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Hi, i have been on ilight>celexailight> for 8 years ilight>andilight> ilight>Effexorilight> for about 8 months ilight>andilight> have decided to stop taking both cold turkey. it's been 3 days for the celexa and 2 days for the Effexor. i am 43 and have had a total hyeterectomy 5 years ago. i did have a crying spell yesterday, but must say felt better. is this normal?? or is ok to just stop the medicine??
Today i started on 10mg of ilight>celexailight> in the morning ilight>andilight> i seem to feel slightly better.i also take valium when i need to for my anxiety.i have anxiety and panic dissorder mainly regarding my heart which has been extensively tested and given a clean bill of health.i just hope celexa works for me because everything else has done nothing.Remeron made me feel stoned,zoloft increased my anxiety,and effexor made me extremely manic.i pray to god that celexa will be the one.
At this point i do not plan on starting the ilight>celexailight>...i do not want to add more medication to my system that may not work ilight>andilight> then have to get off of it if i do get pregnant...i am so afraid of the withdrawal symptoms...i remember them when i stopped the Paxil...they were horrible !! Any advice is so much appreciated...
Do not believe what the doctors try to tell you, you will find that part out later. ilight>celexailight> will take 3-4 weeks to begin working ilight>andilight> usually works well for depression, ilight>andilight> slighly well for anxiety and panic attacks. Please do not use celexa as your fall back medicine for anxiety Most doctors will not give you Ativan or other benzo's so easily, but please try.
NOw she has increased my dosage to 20 mg for ilight>celexailight> ilight>andilight> the lowest dose of clonazepam twice everyday. i am taking ilight>celexailight> regularly but i only take clonazepam once at night time, is it bad, do i have to take it twice as she had asked to. My reason for not taking in daytime is becasue i have three kids who are home these days and i cannot sleep while they are home or feel sleepy and suffer fro headaches if i dont sleep.
Hely all i was on ilight>celexailight> 40 mg for around 6 months ilight>andilight> my doc switched me to cymbalta celexa was an ssri and cybalta is an snri. i have no problem with the switch except cybalta doesnt come in generic which my insurance only pays for generic drugs but "effexor " does. has anyone have experience with effexor?
i want to go back on ilight>celexailight> instead. Does anyone know if i can just stop taking the ilight>Effexorilight> now ilight>andilight> just start the celexa again? i have read horror storiesa about coming off Effexor and i am sort of scared to come off it now. Will i have horrible withdrawal after only three weeks?
Hi everyone, so i have only been on ilight>effexorilight> for three days after taking ilight>celexailight> for about a month. Yesterday was complete hell super depressed no appetite. i only ate a small aamount for dinner. Today was another story i finally got some sleep and woke up fairly ok. Then i decided to clean my house since i hadn't done it in a while. i was in a cleaning frenzy for about an hour then crashed now depressed again. WTF!
My doctor has put me on a 25mg tab of ilight>effexorilight> (1/2 in morn ilight>andilight> 1/2 in evening) for hot flashes and not sleeping well due to menopause. i know this is a very low dose but got frightened when i read about withdrawal from this drug. i have not been able to find anything on the internet about withdrawal on such a low dose. i would like to be relieved of these symptoms, but not if withdrawal is going to be horrible. Also will it help with not sleeping well?
i just finished getting off ilight>Effexorilight> XR after a year ilight>andilight> a half. i started reducing March 11, stopped taking ilight>Effexorilight> totally 10 days later (doc assisted, too). if you aren't pregnant, i took a dose of SAM-E to help with those withdrawal feelings. i took it every day for 3 days, then every other day for 4 days after stopping the Effexor and that seemed to help with the icky feelings. Only took it after that if the feelings were really strong (and occassionally they were).
(i was on wellbrutrin for almost 4 yrs before effexor but it just stopped working after awhile so thats when my doc switched to effexor) i asked my doc about this and he said no that if you take both together it would make much of a difference and insists that the weight gain is NOT ilight>effexorilight>. So my question is has anyone seen this done ilight>andilight> does it help with the wieght gain? Thanks alot. i feel like i am in a catch 22.
i am without health insurance ilight>andilight> can no longer afford my ilight>effexorilight>. Today i am experienceing very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. How long will this last? is there a less expensive generic medication that i could take that would keep me from experiencing this withdrawal?
i had the same experience as dyblue, with Effexor. it made me feel like i had taken speed. Ditto Wellbutrin. Both are antidepressents, but don't think that should be first choice when associated with anxiety, and certainly not while going through WD! celexa is FDA approved for "depression associated with anxiety." i take generic celexa (citalopram) and that doesn't make me at all nervous. i was on a high dose, but lowered it because it causes sexual side-effects in men :-( .
What are your opinions? Did the doctor made a bad choice? Has anyone here ever been on ilight>celexailight> ilight>andilight> ilight>Effexorilight> at the same time? UPDATE: i just woke up after being asleep for about six hours and have the worst headache. i took my first dose of Effexor XR (37.5) 4 hours before bed time and then right before going to sleep i took 50 mg of Trazodone as i always do, there must be some type of bad interaction between these two.
My NP switched me 9 days ago from ilight>Effexorilight> XR 225 to ilight>celexailight> 60 ilight>andilight> i have been so sick, depressed, more anxiety and fearful of everything. When i called they said they have never heard of anyone having any problems which makes me worry more. The druggest said i should have slowly weened from one to the other. Help, and i going crazy this time or is it the switching...
5 mg for 3 wks. Then she switched me to ilight>celexailight> 20 mg taking for one wk with ilight>Effexorilight> ilight>andilight> then ilight>Effexorilight> every other day. The Effexor did curb my anxiety. Been on celexa for 2wks now. A wk on its own.
i also take xanax ilight>andilight> inderal ilight>andilight> the doc just put me on ilight>celexailight> today. i am so freaked out about taking it i cut a 20 mg. tablet into 4 and took one 1 which would be 5 mg. i am sitting here with the hands sweating expecting all the bad side affects. i don't want to keep going through the anxiety hell but wondering if i can kick this without all these meds. Antone been in my shoes?
Friend gave me her Effexor so i took that for 2 weeks ilight>andilight> now dont have anymore. Taking the RX for ilight>celexailight> Dr called in a few weeks ago. taken it before ilight>andilight> hated it...i craved carbs, gained 30 lbs and had no motivation and had relationship problems. Wouldnt look for work because anxiety was too high and we broke up. So far (after taking it 2 days now) my appetite has decreased. Not sure why...wouldnt i still have the same side-effects that i had the first time i took celexa?
i started on ilight>Effexorilight> 5 wks ago ilight>andilight> was having trouble urinating ilight>andilight> have ejaculation pain. Stopped the Efxxor after 3wks and went to celexa. Have been on for 2wks and still have the problem. Has anyone had to strain to actually get the urine started were now i have straining pain in my groin. Plus delayed ejaculation?
the psych gave me lamictal ilight>andilight> ilight>celexailight> but i was having alot of medical problems ilight>andilight> i thought it was the lamictal so i quit taking it. But it wasn't. And was just taking the celexa but i was gaining alot of weight , and i allready have issues with weight. i always think i can go off pills and that i don't need them, and then someone can say something that irritates me, and i get so pissed.
but anyhoo, my doctor put me on ilight>celexailight> 40mg last week, i did that for 2 days ilight>andilight> that was too much. so i called ilight>andilight> asked if i could cut them in half and he said yes. well i still feel like that is too much. i am just really tired and dont have much desire to get out of bed. i am thinking i should cut the half in half. i only weigh 120lbs so i am thinking maybe i dont need such a high dose. does anyone have any experience with this. and by the way, i have never left this site.
i have never tried ilight>Effexorilight> but did have the same problem with ilight>celexailight>. i have to give you credit, i only lasted one or two weeks on celexa because the iBS was so bad. i wish you luck with the gastroenterologist. if you want to discuss diet regarding the iBS, feel free to pm me.
Hello again, My last post i was taking Neurontin, ilight>celexailight> ilight>andilight> ilight>Effexorilight> XR (to ween myself off of it so i can take the celexa.) i went to my psychiatrist this morning because the Neurontin wasn't working. So he prescribed me Klonopin. i am now taking the celexa and Klonopin. i have severe agoraphobia, emetophobia (fear of vomiting), anxiety and horrible panic attacks. My husbands leaving the Army and we are moving back home on Sunday, which is a 13 hour drive.
The other explanation is a consequence of large doses for a long time since the appetite hormones are regulated in part by the dopamine, ilight>andilight> serotonin, which are the targets of ilight>Effexorilight>. This will not be a lifetime pattern ilight>andilight> you will get over it. if it is an emotional eating issue...eating as a form of self medication, then go to www.masteringfood.
Most of the other medication (effexor, Prozac, Zoloft) produce side effects which i did not care for. My doctor ilight>andilight> i finally gave ilight>celexailight> a try. i was taking low dosages (10mg daily) of ilight>celexailight> and i was doing fine. A few months back my doctor suggested i try Lexapro. i have found that most of the bad side effects of celexa have been eliminated with this new and so far wonderful medication, i am currently taking 10mg Lexapro daily.
i am just now starting celexa, prescribed by my doctor, since Paxil didn't work. He said that ilight>celexailight> will help control my anxiety ilight>andilight> nervousness. i thought though that ilight>celexailight> was for depression? Will this drug REALLY help my anxiety and nervousness???
i am glad i found this site. i'm a 47 yr old single mother that has been on Effexor XR for ??7??yrs. By my choice, my doctor helped wean me off. After day 3 the "mind zaps", extreem nausea,confusion, irritability, even rage, hot and cold flashes, bloated stomach, malaise, aching, ringing in the ears, and many other sensory sensitivities. Oh - and depression. Yes, i was taking the med for general anxiety and depression.
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