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Avatar_n_tn One is a financial assistance program that helps you with the cost of your copay - for example, my copay was $90, and they helped me out with $40 of it. When I had problems affording the $50, I talked to my neurologist, who helped me with a complete financial assistance program that would allow me to get it for free. However, Aetna is a complicated mess. I have to get all my medication through their Specialty Pharmacy, not their mail-order pharmacy, which is confusing.
723660_tn?1247167111 Many of the first-line prescription meds are generic now, so they aren't as expensive. For the newer drugs, pretty much every manufacturer offers a patient assistance program that may get you what you need at greatly reduced cost, or even free. Also check with your local health department for state assistance programs. If it comes down to it - and it may not - your state's bureau of vocational rehabilitation may be helpful for you to get retraining in another field.
1118724_tn?1357014191 org/ and print off the application for the patient assistance program and take to your Dr for you and him to complete and fax back in, you'll have the medicine w/in 2 days. Also there's Patient Assistance Programs for the Neupogen also. I'm taking about $10,000.00 a month of medicine, and I get it all for free including the Pegasys. Hope this helps...
Avatar_n_tn Thanks for your kind words - they really help. Dad is still sleeping mostly. I asked him a few questions today and he answered them slowly, but cohesively. He is aware of what has happened, but can hardly be bothered to speak, his eyes look empty, and seeing him a shadow of his former self is what hurts. He was not in particularly good health prior to the stroke, but that said, he is a strong man both in mind and body. I'm hoping that he has the will to pull through.
Avatar_n_tn Since I last posted, I have continued to take my Enbrel for my RA. I am suppose to take it once a week. However, I had an almost near death experience and have decided to take it on an as needed basis. Through journaling my pain and pain management, I have noticed when it's time for me to take the Enbrel injections the pain in my back and neck is lessened. I have not taken my Enbrel for the past 5wks and guess what... zero pain in my back and the pain in my neck is almost non existent.