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I really think my digestive track is screwed lol I said earlier I ate something cause I felt bad for not eating now I have moving gas can't stop farting (tmi) and my little girl moving around on top of that just pure uncomfortable.
Experiment with smoothies for breakfast using a scoop of protein powder with your favorite yogurt, fruits, juices, etc. Remember, eating 5 times a day does not mean eating huge meals. Like I said, half a can of tuna is sufficient as a snack for what you're trying to achieve. Look at speading your food requirements over the course of the day instead of at one big sitting. One thing that concerns me with the rapid weight loss is that you may have developed gallstones.
If you're eating a normal healthy diet with plenty of fresh foods, it's time to see your doctor.
Also, if you skip breakfast, you will tend to have gas at lunch, so a little cereal in the morning or some toast will help that a lot. If the gas tends to smell, this is from digestion staying in the intestinal tract too long, which eating a lot of poorly chewed meats or not drinking enough water thru the day will do this. You could try eating Activia yogurt from the grocery for a couple weeks, see does that help.
I am getting up one or two nights a week with high pain on top of my stomach right under my rib cage. I move and have a lot of gas. I begin belching and as I continue to move I will finally get relief. I thought this was a reflux problem but priolesec doesn't seem like it is giving me relief. Any suggestions?
I avoided spicy foods and food that causes gas. I took Gas-Ex from time to time when the gas pain was severe. I took Pepto Bismol when I had diarrhea and cramping. I also took over the counter acid reducers for heartburn. My recommendation is to ask for a referral right away to a gynecologist and find out what other tests should be completed to further evaluate and treat the cyst.
Here is what I would suggest you do (in this order)...1. Make sure your eating a healthy diet. Lots of whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. 2. Make sure your bowels are moving regularly. That means you should have 1 large bowel movement every single day (some doctors say you don't need to have a bowel movement every day BUT THEY ARE WRONG!) 3. Take a probiotic. Try Activia. You get it at the grocery store. Eat one little container every day.
For as long as I can remember, I have had unusually frequent gas. When I was younger my friends and sister made fun of me and so i tried to hold it in or make it silent. This did not stop the problem or block the odor, however, and 19 years later I still have this problem. The gas comes more frequently when I am anxious, but it is almost always being emitted, even when I don't feel as though I am passing gas at all. It is really messing up my life.
this is starting to be troublesome, I'm a 34 year old male, that has excessive gas, this has only started happening within the last 2 years, or so maybe less. As for the symptoms, bloating, no pain, just excessive burping and flatulance. Sometimes very smelly flatulance, room clearing if you catch my drift. I do eat regularly but not excessive, and generally try to be as healthy as possible, I'm not overweight, exercise sometimes, not as much as I should of course.
I had the worst bloating and gas pains last night! I was able to finally go poo (tmi) and then fall asleep but I woke at 1:30 and could barely get out of bed because my tummy hurt so bad with gas. I got up and did my thing and I went back to bed. When I woke at 3:30 to tinkle I was fine. What can I do about this bloat and gas? Two nights in a row only this one was horrible!
I wasn't not eating I was binge eating, I still binge eat. How can I stop this? my stomach hurts all the time and when I eat I always feel sick. I am always tired and have trouble sleeping. I really need help.
Unrelated to your question, you should make sure you are eating low-mercury fish. Eating fish that is higher is mercury 5 times a week can cause health problems.
Do u mean. all that hipe natural stuff. I think eating healthy, not processed food, eating lots of fresh veggies and fruit, and less meat, and lot and lots of water and green tea would make your body cleanse. 4 yr, when I read that, my hope sunk to a low....
I have a bad taste in my mouth and my throat and chest do feel like they felt when I had reflux problems, but I never had these stomach and gas issues. I have been eating yogurt for digestive health. I am not overweight and I eat fairly healthy (no fast foods or fried). I was very regular, but it has changed a little since the medication to a little constipation, so I have added more fiber. I also had a colonoscopy 5 years ago and there were no issues. I have not felt well for three weeks.
No one can absorb unlimited amount of fructose anyway (25-50g per meal for healthy persons). Probiotics may be additional cause of gas. Probiotics actually help only when your normal gut flora is deranged, like after antibiotic treatment or in food poisoning. Probiotics are meant like a supplement, something what you take when you don't have it enough - like you take iron only in iron deficiency, and not when you have enough of it.
So, I've had, in at least the last month(or more), frequent and smelly gas. my diet hasn't really changed much...and I'm not really eating any more or less of anything. I try to be a fairly healthy eater. I take no drugs for anything, nor do I have any diseases that I know of. (haha) But it's annoying. I have smelly smelly gas. I have it all day long...when I wake up, while I'm at work...when I go to bed at night.
Hi, last year I started having lots of health issues, prior to that I've always been pretty healty, exercising and eating healthy. I'm 41 years old and in March of 2010 I had brain surgery to clip an unruptured aneurysm. Then 3 months later I had a laparoscopic appendectomy. I also have prostate problems (chronic prostatitis) & stomach problems. And I have been diagnosed with IBS, GASTRITIS, DIVERTICULOSIS.
Instead of tapering off and changing the diet slowly, I did things in excess--like drinking lots of bottled water, eating more fiber and all. My problem is that the gas gets trapped. (IE the pains in the chest). I just don't take the meds because I don't believe in them as in there are so many side effects. Think about what you were doing when the pains first started........what's the latest?
might be in order, but beyond getting a colonoscopy and a yearly checkup, if you are eating healthfully and getting enough sleep, your body will be healthy for the most part and you don't need to assume the worst. I'm not sure what your chances of colon cancer are with the relatives you have listed, but one thing you can do to help yourself is to cut out eating meats with nitrates, such as most lunchmeats, hotdogs, sausages and bacons.
I generally eat pretty healthy, but have been eating even more healthy lately. A lot of whole/organic foods. Out of all of the things that I have tried, I haven't tried a really good digestive enzyme. I am going to pick one up this weekend to see if that helps. Thanks again.
To avoid gas itself try with lactose-free or low fructose diet or both. They are sugars from which a lot gas may be produced. Gas, as you know, also comes from fibers, mostly from legumes (beans) and from cauliflower, also from beer... By my knowledge there are no enzymes which would help in sulphur gas. Beano and some other products contain enzymes which help to digest carbohydrate fibers (like cellulose), but not sulphur containing proteins.
Help! I have been experiencing very foul-smelling gas that has gotten increasingly worse over the past year. I now experience this everyday, several times a day. It is the worst in the evening before I go to bed and in the morning when I wake up. The smell is foul - almost sulfur-like and it certainly lingers! I haven't had any major surguries, I am 28 years old, 5'4" about 130 lbs, and I run or go to the gym 6 days/week.
I also find, at times, that I can be eating a meal (it's usually when I'm eating out) and I can sense the build-up of gas occuring even before I finish my dinner. It's very awkward and uncomfortable as I have to wait until I find some privacy to relieve the gas. I was troubled my great amounts of gas earlier this week. Today, Thursday, it appears to be much less. When I am in the throes of a bout, I can wake-up and have to pass gas almost immediately.
The ND recommended stuff to grow my GI linen, which I've been taken for 45 days, but without success to erradicate foul-smelling gas and bloating. I'm reading IBS for Dummies, and probably I have Candida Albicans overgrowth, according to some of my symptoms: Overuse of antibiotics; Sugar,Bread,Alcohol cravings; Athletes Foot and Jock Itch; acne; bad breath; low energy; depression. The diet is avoiding: Sugars -- fruit included --; bread; alcohol; cofee; saccharine or aspartame; wheat.
was to take as much simethicone it takes to help relieve the gas and bloating. I am basically miserable when it comes to eating and it has really consumed me. I was already 40 lbs. overweight when the surgery was performed which I gained from the fibromyalgia drug, Lyrica. So, yes I feel like a woman in her 9th month of pregnancy. On the up side, I have no reflux at all. I have never belched nor vomited since the surgery 5 years ago. I travel with nausea meds.
Diahrrea comes and goes, and I am having more solid stools which is good. I feel bloated all the time. I have a lot of gas and burp a LOT. I can taste food that I ate 5 hours before. The stomach pain is unbearable and I'm unable to focus at work. I'm going to lose my job if I can't get this fixed. On top of everything I have a very stressful job. I don't think this is psychological--I know stress can cause problems, but not like this..and not so sudden...right?
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