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Hello, You may have a sub-ungal bruise, does it feel like pressure is under the nail and is there any history of trauma to it? If so you solve the problem at home. Heat up a pin and push it through the nail (like a hot knife through butter), stop as soon as you get through the nail because if you go into the skin you may permanenly damage future nails. Other likely cause is a fungal nail infection known as onychomycosis. This can be treated via oral medication or a nail lacquer.
It's been 24 hours now, I could immediately see a reddish color injury on my fingernail. It looks like that reddish hue makes an arch over the white part of the nail. It wasn't too painful and I put it under Ice immediately. It's not black, and it looks like there's a bruise forming closer to where the thumb bends. I am wondering if it is going to fall off? Anything I can do to prevent that? I can't have that happen, as I represent a business. I attached a picture if it helps.
i want to know what this could be, it started out on the tip of my finger as a small red spot that itched and stung, from there continued under my fingernail as a purple spot , very painful, and is very is also movin down my finger. it still itches and stings.
Around three years ago, I mashed my left thumb at work. This caused the fingernail to bruise and eventually come off. However, it has never grown back right. It has yellowing underneath the nail, like a fungus which the dermatologist tested for and was negative, and whiteness on top where the nail looks dead, and you can see the new nail underneath. The doctor didn't think I had damaged the nail bed because it was growing out straight, but is funny looking.
Don't ask why, but I think the purple spot and red line are a bruise and a scratch. There is no pain when I poke the spot and scrach, or urinate, and there is some mild pain in the spot on my back. My girlfriend got a cold sore a few days ago, but at the time I didn't have anything unusual on my body. Tomorrow I am going to make an appointment to see my doctor, and get more tests done and see what he makes of my bruise and scratch..
It's almost at the corner (facing my nose) where the grouping of blood vessels are, so I'm assuming that it IS a blood vessel that somehow broke, or became irritated by my contacts...or maybe I just scratched myself with my fingernail? I don't feel any pain or have any change in my vision (no blurred vision, etc.) but it's still there.
There is also a darker ring around the bottom of the head and there are darker red patches no bigger than a fingernail or less, randomly placed around the head. I went to see a doctor who said it was a yeast infection and gave me Clotrimazole 1% cream which hasnt done alot and the red patches are still there after 2 weeks of treatment. The foreskin which is usually hidden is also red and i havent exactly been as hygeinic as i should.
I am right handed and occasionally I get an itchy feeling from a vein in the palm side of my right hand followd by a bee sting feeling. When I look there is a blue bruise developing. I have never had any prior trauma to cause this. It just happens out of the blue. Once it happened inside the fleshy pad on my palm and it went very red then almost black - covered the whole fleshy bit. I showed it to a pharmacist and he said I should see my GP as it was so large.
i had somewhat of an anxiety relapse,yesterday,today, i feel i may be irrational, but, on thur,fri, i felt a slight pain on lt side of my tongue, i finally felt it, felt like a bruise, had the shape of the teeth where it rubs against. well on friday night got a horizontal small white 3 mm long in that area, at first i would scrape it and it wouldnt come off, then i really freaked out, i thought oh no.. oral hairy leukoplakia.
Im not sure how long ive had it, probably 4 years or more. It is pretty much a bruise on the right side of the urethra about the size of a fingernail. Its purplish/brownish in color. Im not sure how it happened, it could be some sort of hickey type damage (suction wound). Or from getting hit or something. It is most visible when my penis is flacid, but when erect it is much more of a skin color and is difficult to see. I was wondering what i could do to treat this.
a few weeks ago, i noticed a small, about the length and width of a fingernail cluster of brown spots that look like very light freckles or maybe an old hickey on the right side of my chest near my shoulder. i can't tell if it has the same texture as my skin or not today, i hapened to notice a less dense cluster of smaller size on my abdomen, just to the right of the center - around the bottom of my rib cage. my ears are also very red and feel hot.
Dr. Santos, I have 3 small, dark splinter looking marks under my small fingernail (maybe splinter hemorrhage?). I also have about 15 bright red tiny (about the tip of a ballpoint pen) dots in various places on my abdomen, legs, etc. (is this petechia?). The skin on my arms and upper legs appears pink/healthy, but if I put light pressure on it, the blood seems to leave the area that I touched for several seconds and the skin appears yellowish. Several months ago I was in the E.R.
A couple of months ago I noticed a tenderness and mild pain under my right index fingernail. It appeared slightly discolored, but I assumed I must have banged my finger at work and that the problem was simply a bruise or blister that would go away. The pain came and went for weeks, and the left corner of the nail started to come up off the finger.
but lately the blood vessels just all of a sudden, like doing the dishes, or some kind of minute work and the same two fingers, both the middle ones, on either hand, seem to be the ones that start to feel like a sting and then swell up huge and bruise all over, and it takes about three to four days to shrink and coloring back to's happened twice in the last two weeks, same diabetes, and low blood pressure for me as well...
Weird thing was that each bump seemed to have a minute blister, over a hair follicle. They burst really easily - literally one fingernail scratch, fairly light, and they popped. Tiny amount of discharge, but just clear liquid. With that, no more bumps, and I was much happier. Same thing, same patch, next day. Raised lumps, scratch, pop, no lumps and red area. I thought scratching was a bad idea, and stopped. The next day the bumps were back, slightly red and scabby at this point.
I went for a scan and the reason for this is a bruise to the side of where the sac has implanted so there are sometimes reasons that are of no danger to the baby. Good luck with your pregnancy and im sure you will be fine.
i had somewhat of an anxiety relapse,yesterday,today, i feel i may be irrational, but, on thur,fri, i felt a slight pain on lt side of my tongue, i finally felt it, felt like a bruise, had the shape of the teeth where it rubs against. well on friday night got a horizontal small white 3 mm long in that area, at first i would scrape it and it wouldnt come off, then i really freaked out, i thought oh no.. oral hairy leukoplakia. I agree my symptoms are likely not genital or oral herpes but can you rule out herpetic whitlow? The red mark has become more noticeable and I'm concerned it will continue getting worse.
I had one that was wearing gloves but had pushed her fingernail through it and had deliberately touched the leaking blood to re-position the needle as it wasn't flowing. It had leaked quite a bit and she had it all over her finger and glove. I told her nursing supervisor and she said they use a anti-bacterial on there finger or something like that. I was doing a blood donation phlebotomy type deal and the needle slipped out of the tube and my wife saw it hit the ground.
Aww...thanks so much for the cute stories. I got the chills. I am just so thrilled to get the opportunity to have this little boy in our family. My daughters and DH are, too. This is my DH's first, and he wanted a boy, too. Even though the girls aren't his, they live with us and he is more like their Dad than their Dad is. So he feels like he has four daughters and is very outnumbered. And trust me...I know girls are MOODY little bleeps when they start going through puberty.
At first I thought it was a cold sore because it seemed to have that appearance and then I noticed that there were these hard rice like things that if I scraped against them with my fingernail I could pull them out - however, they would not come out if you squeezed them. Then they would eventually come back. They have now spread and seem to be all over my face and even my neck. What could this be.
I have pain then I instantly get the reddish bruise (which fades in days). I also get deeper pains but never see a bruise to accompany it. I also have petachie on my arms, legs, & upper chest. I have lost over 30 lbs without changing anything in my diet over the last 5 months. I am now eating high fat to keep from losing more. I get dizzy several times a day. I get bad fatigue & irritability.
I'm 15, punched a brick wall at my school and I used my pinky/ring finger like I always do when I punch something. There is a bruise coming up on my palm, and the whole thing is getting swolen. I can't move the finger from side to side, causes too much pain. Also like my finger has sunk an inch downwards while my other fingers stay normal. And the knuckle above my pinky has looked deformed and raised it up. On the side of my hand I have a lump; a bone sticking on the side.
Ok, I see that I'm not the only one with this problem! I have the needle picking sensation which is mostly around the area of my upper arms although it can be anywhere from my wrist to my shoulder other times. It most often occurs at bedtime but there are days where it's non-stop all day long (like today).
Tunic Powder Honestly works, some people even make a paste like consistency and puts it directly on the area, i personally dont like that because it leaves a yellow stain on your skin and i havent seen any results with it this way. I also bruise dark so i had marks around my panty line that i just HATED i purchased AMBI lighting cream and apply it to the dark marks in the morning and at night and have seen AMAZING results!!!
and my hands and fingers are very swollen, painful, and on the first joint past the fingernail on my index fingers I have these nodules that are hard and very painful...possibly rheumatoid arthritis!!! Believe it or not, I have kept my spirit up and I have not cried.....yet!! But, I am going crazy waiting to see an Endo and a Rheumy...I just want to know what is going on and get some help with all these symptoms...
I am big busted so it's not like I can really see under there easily, I just happened to feel it when I was lathering up. I was able to use my fingernail to scrape it and something dropped into the shower so I never saw what it was. There was, however, something black still stuck like deep down so I used tweezers and a pin (yes a pin lol) to dig at it to get it out. It didn't look like anything to me at all but it literally left just like a little hole in that area. A legit hole.
A bruise I had behind my knee swelled up like one large hive! Something strange is definitely going on with the water down there in Orlando.
I scratch them so much that I have fingernail marks all over my legs and sometimes even brusies. This causes my legs to look horrible. I'm so ashamed that I won't wear dresses or shorts. I haven't been to the doctor yet just because everything I have read hasn't given me much hope on a clear diagnosis. This has been an ongoing problem usually I have the severe itching for a few months then it will go away and out of the blue will appear again.
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