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This summer I started bleeding heavily over several weeks. My doctor says I had an estrogen surge. Where does this estrogen come from?
I had to take estrogen too to counteract the thining the clomid was doing. I usually took two pills twice daily on day 7-11 I think. I was worried about taking it to since it says you shouldn't take if you are trying to get pregnant?
Ok so I'm new to this "work up" stuff. Today I had a baseline ultrasound and they said I have 10 eggs in right ovary and 14 in left. She said that was good. They did blood work and I called my "message box" and it also said that my Estrogen was 64.1 and my FSH was 11.2. Now i'm wondering, is that a good thing? Normal? I know age and everything plays a factor so I'm 31.
What is the correlation of estrogen and follicles? What should the estrogen number be before ovulation. Can this number be affected if you are taking Femara. On CD11, I had 5 follis - 20, 15, 18, 17, 16, 12 but my estrogen was only 23, is it possible? My lining was so think 4 mm only.
It seems odd to me that there would be a secondary surge if at least the egg was fertilized? The same day as this second surge I also had some cramping. Well now I am late and wonder if this means I might be pregnant? Any advice would be great!
I had a normal menstrual cycle after them. I detected my lh surge last month on cd39. Not preggo. My cycle started on the 18th, so today I'm cycle day 15 so I throught. I took clomid day 2-6. I usually ov around day 16-17 with a luteal phase of 15. I started having very bad pains in my side yesterday today it became unbearable. I had an appointment today with my Dr. today anyway to see if I had any follicles. Much to my surprise I did I already ov. My dr. found a 2 cm cyst instead.
In cycles up until this point I only have two bars for a two to three days then it goes up to three bars which is the peak and the LH surge. Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this. I'm suppose to have a progesterone test next week and that's suppose to be 7-8 days after LH surge but so far that hasn't even happend. Earlier this week I had a follicle study and the results were ok and the doctor felt I should peak the next day from what she saw during exam.
From what I understand, many people don't get a clear reading for their surge but that definitely doesn't mean you didnt' get your surge. Are you tracking your BBT?
// I hope they help you. Best of luck TTC!!!
I know that can be one of the side effects, but I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem? And if so, are you are taking estrogen to help produce more fertile cm? By the way, I tried guafinesin, green tea, grapefruit juice and EPO in the days leading up to O, but it didn't seem to make a difference.
well, the reason i don't want to take estrogen is because i am a DES baby as it is. meaning my mom took estrogen (thought to be safe and prevent miscarriage) but it caused all sorts of problems in the daughters born to mothers who took it. it says right on the bottle not to take estrace when pregnant. if i don't need it, i don't want to take it. what they think is "safe" today, they may realize is not tomorrow.
Oh wow...that's very high!!! Usually the LH level is above 20 on the surge day (and less than 7 before then). Could this be your estrogen (estradiol) levels and not LH?
I also had full ferning on Saturday which can come earlier than the lh surge since it checks for estrogen surge. Oh, and i bought clear blue easy opk this time too (results not shown). the kind that shows a smiley face for positive, but I never got a positive and I tested with BOTH opk's each time with the same urine sample. I did get my smiley obviously after the trigger shot. So let me know if you guys think I may have surged on Saturday... I'm going crazy!
if i wouldnt have taken that extra opk the night before i would have never caught my surge. So i think when you you know your getting close, maybe do more than 1 per day. good luck....
Ok so I'm new to this "work up" stuff. Today I had a baseline ultrasound and they said I have 10 eggs in right ovary and 14 in left. She said that was good. They did blood work and I called my "message box" and it also said that my Estrogen was 64.1 and my FSH was 11.2. Now i'm wondering, is that a good thing? Normal? I know age and everything plays a factor so I'm 31.
Yesterday I had some EWCM. Right on time for that estrogen surge if I'm correct about my O. Early surge if I'm wrong.
? (beginning to surge naturally) left follicle was 20mm today lining: 10mm HCG Ovidrel trigger at 3pm!
Kinda iffy on my O date. I believe I had my estrogen surge yesterday, and that would have put me at 5 DPO. Not too soon for it, but on the early side. 6 DPO makes more sense.
No idea about your particular case---but sometimes I get that right in the middle of my luteal phase, and I think it's the result of a secondary estrogen surge. I read that---if my memory serves---in Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Is this cm coinciding with a waking temperature dip? It always would, for me, and I think that's another signal the estrogen surge is happening.
why would i be having this? I read about a secondary estrogen surge but i'm really interested if any women experienced this and then got a bfp.. if you'd like to see my chart heres a link - http://***********************/home/a1af1 thanks!
Anyways, so I've just been testing 3 times a day so I don't miss the beginning of the surge because I think I ovulate soon after that. (which is quite expensive since I buy the CB digital) Yesterday I tested about 10 am...negative, 5 pm....negative, 10 pm...negative. This morning at 7 am positive!! So we got busy before church this morning. hehehe Oh my goodness, my breasts are so sore. This is new for me. They usually arent' sore before ovulation.
estrogen causes it, so your either having another surge of estrogen or you may not have ovulated on the 29-31st, if your trying to get pregnant, bonk again just incase, also do you temp as that would give an indication to wether you ovulated end of oct :)
1) LH surge 2) mild elevation in progesterone and drop in estrogen 3) ovulation 4) larger elevation in progesterone and rise in estrogen
Just before o there is a surge of estrogen that accompanies the Lh surge. Fertility monitors measure the estogen surge as well as Lh. It shows up on my charts more often than not.
Had scan today and figured out why i have been so emotional over he past 2 weeks, it's due to the cyst producing so much estrogen, so that explains it, but now the 16mm follie that should have been 22mm has gone and i never got a surge on a OPK, so we triggered and are hoping for the best as it maybe hiding and just couldn;t see it, so we will know in 10 day as AF usually shows up then.
=) Lot of discharge starting today so I think that estrogen surge is starting. If I haven't started by the 8th, I will test. I really didn't think I'd O this early, but the doc said if I managed to conceive, it would be alright this soon. I would dearly love to be pregnant again NOW! I already miss not growing body hair.
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