labs and WTF....all kinds of shat was out of range. My frickn Triglycerides are 305.
The patch felt like chaffed/sore skin, and healed over the next few days. During the sexual activity, the condom came off at which point we stopped intercourse immediately. I am almost certain that there was no penetration without the condom, as plenty of lubrication was used and insertion would have been extremely difficult without it and would have been noticed (the early attempts without lubrication were fruitless).
I kind of have two stretch the scrotum skin out in order to see these bumps otherwise you cannot really see them. I squeezed one of these bumps and a small amount of clear fluid came out of it so I immediately cleaned it off with antibacterial soap and put on bactrobin. When it was healing it i could tell a small opening from where the clear fluid came out of and later looked like it scabbed over.
I kind of have two stretch the scrotum skin out in order to see these bumps otherwise you cannot really see them. I squeezed one of these bumps and a small amount of clear fluid came out of it so I immediately cleaned it off with antibacterial soap and put on bactrobin. When it was healing it i could tell a small opening from where the clear fluid came out of and later looked like it scabbed over.
Often, people who need eye drops may have bad vision and would have to take their glasses off to put in the eyedrops. They reach into the kitchen junk drawer and grab the wrong little bottle and a very bad day begins. I have personally seen 4 such cases of super glue products in the eye and I'm sorry to admit one was an aunt (yes, it runs in my DNA.) Yesterday, I was called about a grandmother who accidentally put super glue "drops" in both eyes of a 1 month old infant.
Hi, I am having a difficult time with my skin/nails lately. First off, I developed pyogenic granuloma on my fingernail (thumb) so I was in the derm's office yesterday having the minor surgery. I went to my general GP on Wednesday who cultured the wound and it came back as moderate staph aureus, not mrsa. The weird part to that is when the derm did the surgery yesterday she told me she didn't find any signs of infection, no pus, nothing.
My husband has copd and has to use oxygen and has for 5 years and he cant take it odd because he simply does not have the breath yes it will hurt you if you take it off my brother was on oxygen and he had something wrong that caused him to shaKe all over he would shake so bad that he had to have rails put on bed my sister in law put a moniter in his room and hers so she could hear him one night the oxygen came off and she thought he was just restless and went back to sleep in the morning he had
There was (and still is) absolutely no pain, so at first I assumed that I must have had a big piece of food stuck back there so I reached back and felt at the tooth with my fingernail, which caught on the gap and took ANOTHER piece off, only this time on the left tooth. All in all, 3 of my incisors now have "chunks" missing at the base. But under the chunks, there is still a tooth attached to the gumline. It's as though the tooth is very brittle and the outside of it just flaked off.
I shaved and most of it came off and one i pulled off with tweezers (I know both dumb ideas) and looked at, but it was so small it almost looked like a squeezed blackhead to some respect but was a little harder. I was checked over a year ago for what i thought was hpv but turned out not to be just round bumps that were raised and look nothing like what i just described. I have been with a few girls all of which are clean and have been tested, what could those little growths be?
They look like pepper flakes and are truly darker than any other marks I have. They are fixed in place and can not be easily rubbed off or scraped with a fingernail. They seem only slightly raised - like a scab - but are obviously better attached. I have picked at 2 of them with tweezers and scraped them off with minimal bleeding (seems like a black scab when off) After a few days, the skin seems to return to normal.
I have had this on again off again spot that itches on my scrotum for years. Maybe 20 years or more. Lately it has become more pronounced and forms a dry scab. When the dry scab drops off it is light in color ,itches occasionally untill it scabs again. It is about the size of a small fingernail. Dose anyone know what this is and how to treat it? Thanks.
I have a fringe under my tongue on both sides, sort of like the danglers from deep sea fish. This hasn't ever bothered me, but recently one of the fringe pieces has gotten painful and inflamed, the other day it was normal looking with a dot of pale, now it looks like it has a blood blister. I'm thinking it might be ulcerated, or I completely lucked out and got a canker sore right on that tender little bit of tissue.
my toenails look thick, yellow, flaky and they've been like that since i was little. my big toenail on my right foot actually came off a couple months ago. i'm 8 months pregnant. and since i've gotten pregnant my fingernails have began to become flaky and really thick and yellow. one thumb nail, one pointer fingernail, and one pinky nail. my thumb and pointer finger nail are really really thick. and it hurts really bad it feels like my fingers are constantly smashed.
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