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I been to doctors and no one can tell what it is, one thinks might be a fungus, People that has seen thinks might be. It hurt so much I feel like cutting finger off. I don't know what to do everything I try not working. Doctor gave me some pills and still nothing,Start small like hang nail but so big slip 4 ways.Is there anything you can tell me and what should I do?
one thumb nail, one pointer fingernail, and one pinky nail. my thumb and pointer finger nail are really really thick. and it hurts really bad it feels like my fingers are constantly smashed. my sister has psoriasis bad on her skin but not her nails and she mentioned one day that it could be nail psoriasis so i looked it up and i think thats what it is.
If her nail bed is affected will she regrow the nail? Is there a chance her nail will never grow back? Is it unusual to have a nail not regrow?
Yesterday I was on a knee board and my index finger got smashed between the rope handle and the rope holder on the knee board. My finger hurt really bad for a couple of seconds and by the time I got out of the water was very swollen. There has been very little pain, but my finger has remained swollen, bruised, tingly and a little colder at the tip than my other fingers.
It is near the location where the pus was oozing and it looks like the nail is detaching from the nail bed.I haven;t seen a dr then i had put some antibiotic powder over it and in about 3 days the infection was gone. Now what has caused this yelow-brown discoloration?Is it like an effect of the infection?Should i see a doctor?Will my nail fall?
Hello, A dent across the nail usually means some form or disruption of the nail growth area.It can also be due to Beau's lines that appear when growth at the area under your cuticle is interrupted.Third possibility is of psoriasis. The inflammatory skin condition,it shows up as red, scaly patches on the skin and can also affect the skin cells in the nails.
5 wks ago, just sore on the inner knuckle, could not find any insect bites, no injury, no hang nail. Swelling went down after several days, then it came back with a vengence with severe swelling and lots of pain but this time only in the fingertip. The pressure was so intense that I tried to drain it, I know I shouldn't have. Nothing would come out. The pain was extreme and I did hot salt water soaks several times a day which was worse than any pain I have ever experienced!
Thank you that is something I will try. I'm a nail bitter who can't stop bitting and my hands hurt all the time.
My big toe nails became really thick and clawed and were getting infections under the nail so I had them removed and the nail bed destroyed to prevent further infections. I have read of cases where people developed thyroid problems along with YNS. I suddenly developed hypothyroidism in August 2010 but didn’t link it until recently.
I jammed the tip end of my ring finger. When I wiggle the nail, it seems its not connected to the joint. I can see a slight bruise near the joint on the inside of my hand. I positioned my finger and wrapped a band-aid tightly around it to hold it in place. Otherwise, my nail seems to be tilting inward towards the joint. It only hurt if I try to use that finger i.e. when typing.
This was a bit of a problem last year, because I broke my toe and didn't know it. I knew it hurt, but it didn't hurt bad enough for it to be broken, so I didn't worry about it. It wasn't until the swelling went down and I couldn't really flex it properly that I realized it was broken.
It got a infection which did not have pus or hurt much. The finger tip felt numb and tingly. Red spots would bleed if I put pressure on. I also seem to have got a nail fungus. Now I have a burning sensation beneath the muscle of the left bicep which makes the muscle crampy. The finger looks fine but I feel sick. Could the infection have spread? I have had the tetanus shot 2 years ago. My doctor gave me Lamisil for the nail fungus. Should I also get a round of antibiotics just to make sure?
He said it was osteo-arthritis evev when I kept telling him my finger nail was sore and I thought there was infection under the nail. It has gotten worse and now the nail is turning blue around the cuticle and I cannot straighten out the finger. What should I do or what do you think is wrong. It ALL started with the nail problem.
I pulled a hang nail out of my ring finger and now it's gotten swollen and it hurts whenever I accidentally bump it. Yesterday it started to get bigger and on the side that I pulled the hang nail off it turned purple. Today it looks as if the purple is spreading. Should I go to the ER or wait?
No lol it's safe just don't chew with nail polish on...nail polish just makes me want to pick and chew at my nails.
hello. I have bumps on three of my fingers (both thumbs and my right index finger). I am not really sure what they are. I have had them for about 16 years, since I was 12 or so. They do not hurt but are just annoyances because I consider them unsightly. i have posted pictures of them here: I am wondering if these are removable, and if so, generally how much one could expect to pay for such a procedure. Thank you!
About 2 months ago I burnt my finger tip right where the nail and fingertip meet, it started to heal like normal and then one day I hit it on a table and it started bleeding pretty heavily. Since then, a large red bubble filled with blood and tissue has been forming and coming out of the skin. I've tried popping it and only blood comes out. I've tried compressing it and within 10 minutes of taking a bandage off it pops out of the healing skin. Is this at all normal?
If that was a 10 in pain the colonoscopy with out drugs would be a 4-6. Missing a nail and hitting my finger with a hammer = 9. Stubbing my toe walking barefoot = 6. Getting a tetness shot for rusted metal 3. Dentist drilling with out novacaine = 30, Don't ever chance that. Dentists can really hurt. Bad hemorriod 9. So I gave some things to compare how much pain I felt.
One and a half weeks ago, I (very uncharacteristically) pulled off a hangnail that was close to my nailbed and fairly deep. Now my finger has a pronounced purplish bump on it and is very hot to the touch. In the past week, it has gotten worse (bumpier, hotter, discolored) instead of better. Also it is painful when anything puts any pressure on that part of my finger. What's going on?
Last year in July I hurt my ring finger on my right hand. It was due to catching a ball which struck the finger. I had pain throughout the finger, couldn't bend the joint closest to the finger nail. Xrays were taken at the ER and they suspected a crack on top of the joint that is located above the knuckle and also to the inside of this same joint (facing the middle finger). I did see my family doctor a week later and another xray was taken.
Hello, I cannot confirm anything without examination but pain at the side of nail can be due to paronychia. It results from a breakdown of the protective barrier between the nail and the nail fold. Diagnosed by gram staining and KOH wet mounts from the skin and nail scrapings. Treatment includes warm water soaks of the affected finger 3-4 times per day, oral antibiotics, topical antifungals and surgical intervention in more severe cases. My sincere advice would be to consult a dermatologist.
I have used Lamisol on it for weeks (4-5) at a time and it does seem to get smaller, but then comes back again. It doesn't hurt, get bigger or affect my nail. If I pick at it, it gets sore, bleeds but then heals again. I only have it on one finger. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would appreciate it.
I fracture under the nail in my pinky finger at the er they put me a splint and told me to go to an orthpedic so I can get a cast and know I don't know what to do can I get some advice
I recently picked up a mountain bike to put it in the back of my truck and the seat post put a lot of pressure on the big knuckle on top of my hand that is right where the index finger connects to my hand. My finger hurt and went numb for a while and I thought nothing more of it. Then I kept noticing that if I touched this same spot my finger has a shooting sort of pain that radiates down the entire length of my finger all the way to the nail.
Ever since then, the skin at the tip of my finger (on the right side of my nail) has been growing peeled and it seems like it's growing on top of each other. It makes it look like I have a bump. It stops growing after a certain point so I bite it off again to make it less noticeable. I really want my finger to look like the rest of them, just like before.....Can I get the piece of skin sliced off and maybe it'll grow back normally or more smoothly?
Ever since then, the skin at the tip of my finger (on the right side of my nail) has been growing peeled and it seems like it's growing on top of each other. It makes it look like I have a bump. It stops growing after a certain point so I bite it off again to make it less noticeable. I really want my finger to look like the rest of them, just like before.....Can I get the piece of skin sliced off and maybe it'll grow back normally or more smoothly?
Hello, The symptoms are suggestive of fungal infection of the nail. In onychomycosis(nail fungal infection) nail plate can have a thickened, yellow, or cloudy appearance. The nails can become rough and crumbly, or can separate from the nail bed. For this topical and oral antifungals are needed which are available under prescription. My sincere advice would be to consult a dermatologist and get a KOH examination of the nail and skin specimen done to confirm the diagnosis.
There is no blisters, It does not hurt, it does not itch, much less present on my toes. It can sometimes peel deep enough to make my fingers bleed a little (3 out of ten figers currently have scabs and when they bleed it does sting a little). It feels like there is a lot of dead skin on my fingers before peeling. On my big toes, the skin can peel a little often when I clip the nail. They can peel just about to the middle joint of each finger and part of the quibical (spelling?).
Around 2 months ago I started with a red itchy rash under my ring finger under where my wedding rings sit. I took them off and the red rash went away after a week but a dry cracked skin was in its place. I put my rings on for a few hours and them I found a red itchy rash with red bumps or blister like areas also. I again took my rings off for a week or so and it seemed to heal after the same dry skin. Again after a few hours of having my rings on this rash appears.
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