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Avatar_n_tn Hello, I just recently got a fasting glucose level and it was at 104. I know Diabetes Type II is 126 and higher but does anyone know if this is considered Pre-Diabetic levels?
Avatar_n_tn Is that even possible? I completely understand that a blood glucose (fasting) of 103. 104 would be considered "pre-diabetes" range, my only question is it possible this is/was due to the time I tested (ie; at 5am my sugar was spiking, liver unloading, insulin not lowering it quick enough)...had I checked it at 8, 930 (not having eaten yet), would it be back down under 100 (in the 80's, as it was earlier than night around midnight)? Thanks.
944604_tn?1283202525 I need it slightly higher then 106, but I figured once lunch digested and the snack before excercise it should be in the low 100's so I went for a half mile walk, came back and tested it was 102 After Dinner 109 Bedtime 94, so ate pb on a piece of bread and took a glucose tablet and it went up to 104 I felt very frustrated I was trying to follow the meal plan and had low blood sugar anyways and I wanted to go walking with not knowing how much time til I would feel bad.
Avatar_n_tn I have never experienced either of these, nor have I read about these being symptoms of either high or low blood sugar. I don't believe that your reading of 94 caused the painful finger stick, for sometimes we bruise and sometimes we don't. It just depends on where you hit a blood vessel. A reading of 94 would be considered very normal and should not cause any bruising.
Avatar_f_tn This can come in refined sugar, cane sugar, corn syrup, or carb sugar, etc. Carb sugar means every 7 grams equals one heaping Tablespoon of refined sugar [nasty]. In reality there really isn't a need for late night snacking as you're only satisfying a mental craving. If temptation is too strong at least try not to snack 2-3 hours before bedtime. You can also do yourself a favor by losing some excess poundage. At 5' 3" and 160 lb your BMI is 28.3, overweight.
3191241_tn?1345035981 i wasnt necessarily fasting but it was awhile before since i ate, not on purpose. do any of those signs of the blood test show a chance for MS? thanks for all your input!!
Avatar_n_tn Hypoglycemia is the body's inability to properly regulate blood sugar levels, causing the level of sugar in the blood to be too low or to fall too rapidly. Blood sugar, in the form of glucose, is the basic fuel for all brain operation and physical activity, including muscular. If the available fuel is too inadequate, any marginal physical or mental system may start to shut down.
Avatar_m_tn person having a1c- 5.9, average blood sugar -110 ....but fasting sugar 82 .will b considered prediabetic??? tell me if any other confirmation test is required?
Avatar_n_tn You may find yourself in a severe hypoglycemic, unconscious state with completely relaxed muscles, knocking on deaths' door, as I have, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF MARIJUANA!!!!!! Marijuana has ZERO impact on blood sugar. I am a cigarette smoker, in which I am trying to quit due to it's well known effects on diabetes. About 5-6 years ago, I was doing well as a Master ASE and GM Certified Auto Tech. I started ending up in the hospital vomiting for days to a week on end.
Avatar_n_tn This record changes as old red blood cells in your body die and new red blood cells (with fresh hemoglobin) replace them. The amount of A1C in your blood reflects blood sugar control for the past 120 days, or the lifespan of a red blood cell." If you doc is not concerned with the 6%, then I would wait until next year. Do watch for signs of diabetes, tho. Everything I have read puts a 6% as being on the high side. My doc wants mine lower.
Avatar_f_tn Blood work back Tues and okay think mabye pre diabetic 104 fasting, took me off all blood press pills and no ALLI.. my mother died 46 yrs old of heart attack..MY cholest, tryg, and rest okay.. Didnt do EKG, etc.. Is this really an effect of the ALLI or am I working on a MI or post heart attack since blood pressure running low..ppulse is good regular 80 - 68.
1085545_tn?1284045854 I have been taking medicine (consisting the salt of pioglitazone hydrochloride and metformin ) from the more than 2 months and at present the blood sugar is fasting is 104. My age is 49 and i am from north india and a vegetarian.While walking in the morning and after completion of approx. 2 kms the pain start from thighs and go to down slowly and stay between the portion of ankle and its above area, in such manner that i could not walk more. Please help me to come out from it.
254215_tn?1195096984 If you really want to be sure, see a doctor and set up an appointment to have a real fasting blood sugar test... and by fasting that means at least 8 hours with no food, though water and your usual meds are generally ok (again, ask the doctor setting up the lab tests)... Even if the doc initially tries to say you don't need the test, tell him/her you are worried about it given your past experience and results and he/she should ok it.
Avatar_n_tn I probably know little more than you do, but as a friend of a diabetic I'm quite sure that 104mg/dl is within normal range for fasting (I think anything under 126 is). If you're unsure though I would recommend going to the doctor of course.
Avatar_n_tn Anyone have any advice on how to proceed?
2135035_tn?1345466635 - 104 ( 100 - 140 ) HbA1c :- 4.79 Is my fasting glucose is high it is almost touching 100 ?? is that pre diabetic ??
Avatar_f_tn My son suddenly ran a fever of 104 after a day of severe irritability and lethargy. When I took him into the urgent care clinic they did a full X-Ray, blood panel, and urine analysis. The previous week he was in their clinic with what they assumed was an infected bug bite, and he was prescribed Bactrum (sp?).
Avatar_n_tn You can also get an irregular heartbeat from low blood sugar. I don't know if a high pulse is part of this as well. So, I would get the fasting blood sugar drawn and they may have you eat or have a glucose solution and wait two hours and see if your blood sugar drops too low or they can check your hemoglobin A1C which can also determine if you have diabetes or low blood sugar. hemoglobin A1C is becoming more popular. I tend to like to stick to the well known blood sugar test.
254215_tn?1195096984 Although, the blood was drawn approx 1hr after eating a huge meal of pizza and mountain dew. So the fasting test was done and came back at 104. Everything I read says this is pre-diabetic! Since then I've had a random test done (around 3:30pm) and it came back at 98. The other night I tested my sugar at work for the heck of it and it was 122, got worried and tested again 20 min later and it was 124. This was done at 10:30pm and I hadn't eaten anything since 6:45 or so. Isn't that a little high?
1394877_tn?1280268960 Getting light headed 6 hours after eating, hmm, maybe a dip in blood sugar. The only way to tell is with a simple fasting blood test. How long has it been since you've seen your doctor? These would be good questions to bring up at an exam.
Avatar_m_tn A few weeks ago I wasn't feeling right -- I was very hot and dizzy. I took my blood sugar and it was 65. After oj it came up to 88. I requested my dr check my a1c and it came back as 5.7%. In jan it had been 5.6%. The dr today said she is not concerned-- it's just something to watch . I can't exercise due to severe physical disabilities. I also am tube fed but due to Gi issues I on most days get one can in ( tasked 3 hours) and eat a little by mouth. The dr.
254215_tn?1195096984 Hi, Your first question-- based on that single fasting glucose of 105, that does put you in the 'pre-diabetes' range. A few years ago the guidelines changed "normal" from fasting of less than110 to fasting of less than 100. Yours was JUST over the mark, so my first suggestion is to repeat your fasting glucose. If it is again above 100, your doctor should arrange for you to have an oral glucose tolerance test to see how you respond and look for possible other glucose abnormalities.
Avatar_f_tn About two weeks ago, after feeling sick from the cocktail of medications I was taking. I made a rash decision to ditch all of them except the High blood pressure medication; my blood pressure was 150/109. Since doing so I feel amazing. Four months ago I decided to change my eating habits, quit a 20 year addiction to Coke Zero and started exercising everyday about a month ago; this was very difficult to start with RA, but I already feel amazing differences in my fitness.
Avatar_m_tn Sugar alcohols are usually used with an artificial sweetener to enhance sweetness of foods. Consumption of sugar alcohols does affect blood sugar levels, but in small amounts does little to elevate blood sugars mainly due to them not being digestible. That being said, as with most nondigestible food sources, sugar alcohols may also cause bloating and diarrhea when consumed in excessive amount. This amount may vary by each person.
714128_tn?1249139986 Well after I got off the phone with the nurse I called the pharmacy who said my symptoms do sound like low blood sugar and that metformin can definitly effect your blood sugar. Of course the pharmacy told me they couldnt tell me not to take the medicine or even what I should do and my doctor wasnt going to be back until Monday. Well I took the medice on Friday as always and felt awful and then Saturday I didnt take it at all and felt amazing!
351724_tn?1267540618 Sweet smelling urine is an indication of Ketones, or excessive sugar in the blood stream. Testing at home is good but one must be sure the meter used is calibrated properly, instructions usually found in the owners/user guide that accompanied the meter. Best testing times are fasting - nothing to eat and no colored liquids for 8-10 hrs - and 2-3 hours after a meal. Fasting will provide a baseline measurement, after meal testing to see how the foods you ate affect your blood glucose [sugar].
Avatar_n_tn They put her on a diet for a month and want her to check her blood throughout the day. This morning she had frosted flakes for breakfast blood sugar was 104 At lunch she had a chicken sandwich(texas bread)a few french fries two hrs later it was only 98. We could not under stand it not being higher. Tonight she had taco salad with shell and since we are trying to see if the blood sugar would rise. She drinked a Mt. Dew and ate a little Debbie cake. Blood sugar two hrs later was 94.
Avatar_n_tn Hi, Yesterday, just out of curiosity, I tested my blood sugar with my husbands meter and was shocked to see a reading of 167. I do not have diabetes. All my fasting blood work for years has been 85 -95, and my A1c has been about 5.5. Just had it done less than a month ago. I had a high carb breakfast one hour before I tested, (large bagel and vitamin water) two hours later it was down to 109. Is it normal for a non diabetics sugar to go that high after a high carb meal?