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I had my ovca surgery (hysterectomy) in 02/1999 and STILL have problems with hot flashes (slow burns!) and night sweats. I take Evening Primrose Oil and use Menocream (I think it is.) Can't tell that they help but afraid to quit. These were both recommended by my gynecologist. These both have natural ingredients that are supposed to help. I sure wish someone could tell us that these sweats or burns or flashes only lasted ___ years, don't you gals?! ha! My best to each of you!
I am almost 40 years old, had my uterus and cervix removed ( kept my ovaries) almost 2 years ago. I have been experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, trouble getting to sleep, forgetfullness, and was told by my gynecologist that my vaginal tissue is very thin and fragile. I had my FSH tested and it was at 2. Do you have any ideas as to what my be causing these symptoms?
60 yr old dying from hot flashes!Coped with heart attack,stent,lupus,fibro and surgical hysterectomy,POS.All HRTs,etc compounding creams,Premarin cause angina.SSRIs work but severe side effects.Have tried everything for 3years.Homeopathy hasn't helped.My life is a wreck from this,can anyone help?
Don't forget to stick by the old standards such as stress reduction, lots of good sleep, exercise, dressing in layers that can be peeled off and put back on again, keeping a fan by your bed at night, cutting cafeine out or at least down to an absolute minimum, stay clear of spicey foods and fatty foods. And, do a search on hot flushes and natural remedies. Just remember that these are temporary symptoms. They do ease up as time goes on. Hang in there!
I think that your daughter should see a doctor preferrably a gynecologist or Reproductive Endocrinologist. They can do some blood test like FSH, LH, Estradiol, Prolactin and TSH, free T4 and initially and then other possible hormone tests depending on the history to find out why she is having irregular period and hot flashes. These tests can find out if she has premature ovarian failture, hypothalamic hypogonadism, a thyroid disorder, a pituitary tumor.
Hello, Usually hot flashes and night sweats are common with low estrogen as well as dizziness and fatigue sometimes. Unfortunately also Headaches among other symptoms. These symptoms may be experienced after withdrawal from estrogen patches. You should consult your gynecologist and then only stop using the patches. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
You do not have diminished ovarian reserve based on your cycle day 2 FSH and E2. However, your cycles may be too short and therefore may have problems with your luteal phase. I cannot know if you will have trouble getting pregnant but at age 37, you should try to get pregnant as soon as possible and if not pregnant after 6 months of trying, you should see a fertility specialist called a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility specialist.
I just started taking Armour Thyroid 15mg about 3 weeks ago and now my hot flashes have returned! Is this a reaction with the Estradiol? Will it subside over time? Please help I need the thyroid med but I can't stand the hot flashes! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/263845'>No difference on Armour?</a>.
Have gained 15 pounds over the past 18 months and currently do 1 hour cardio 4 times a week and weight train 2 times a week and have restricted my calorie intake to 1500 calories I am 5'10. Doctor decided to run Estradiol level and thyroid tests to see if that was causing weight gain. Was wondering what you thought of these results Estradiol on day 3 of cycle 23 T4 total 5.5 ref 6.1-12.2 T3 total0.8 ref 0.9-1.8 TSH 1.56 ref 0.34 5.
8 (I think I'm between follicular and ovulation now) Crazy low estradiol and normal-looking FSH with low FT3 and FT4. I really want to get a head MRI and try to image the pituitary gland, check for hypopituitarism. Is that going too far?
I'm not sure this is the right place for this question, but I'm sort of desperate. I've been experiencing hot flashes, hair loss, dry eyes, and irregular periods for about eight months. I visited my doctor in June, and he ordered a thyroid test. My results came back completely normal. I shrugged everything off to stress and went on with my life. Unfortunately, the hot flashes became worse.
7) but 24 hrs later it did increase to estradiol 210, LH 74.9 and FSH 23.4. The endo stated that she believes she has hypogonadism. And since this test was kind of flat, they did an MRI. Which showed her pituitary to be asymmetrical with the right side slightly more prominent than the left and a 3-4 mm area that filled in with contrast on early dynamic enhanced images and on subsequent images and suspious for a microadenoma.
Hey DebiR and Katie, The last two from me and one from Katie have not posted. I suspect a technical problem. Oh well, shall we start a new thread and call it "Hot Flashes II"...ok, I will start it but I will still refer people to the thread for the bulk of the information...there is a lot there from all of us.
At my doctor's recommendation, I have stopped taking Estradiol (after taking Premarin and Estradiol for 20 years) affect my thyroid level? Should I ask my doctor to re-check my TSH at my next lab work? Also, can thyroid problems cause hot flashes instead of lack of hormones? What is a natural food that can help with hot flashes?
I would like to consider estradiol as the continued vasomotor flashes cause me to have chest tightening soemtimes requiring extra nitro to pull me out of it. Thanks.
Hi, everybody. I've been experiencing hot flashes, hair loss, irregular periods, and dry eyes for several months. I had my hormone and thyroid levels tested twice, and, while everything technically came back normal, my estradiol (52 pg/ml) level concerns me. I've read that anything below the 50 pg/ml mark is not a good sign. Is this true? Does this number suggest that I'm in the early stages of premature ovarian failure, or are there other causes of low estradiol?
I've missed 5-6 periods over the last year and a half, am having night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, etc. Do my labs confirm that I'm perimenopausal/menopausal? They seem like they're off the chart for the reference ranges listed on my lab results. Doctor said no need for treatment.
I'm tired a lot and have hot flashes, no sex drive, and night sweats, but my doctor says these levels are normal, can anyone help?
I am in peri-menopause with hot flashes, i sill have my monthly cycles i was wondering is 0.6 progesterone very low ? but my prolactin results are 17.3 and Fsh at 16.7 Estradiol is 217...
Before I had non-stop headaches/migraines, severe hot flashes/night sweats, basically couldn't think straight or function. I've been doing ok, but I had blood work done at my recent physical and it shows that I have an estradiol level of 593, and and FSH of 93. My doc was concerned because he said FSH should not be high with estradiol so high. I have tried to lower my estrogen in my HRT, but can't manage the menopause symptoms.
Hello~I am 52 and had my uterus removed exactly 1 year ago but still have my ovaries. I am taking .50mg of estradiol gel in the form of "Divigel" at night and my Naturopath said taking estrogen prolongs getting through menopause. I had been taking .25 but he increased it because I was having some serious mood swings, mostly depression and my menstrual migraine situation was getting worse. Everyone says the migraine issue improves after menopause so am I prolonging my own demise?
No more crankiness - bloating ended almost immediately - positive mood balance and a restored energy I thought I lost forever. Oh my and the wonderful world of sleep and being refreshed was found again. Do you remember going to bed as a kid and waking up with a glow and feeling of being refreshed? I thought I would never have that again - Boy this WAS the #1 improvement for me. It seems the sleep pattern rejuvenates me and my whole day is so much better.
But anyway, you might get a few hot flashes (though if you were already postmenopausal, maybe not) and possibly a headache.
I recently started HRT patch (Estradiol/Noreth 50/140) to help with hot flashes, insomnia, fear of wrinkling skin, and a buzzing in my ear. I thought maybe this would help stop the buzzing. I am not sure if it just me or if the buzzing is more prominent in the past couple of weeks. I mostly notice it when it is quiet. Also is it normal to have some bleeding while on HRT. I have also had abnormal pap smears in the past couple of years but have not had to go for treatment. My Dr.
Hi. For about six months, I've been experiencing hot flashes, irregular periods, dry eyes, thinning hair, and a multitude of other problems. At the advice of my gynecologist, I had my FSH, LH, testosterone, and estradiol levels tested twice, a month apart. The tests were both taken on the third day of my cycle. My FSH, LH, and testosterone were normal, but my estradiol was a little low, 52 pg/ml.
three months ago I had Pnemonia and even with using bi -est, I am having hot flashes and night sweats which has never happened to me on a constant basis. My husband thinks the pnemunia/fever rearranged my hormones and it will take awhile for them to settle down. I am 57 and was pretty stable on the bi-est. has this ever happened to anyone else?? Thx!
I think I could handle the hot flashes and stuff, but seeing as my mother just got diagnosed with osteoperosis, I have serious concerns about that as well. I think the correlation between HRT and Ovarian Cancer, is if you have never been diagnosed and you take it for 10yrs or longer, than you increase your chances of being diagnosed with it. I'm not sure how that relates to someone who already had Ov/Ca.
I am now in the early stages of menopause and having great difficulty with hot flashes. Given the fact that I live in a climate that is always hot HOT H O T in the summer (the San Gabriel valley in eastern Los Angeles County) AND the fact that like many MS patients, I am very heat sensitive, I have been driven to despair with these hot flashes. My gynecologist has put me on a trial of HRT using Esclim (estradiol) patctches, the lowest dosage.
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