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no harm..ive done the methadone and xanax before when i use to be on it..but never took what was prescribed..i only take 0.5 -- 3aday..prescribed 4 mgs aday..that was before i got on the meth...i have to take both cuz of sever knee and lower back pain..same with the xanax...ive NEVER ABUSE ANY MEDS SOMETIMES I GO LESS THAN PORESCRIBED..THATS JUST ME!!!!!!!!! THE LESS DOSE IS THE BEST DOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!
was on klonpin 11 yrs prior to xanax.. but just methadone and xanax since 04...i know about the mix or my combo vey well on very low doses of each..the xanax 0.5 5aday..methadone 10 mgs aday..was at 1 time 160 mgs i detoxed at home 2 yrs ago..got away from it 45 days then back at the dose im at..now the questshion?? my shrink has added lamictail to my combo,,i asked him if it would had any further respatory depression..he just kinda nodded his head..wating oin his nest 8 min patient..
Please help I got on methadone 4 years ago due to oxycontin and hydrocodone addiction that had been going on for 6 years......I was up close to 100mgs and have weaned down to 60mgs of methadone. I want off so bad and to top it off I have severe panic attacks and never dealt with my underlying issues regarding the addiction so I started abusing the xanax my Psychiatrist gave me.
For example I have helped several people with the help of the treatment centers physician to detox small doses of valium,xanax and ativan without any seizures. LARGE DOSES of these drugs generally will cause seizures upon withdrawals. A doctor should always help with all detoxes with benzodiazepine derivatives! Above poster quit being so petty and let people comment with being such a whiner!! Dan...
However, they are often prescribed off label as a muscle relaxer and/or sleep aid. Xanax has a very short half life, and therefore, I don't think it is the best therapeutic choice. Valium or Klonopin have much longer half lives (50-72 hours) and thus, provide a therapeutic benefit much longer. Combining Xanax, Klonopin, or Valium with an opioid pain reliever can be a dangerous combination, especially if you are taking methadone for pain.
Brian you have a lot of knowledge and you share it with a lot of people. You are very helpful and have something to share with everyone. People can learn from your experience and I think that is great. You've answered some of my questions previously and I am very appreciative, so THANK YOU. Imus, if you don't want help, you've come to the wrong place!!
methadone robs most men of there sex drive ....my wife and I have been together 31yrs and for the 6 1/2 yrs on methadone we bacily had a sexless marrage it was tuff but I had no desire at all....
So if you were up to 200 mg of oxycontin daily a dose of roughtly 65-70 mg would equal that dose of oxycontion and keep you out of withdrawals and pain. When you first start on methadone you will get euphoria from the dose for approx. 6 months and you will also sweat very heavily on methadone. The good thig about methadone is it is cheap.360 10mg methadone pills cost approx. $45-$50 at pharmacy where 10 20mg oc's would cost that much at pharmacy or 4 or 5 oc's on the street.
I am just looking for some insight, opinions, knowledge about methadone side effects. I know that a lot of people don't like methadone and everything but it is the right thing for me right now so I am not trying to rude but please, I don't want lectures about how addictive it is and how I would be better of an opium tea/heroin addict. Thanks for reading this and taking the time to respond, if you do.
Hello many of us after using for years don't get the full effects of our drug of choice. What is your son taking Methadone for what drug? Smart X Heroin addicts mix Xanax with Methadone to get the closest effect to a Heroin buss as possible. Methadone is a slow working drug but when enhanced with Xanax it kick starts it up a few notches.
ive been taking exedrin back and body every 4 hours and hot baths and it seems to bring the 12 down to 6. the xanax sort of helps mellow me out, bc the anxiety is so bad. i just wish there was something i can do for the guilt! ive been sobbing nonstop for the past 24 hours. my husbands been taking some norcos too. recreationally (like i thought mine was) like 1-3 a day when we had them.
I would like to know if taking a lot of fiorinal [butalbita} takes the efeects of methadone maintainence out of your system. If it lessens the effects of the methadone. I am also curious if xanax makes methadone less likely to work as well too. I am a long long 35 year addict to narcotics.
It's for opiate cravings, he hasn't been a junkie in years. He just succumbs now and then and it's usually poppy tea. I know the side effects of opiates. Subutex is not supposed to make you high, right? But he is pretty much sleeping around the clock, his eyes are half open, he seems apathetic and removed emotionally. It's freaking me out..I told my husband I was concerned,but his doc suggested he just take it at night for somnolence.
hang in there. i know all of the advice may be redudant but i'm on day 12 of methadone wd and i'm alive. i don't know why i'm alive but i think i made it through the worst. klonopin is helping. my jump was from a 3 year opiate addiction. I went cold turkey from 270mg of methadone. hell does not describe the week i've endured. please, give yourself strength and courage. by admitting your faults you can overcome this horrible affliction. good luck and i'll pray for you.
Alprazolam (Xanax) and methadone are highly addictive narcotics, both physically and psychologically. These two drugs should never be 'mixed' or even taken relatively close to one another unless the reaction is literally being monitired by a doctor and/or medical staff. I am an addict and I know from experience how dangerous this combination can be, trust me; you're playing with fire.
I'm also on methadone mainttherreainance ( which I think causes the panic attacks) I go down a mg of methadone every two days so it's been a bumpy road. I think the xanax helps with the methadone withdrawl symptoms. I AM AN ADDICT therefore I cannot take any mood altering drugs. the anxiety got so bad it interferred with my work. I NEED 2 PAY BILLS sick or not. So my question to you sir or madam is how do I get off with what I have left.
this have been going on for about 8 months now. If it is the benzos and not the methadone(im at 20 mgs), then when i get off the xanax will i get my memory back????
The whole detox thing really sucked but, but the doctors are afraid of my long term use of Xanax. Xanax itself, can be life-threatening when abused. I do take it at night and take more than I am supposed to. I am afaid of all these drugs and maybe you should be also. Being barely concious is a scary thing. Be careful. We in this forum can help you if you have concerns.
Xanax does mask the anxiety and panic, but once off of them, you have panic and the withdrawl of the xanax. I tell you to me the withdrawl is worse than the anxiety/panic attacks. The rapid heart rate, tightness around the head, tinnintus (ringing of the ears, weakness, muscle spasms, no sleep...to name a few. The good thing is that it does go away eventually. It is scary that you become addicted to a drug that your doctor recommended. It's not like you started a crack addiction...
That is something many of us have experienced first hand, and is one of the many wonderful(NOT) side effects of oxycodone, and opiates in general. Hell i remember if someone even looked at me funny at the grocery store, i was ready to clobber them; and truth is they were probably just going to say hi. As far as other side effects, well of course there is the liver which you mentioned and the kidneys.
My husband took off running to the car and got my take home box and brought me a dose. Within 5 minutes of taking the methadone the symptoms went away. Within 10 minutes I was sitting up in the bed eating a sandwich like nothing had happened. It was the worst experience I have ever had and I wouldn't even have wished that pain on Osama Bin Laden.
i been on xanax and methadone 5 yrs everyday..am copd and sevre sleep apnea..im on low dose of both..and i never had a problem..even went to the er 5 times from the anxtys of taking it..they said as long as i been on these..its ok...so what can a person do..if your taking methadone and you hooked on both meds hmmm you have to take them..so its dam if you do and DAM if you dont... word fro the wise benzos are a cns med that enhances methadone or any narcotic..it may reduce the breathing..
ive been prescribed zanex b/4 and wile I was on it and if I took the zanex at the same time as the methadone you sorta got a feeling of well being...not quite a high..but defiantly something..and Im shure I looked looped so you have to space your dose of one to the other to avoid this happening... and just like kim said this can be a deadly combo both my phyc dr and my pain dr where consired when I first went on it that there could be problems with the 2....
Is he taking the xanax with the methadone? Methadone and xanax are both central nervous system and respiratory System depressants they are dangerous to take together.
if she has lowered her dose of methadone and is only taking it at night that wouldnt be what is causing her drowsiness, i would be concerned about the implant...
it's as safe as anything can really be w/ methadone..but if your in a clinic and have to drop a ua..than you will have that to deal with..Are you planning on getting off the methadone? good luck to you..
Methadone and oxy isn't a deadly mix in as far as interactions go. Basically, it sounds as if the person overdosed. Methadone in itself is very dangerous for anyone who is not used to it or opioids in general. It is a very strong opioid. I know of a couple people who take methadone for pain and the oxy on top of it as a breakthrough med. Even though it is like someone peeing in the wind for them to be taking oxy on top of methadone, they do anyway.
hello, I am clean from methadone for 3mnths and I wet c/t w/d lasted about 7=8 wks and still feel some effects of them.
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