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Avatar f tn Since then the inicial ilight>swellingilight> has subsided, but the ilight>bruisingilight> has spread all across my hand ilight>andilight> into the middle ilight>fingerilight>. in the beginning there was pain over the middle knuckle, but that has subsided, and i am left with a sore hand, as it i'd hit it.Last week, the index finger of both hand went to sleep, and after massage, came back. Could there be a connection?. Adoctor in the facility,, radiologist saw it and "wasn't sure what it was." i bruise easily, am over 70 years ago.
Avatar m tn i've worked in orthopaedics for 16 years, and while i'm not a doctor, i know quite a bit about hand injuries. Numbness or cold is common with ilight>swellingilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>bruisingilight>. the fact that you can feel the tip of your finger is a great sign that the blood flow is intact. However, you likely fractured (broke) your finger, and that should be treated by a professional to reduce the risk of arthritis and future range of motion issues. Xrays should be taken to evaluate the bones.
Avatar f tn the pain seems to radiate down the side of my hand to my wrist, ilight>andilight> my ilight>fingerilight> is tingly off ilight>andilight> on. it feels cool as well, although i'm not moving it at my usual pace. the sensation when i move my hand/finger is more one of numbness than describable pain. When i first did it, i took a few Tylenol, and that seems to have helped. i made the mistake of accidentally bumping the same spot into a table, and the initial pain was as intense as the original injury.
Avatar n tn i am wondering if all this pain can be just a result of the ilight>swellingilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>bruisingilight> or if i have a more serious issue such as a fracture? How long is normal for pain to last if there is no fracture, only bruising. i do not want to go to the doctor unless it is absolutely necessary.
Avatar n tn i fractured my little finger (hairline) and had an ace bandage on it ilight>andilight> unfortunately re-injured the hairline into an out ilight>andilight> outbreak ilight>andilight> wound up having a cast on it. :( don't want that to happen to you if at all possible. i hope that you will let us know what you discover. i wish you the best and will be looking for your updates..........
Avatar f tn i continue to have my numb bits and pins and needles wherever they fancy, with the saddle paraesthesia (which ive been scanned for ilight>andilight> clear of abnormalities im told) ilight>andilight> the shoulder blade pins ilight>andilight> needles being the most bothersome at present. Using my sos neuro appt on may 3rd so going to mention all this and annoy him im there yet again lol when he believes there is nothign wrong with me.
Avatar f tn Do you mean pain(more recent) or bruising--i've never really had an injection site reaction afterwards such as redness or ilight>swellingilight>. Just ilight>bruisingilight> about 50%?? On the injection pain... No- No luck on figuring anything out. i made sure to let my alcohol swab thingie dry completely and then tried to jab with right hand on left side and had pain. i did everything right (needle bevel up etc.) so it must've been the angle. Since my belly curves i'm probably not compensating for that.
Avatar m tn i still can't make a complete fist and there is still a small amount of ilight>swellingilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>bruisingilight> at the lower knuckle. the odd thing is, i could swear the fracture was closer to the upper knuckle! is any of this normal? Should it take this long for the stiffness to ease? Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn Yesterday i fell while hiking and broke my finger (right hand ring finger) Went to the ER got an x-ray that showed the break in-between the knuckle and the last joint on the finger. they gave me a referal to an ortho but he is out of town for a couple of weeks, so they said to call my Dr to get a referal for an ortho as soon as possible. the finger is severally swollen, bruising bad and i can't move it up or down.
Avatar f tn i too have a very itch rash that has spread over most of my body ilight>andilight> is now ilight>bruisingilight>. if i get a scratch ilight>andilight> the skin doesn't break i get a bruiselike line. i have been to an allergist who did allergy testing and bloodwork and i do have a lot of allergies but we do not think that is the cause. i saw a hematologist and had a second round of blood tests done but the results aren't back yet.
Avatar f tn i still have a lot of swelling in my hand and especially the middle ilight>fingerilight>. the ilight>bruisingilight> was horrible. i would like to know how long to expect to have the ilight>swellingilight> ilight>andilight> the bruising? i have to have the same thing done to my right hand and want to know if i can expect the same bruising and swelling when i have it done? i didn't get put to sleep for my surgery, but elected to have a Bier Block. i have a fear of being put under anesthesia. i'll have a Bier Block for the other hand, too.
Avatar m tn So my mom who is an older more delicate person fell down ilight>andilight> hurt her ilight>fingerilight>. it met the floor in a fist rather than in a open palm as you would normally when you fall down. So nothing, no swelling or pain or anything happened immediately, she could move her hand and manipulate objects just fine. it was the next morning she woke up with a swollen hand, no bruising just swollen.
Avatar f tn -the pain is spreading down to my bottom knuckle as well, but it's not as painful and sometimes it's not there at all. -When i touch it ilight>andilight> put slight pressure it hurts. -Earlier, i was having sharp pains in the ilight>fingerilight>. there doesn't seem to be swelling or bruising.
Avatar m tn but immediately after you say you can bend your injured ilight>fingerilight> backwards? Ummm. Your ilight>fingerilight> isn't broken, ilight>andilight> even it was all they would do is tape it to a Popsicle stick, there isn't really much you can do for a broken finger. Unless it was mangled or something. So sounds like you'll be back playing basketball soon.
Avatar f tn Also, i hit a knuckled on another finger when i hit the tile counter, ilight>andilight> that knuckle is still sore as well. As with the pinky, minimal ilight>swellingilight> ilight>andilight> bruising. is a month normal time frame for healing, or have i possibly damaged the knuckle as well? i didn't even consider going to the doctor b/c i've definitely lived a life of hard knocks, horseback riding, firefighting, hiking, etc....and didn't consider this to be any sort of significant injury. A month later, though, and i wonder....
Avatar f tn Sometimes, you cannot move your finger due to severe ilight>swellingilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>bruisingilight>. Could it Be Sprained or Jammed? ilight>Fingerilight> sprains or jammed fingers are injuries to the bands of tissue that help keep your bone connected with the joint. it is not easy to learn how to tell if your finger is broken because you will experience pain, swelling and stiffness whether you have a broken finger or jammed finger. However, if it is a sprain, you will notice swelling appear soon after the injury.
Avatar n tn the ER doctor put it in a soft cast all the way up to the elbow and told us no more sports for now. We went to an orthopedist ilight>andilight> he wants to do surgery ilight>andilight> put pins in her ilight>fingerilight>. then they will put a hard cast on her arm for 4 to 5 weeks. He says whether we elect to do the surgery or not, he does not want her to play any sports for 4 to 5 weeks. Supposedly this is a non-displaced fracture, but the end of the bone is bent down.
Avatar f tn the inside of my vagina is swollen i use to be able to put my fnger in there ilight>andilight> there was room but now if you put your ilight>fingerilight> in there there is no room whats going on??
Avatar f tn 5 weeks post-fracture (rt closed proximal humerus) with the same symptoms/concerns. the humerus seems to be healing fine with ilight>swellingilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>bruisingilight> disappearing HOWEVER my hand and forearm continue to swell and worsen every day. Day 17 my ring and pinkie fingers started to turn purple. Today, Day 18 they are black and blue. my hand and forearm are warm, so i do not think i have a circulation issue. the hand and forearm are swolllen, tender, and ache like a nerve-type pain.
Avatar m tn Also when i lay my hand flat on the table and hold down my ilight>fingerilight> from the third to second knuckle the remainder of the ilight>fingerilight> 3nd knuckle ilight>andilight> above can bend backwards while the uninjured finger can not. Which seems to me like it could be broken or ripped tendon granting it increased mobility. i don't want to get an xray without just cause because my mom thinks i am overreacting and don't want to go an end up proving her right.
Avatar n tn the doctor said i likely had a partial dislocation. they put a splint on ilight>andilight> i go back in 10 days. i understand there will be ilight>swellingilight>, ilight>bruisingilight> etc. the swelling is intense and the splint is really tight. He told me i could remove the splint while showering etc, reapply it. Last night my swelling was really bad and i had to take it off and apply ice to the area. the bruising has spread into my hand. i have been taking Advil (anti-inflammatory) maximum dose.
Avatar m tn Puncture wounds cause pain ilight>andilight> ilight>swellingilight> at the puncture site. if there is any infection there will be redness, ilight>swellingilight>, pus, or watery discharge from a puncture wound that is not treated properly. if the person is not sure when they had their last tetanus shot, check with the doctor's office. if the wound has been contaminated with dirt a tetanus shot may be needed if it has been more than 10 years since your last shot or if your last tetanus shot was more than 5 years ago.
Avatar n tn it is painless ilight>andilight> i went online ilight>andilight> searched ilight>andilight> searched ilight>andilight> i'm pretty sure it is a giant-cell tumor, which is supposed to be benign. my question is, do you think she should get it removed or just let it be. the problem is, it seems to be a pretty invasive procedure and my mom would rather just let it be if it is going to be benign. i'm just not sure what to do about it. btw, i have attached a picture (from some research paper) that gives a pretty good look at what it looks like.
Avatar n tn the problems is, i have bruising and discoloration on my knuckles but i haven't hit my hand anywhere. it started with the baby ilight>fingerilight> ilight>andilight> it was a very purplish bruise ilight>andilight> only around the middle knuckle to the end of the finger. it went away in 2-3 days. then the middle bottom (closest to the hand) of my middle finger has turned very purple/blue/yellow in 1 day. i have not injured it. the left hand aches quite a bit.
Avatar n tn (taping to the adjacent finger, with one thin strip of tape above the knuckle and one below) will be useful for support ilight>andilight> to encourage motion. in the the case of even a jammed ilight>fingerilight>, ilight>swellingilight> may persist for some time.
Avatar f tn it is very stiff and the joint ilight>swellingilight> has not subsided. the joint seems to swell more with movement ilight>andilight> turns red. the ilight>fingerilight> is straight. How long does the swelling and redness remain? i am wondering if i should see an orthopedic specialist.
Avatar f tn Well its going on 3 weeks ilight>andilight> its still tender ilight>andilight> i can't bend my little ilight>fingerilight> like it use to.i also can't make a fist ilight>andilight> the knuckle on that finger doesn't look like it use to (normal)the dr i seen said it wasn't broken as i had it xrayed,but he never mentioned anything about exercising it.i've been looking on the internet for some king of exercises,other then that i'm just bending the little finger so many times a day in hopes this works.
Avatar m tn i smashed my ilight>fingerilight> in a door two weeks ago ilight>andilight>, needless to say, right away i had a subungal hematoma covering 100% of my nail bed. i drained the blood three times as it clotted alot and i figured i'd leave it at that. However, after a few days it started to get a dark blue color around the nail, i figured it was bruising but it continued to spread from around the nail skin more and more.