Effects of smoking moldy weed

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What you say is true, her symtoms do sound like a panic/anxiety attack, which could have occured for one of many reasons, and parhaps smoking weed was the cause of it.
at first i thought it was a mixture of my anxiety and my obsessive smoking habit but i learned that all it was was my over awareness of what i thought was going on. Your not crazy but your brain is sending the wrong signals through your body. im not sure how to tell you to get it to stop except try not to think about it and concentrate on something else. This is actually how i started having my panic attack.
After smoking a lot of it though (really harsh), we pretty much concluded that that the stuff the stuff was likely to give you lung cancer, and came by its name that way.
What are the signs of allergic reaction, do you know?
Hi The scrotal pain may be separate from that of the smoking activity. Cannabinoids or marijuana may have analgesic and hypothermic effects which may decrease pain sensation and may even cause some temperature dysregulation in the body. Complete your antibiotics as epididymitis may persist longer than expected. I suggest you quit smoking. This is important as cannabinoids affect behavior and neurologic processes. .
Will I still go through WD after I stop the 1 a day? I am kind of scared of this. I am already in a good amount of pain. And I have noticed some crazy symptoms (that I am not comfortable with discussing here..but would like to in a private message.) I hope one of you has an answer for that. Also: Kind of off my topic but I still would like to know: (and this is not meant to insult anyone..just curious): I read here where some people have taken 25-40 of these pills A DAY !
Almost all of the symptoms I have read are caused by the overgrowth of this candida fungus. Moldy homes can worsen the symptoms of Candida overgrowth, new carpet smells as well as other chemical smells cause reactions and worsen symptoms in Candida patients. Numerous allergies can be caused by candida, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression are caused by candida overgrowth. Not saying all depressed people have a candida problem...but it is something that fits the symptoms I have read.
Now I am 100% convinced that soon I should take the path of a vegeterian or even vegan.
I just can't be like this for another summer. I have a couple of acres on a hill to mow and weed eat and my husband has SEVERE back and knee problems and is unable to weedeat...and can't do the mowing by himself...so I have to do that! That's why I'm going ahead with the allergy testing at the end of the month, because if I've suddenly become allergic to grass, I will have to take the shots and hope I can build my immunity back up in time to do yard work!
It is an herbal remedy so please talk to your physician before you use it and if you order it, take a small piece to make sure you aren't allergic to it (just in case). Both of these products got rid of all of my sinus infections before the surgery. Good Luck !
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