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By the afternoon, the swelling had increased to over halfway down his finger. We wondered if he had had a spider bite in the night, but could not find any bite or puncture marks, or any broken skin whatsoever. One of our older children has been fighting off a staph-impetigo skin infection on her leg (none of our other children have gotten it with two weeks of exposure), so I wondered if he had had a simple mosquito bite that got infected with staph bacteria.
I even took her to the pediatrician today, he said its just mosquito bites. I told him that its unlikely that a mosquito could bite her in the same location monthly. I told him to think like a doctor, think back to what he learned in medical school and not just tell me what looks obvious. He was surprised by my tone and is sending her to see a ped. Deramtologist. He said it possibly could be Mastocytosis? However spelled. Its unexplained over-active histamine reactions.
but certain parts became itchy and red- under toes, sides of feet, a little on top- no ankle swelling or redness. These itchy red areas become hard and painful to walk, the outbreaks last about 24-48 hours. The first time this to both feet and I passed it off to wearing new and cheap high heals for over 13 hours the day before (I teach). That day I also had some trouble with a family member who was staying with me- so I felt stress may have been a contributor?
Approx 8 or 9 years ago I was bitten on the knee whilst sitting on someone's sofa. No sign of the aggressor but the bite produced a loud "ouch" from me at the time and became extremely itchy intermittently afterwards. Approximately a year later almost exactly the same thing happened again on the same sofa. I no longer sit on that sofa but the itches from both bites periodically "kick in" and drive me mad.
Just returned from CVS my girlfriend has swollen lips 3x their normal size. This has occured 3x this month. Allergist found nothing ! The CVS Pharmacist said she should stay away from anything with a PRIL at the end (generic) She takes high blood pressure meds Lisinopril and the combination causes such a allergic reaction. Also, anything with SARTAN . Her Dr. prescribed Methprednisolone, a series of 21 pills over days.This is scary !
he said it was probably an infected mosquito bite and gave me an antibiotics cream. the mosquito bite was a reasonable idea as by then i was on a greek island and had been exposed to mosquitoes. After 1 week the rash was gone were it had been, but simultaneously it reappeared a bit lower. Still just a thin line. Again I treated it with cream. Again it went away after a week. Again it reappeared, but higher now.
Sounds like an ingrown hair or maybe a swollen gland. Apply hot compresses and don't be surprised if it drains. If you are worried, you can see a Dermatologist. Not an uncommon problem, so don't be embarrassed or worry yourself too much. Good luck.
please help me for years off and on ive had this really smelly discharge from my belly button i went to the doc a few years back he didnt seem worried but now its back i dont wanna go back to my doctor as have been back and forth for weight probs and periods etc and am getting fed up with it all has anyone here experienced this problem or know what it could be i have my belly button peirced but had this problem before that and its horrible pllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeee help me!!!
Its nothing like an STD or at least i dont think it is its more of the type of bump that you would get from a mosquito bite except its kind sore and i dont know what it could be.
I have the same problem as this red swollen itchy eyelids. Don't have allergies like this. I do wear contacts--why would they cause this? I haven't been wearing the contacts for days now....
he said it was probably an infected mosquito bite and gave me an antibiotics cream. the mosquito bite was a reasonable idea as by then i was on a greek island and had been exposed to mosquitoes. After 1 week the rash was gone were it had been, but simultaneously it reappeared a bit lower. Still just a thin line. Again I treated it with cream. Again it went away after a week. Again it reappeared, but higher now.
He didn't mention it until supper time on Friday. By time he got off work at 10 p.m. on Friday, the hand was quite swollen. The bite was between his pinkie and ring finger. On Saturday a.m. his arm was swollen halfway to his elbow. I took him to the walk in clinic as soon as they opened, where the doctor gave him Prednisone 20 mg for 7 days, Keflex 2 x's day for 7 days and said to use Claritin for 10 days plus ice packs and elevation.
I thought for awhile that it was just another mosquito bite, but it's rather large compared to a typical mosquito bite. It doesn't itch, and there's a little pain (not really enough to even make me go "ouch") when I press on it. If I pinch it it feels like there may be a little depth to it under the skin, but I don't know if I just felt that because it's a raised bump. I'm a little worried about it. Is this a mosquito bite or something more serious? Here is a picture of it.
They feel almost like blisters and vary in size from tiny to mosquito-bite sized. They have appeared on and off for approximately 6 months. One that went away left a red dot that looks like a tiny needle stick. Please help me!
Started with sore throat, fever then moved to congestion and more of a head cold but I wouldn't have expected a lymph node in this area to become swollen from that. I recenty had my yearly physical and breast exam and everything came back normal, at the time she nor I was able to palpate the node. This was about a month ago. The node just appeared again earlier in the week and then went away for about 5 days before coming back last night.
The swollen thing in my neck/ behind ear is quite solid, feels like a big mosquito bite..and if I keep my head so that it touches something hard, like a wall, it is sore.. Also about 5 days after the fatigue started, I saw some white on my tongue, and some strange feeling, like i had burned my tongue..but next day the whitiness cleared.. So far I haven't had any rash, don't know about temperature, but all other ARS symptoms..fatigue, maybe fever, diarrhea, headache, swelling nodes..
When I rub my finger across one it feels like a bump just like a mosquito bite. They show up on his feet, hands, arms, lower abdomen, armpits, sides of chest, upper back, 2 above his eye, under his chin, 1 on his forehead. They don't look terrible now. It seems like they are still there, yet fade away after a couple of hours then a new one shows up in a different location. I wanted to ask you all this before calling the pediatrician b/c I don't think this is an emergency. He has no fever.
now - 3 days later - my fingers are all swollen, there is not much evidence of these mosquito bite looking spots, but all places where my hand is swollen or where these bumps appear are extremely itchy and uncomfortable. my fingers are swollen so much that i can't even close my hands. i saw a dermatologist - before the fingers swelled up to the point they are at now - and there was no clear answer as to what caused this or how to treat it.
the most i did was using my fingers in her vagina and since she was wet my fingers were wet and i think that after that i touch my penis, she was even touching herself down there and then she was playing with my penis, can i get HSV 2 from her vagina fluids? another thing that i did was that i finger her and then i put my fingers in my mouth i hope that i am not at risk because i never had no penetration only she perform oral sex on me and using our fingers.
Recently i'm having a skin rash. It's rarely things on the skin which looks like a mosquito bite. It's itchy when i'm at home, more at nights and it's not itchy at school or somewhere else. I don't know why. It's on th left shoulder, both legs, more on the left one, and on both foots/legs... the thing (place) which is when you get your shoe on your foot and the boot is up to something... Up from the bone from the inside of your foots. Sorry for that, just don't know in english how it's called.
I apologize for the explicit descriptions but I didn't want to miss anything out while getting an assessment from you. 1) While filing papers, my finger was cut by a loosened staple that was a little rusty. The files were years old. Normally I would not care much, but the setting could be of significance. I was working at a children's orthopaedic hospital and I'm afraid the wound could have come into contact with some bodily fluids somehow?
I started scratching it and a blister raised up similar to a mosquito bite (but I did not get biten) and it lasted there for about an hour or less. Today it is just a small rash of a red mark and is swollen and itches at the touch? Could this symptom be related to something I should worry about in regards to everthing else I have described?
) The first one looked exactly like a bad mosquito bite, which I thought it was, until I realized that it had completely disappeared in a couple of hours. The other 2 times it resembled more of a flea bite, a smaller white puffy circle. If this is herpes and my initial outbreak, does it make sense that my blood test would still be negative because I obviously have not developed any antibodies to get over it.
I started about a year ago with what felt like a mosquito bite on my head. It was an itchy bump. Before I knew it I had lumps all over my head that eventually turned into swelling on my forehead, eyes, lips and ears. Eventually it worked its way down my body and turned into hives. The doctors say its an allergy but can't figure out what to. Prednisone finally took the swelling away. But recently it started again, but much milder than before and mainly swollen bumps on the forehead.
I just got through removing all the fluid from my pinky, and the finger right next to it as well as the same two fingers on my other hand seem to be getting worse. I hope it doesn't get too bad wheer i have to miss work.
Spots heavily resemble mosquito bites minus any actual bite in the centre. Raised, skintone or pinkish if itched, itchy, similar in size to aforementioned bugbites. Becomes sore if fussed with too much. Spots frequently appear in small clusters. Appears on outside of elbows, knuckles and tops of fingers, along the sides of fingers especially near the fingernails. Similarly distributes itself across toes.
For the past two years i got this spot on my butt cheek that looked like a Mosquito bite in the same place every time. Only this year it turned into a strange looking cluster of blisters. I went to see my doctor and it was tested. It came back as Herpes. I'm a little confused because i never heard of getting Herpes on your butt cheek. How could one get Herpes on there butt cheek???
These have a dot in the middle and spread out. Then, bilat arms and back have these mosquito bite type lesions - small, scattered, itch and scab - take a while for them to go away. Chronic joint pain, stiffness, hands, feet, ankles, wrists, now elbow at times associated with fatique and mood changes. My feet feel real tight. Can't walk in the morning, open the milk or pour coffee at times worse than others. Transient numbness and tingling in hands, feet and lips.
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