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Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. You may report side effects to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088. Doxycycline, like other tetracycline-class antibiotics, can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman. If any tetracycline is used during pregnancy or if the patient becomes pregnant while taking these drugs, the patient should be informed of the potential hazard to the fetus and treatment stopped immediately.
I'm surprised the Doxy didn't say to take with food. Nausea and even vomitting are very common side effects, so I thought that would be a standard warning. Also, calcium absorbs it, so you don't want to have high calcium foods or supplements at the same time as a dose, especially dairy products. I'm also surprised you only got 12 days of Doxy. The "official" guidelines here say 2-3 weeks (usually 3) for early Lyme and 4 weeks for late Lyme.
When you get the new antibiotic, make sure you read the info the pharmacy gives you. Doxycycline and Bactrim can increase the effects of anticoagulants and medications used to treat diabetes.....and Doxycycline can upset your stomach if taken on an empty stomach. Also, make sure you finish all the antibiotics (unless your doctor tells you to stop) even if you think the infection is better. Otherwise, the bug may become more resistant.
Secondary headache disorders are due to an underlying problem, such as a tumor, medication side effects, central nervous system infections, bleeds in the brain, etc. In the vast majority of cases, a CT scan will pick up major problems such as bleeds, large tumors, and other problems, though you are correct in stating that in some cases an MRI will see a brain tumor when a CT scan does not show one.
Are there any steps my girlfriend could take at this point to attempt to reduce the potential future effects of the HPV if my bump was a wart? If she does eventually end up with warts, will we re-infect/spread/exacerbate the condition in each other if we continue to have sex? Any other advice for me/her/us? Thanks!
Thankfully, there are many types of oral magnesium on the market so people can typically find one version or another to take without suffering the GI side effects that will keep them in the bathroom all day. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people so I am currently getting magnesium by running it into my IV line every day right now!
i discussed this with him and he said if i'm allergic to doxy, there's going to be a big problem in treating me since i am sensitive to every other class of meds that treats lyme. well, it appears as though i am also sensitive to doxycycline since after taking my 3rd dose a few hours ago, my tongue started tingling and swelling a bit. i had benadryl on hand and took it right away. i will call the LLMD tomorrow a.m. to discuss the issue. i am SO bummed. for a million different reasons.
Stacy......I'm not familiar with these particular Chicken Jerky Strips, but you must be very careful...Check your package...Although it will lead you to believe that they are US made, check closely.....Look at the Tiny print...Check every inch of the package....If you see a "MADE IN CHINA" anywhere, then you may have found your culprit! These are DANGEROUS and you must throw them away, forever!!!!!! DO NOT risk it!!!
When faced with a Lyme patient who has been treated with a short course of antibiotics but is still ill with Lyme symptoms, the IDSA position is that the Lyme was actually cured, and that the continuing symptoms are an over-reaction by the patient's immune system fighting against bacteria that are no longer there, and you are well whether you feel that way or not. End of treatment.
hope all goes well for you. I am too hoping to do my first round of ivf in may was meant to of started two months ago but fsh has been too high im only 26 my levels are like 13 should really be under 10. so hoping my next blood which due around 5th may will be ok to start. ive been told that each women can react different from the lupron some may feel tired no energy or have headaches everyone is different. we are using donor sperm we only got few units left now though as iui didnt work for me.
I just had a look at the medication you are now on that has helped your chronic hives... Ummm there are ALOT of side effects with that drug. It looks pretty damn scary to me! Did you get any side effects from it?
I have heard that Septrin can trigger sun sensitivity, so who knows what other long term side effects there could be from some of the stuff we have taken over the years. Any research would have to look into that as well I suppose. Strange to think that other people were wandering around Beijing as well as me with gross looking legs and all desperately hiding them under trousers or long skirts!
My side effects were hot flashes, moodiness, breast tenderness, cramping, fatigue, nausea, and extreme hunger which lead to weight gain and I'm still feeling those side effects. Since so many of those side effects are symptoms of pregnancy it was very upsetting to find out I didn't ovulate and I'm not pregnant. Hoping for better results next cycle...
I did have sweating on palms but chalked it up to medication side effects I was taking, haven't had them since. Get what feels like groin lymph node pains about 3-4 times a week. When this started I also had neck lymph node swelling for a day or so, but no groin lymph nodes. Hopefully if we can't find out what this is at least maybe we can get passed it.
It usually happens on the palm side of various fingers, but in April, I had one rupture on my knuckle. I'm very interested in any comments.
The combination of herbs is known for their synergistic effects of relaxing, nourishing and rebuilding skin tissue and collegen strands as well as maintaining elasticity. Sometimes I also rub in some Vit E oil from a capsule. You could also use just Olive oil. So far I've had pretty good results, and the mental aspect of doing something as opposed to just being frustrated has helped immensly. Hope this helps someone as well.
I am also wondering if it's possible to have possible padrome symptons on side of lower body then have a lesion on the other side. I kept reading how this is virus present's it's way differently person to person. I just wanted to share my story with you guys. I am not feeling upbeat right know. Everytime I feel possitive that it could be something else, I start to think it's herpes. I am more upset how I let this brief 5-8 minute encounter accur.
Hi, I've been in the MS forum for several months and find it a source of advice and inspiration but it's nice to have the support of people who like myself are undiagnosed as yet, I'm currently in the ''possible MS but it might be something else'' category at present and my neuro has climbed on that big fence and staying there for the time being, he put me on carbamazapine for symptoms to which I have had side effects on the low dose, however, I learned this morning he wants me to stay on th
I'm always working towards a healthier life style eating foods that are not processed, without chemicals and pesticides, and more on the raw side. Well being human and all, sometimes I slip and slide in this and find myself eating processed cheese fries and lots of sugar delights. It's after these eating intoxications that I notice the rash occuring.
It's somewhat painful but definitely more on the uncomfortable side. Occasionally I will also feel the cramping when I get sexually excited. It doesn't last for too long, a few minutes at most but I was curious if anyone else had experienced something like this. Thank you for your feedback.
Dryness, redness and scaly skin are experienced if the product is initially used in too high a concentration, or applied too often. Occasionally, these symptoms, if severe, may signal an allergy to benzoyl peroxide, and often include swelling, itching or tenderness. Dilute an over-the-counter, cream-based hydrocortisone cream with a little water to treat existing irritation. Allergy aside, the skin will adjust to benzoyl peroxide over a period of a few weeks.
I do wonder about the clenching, though, because I clench very VERY hard on that side. Sometimes, the side of my face goes numb from clenching. Other times, my ear or eye starts to hurt. It seems reasonable to me that tensing all the muscles on that side of my face might irritate the optic nerve? But then, I'm no doctor.
I am starting to really freak out that there is something serious going on and no doctors want to take the time to figure it out. I am starting to wonder if perhaps this is a side effect of some kind of mold I cant see. I need a "Dr.House" anyone out there that help us poor women.
Yes, I too have occasional twitching of my upper eyelid. Other issues I have are tinnitis and migraines. I hear a "crunching" noise when I turn my head from side to side. If I put my hand on the back of my neck and turn my head I can't hear it.
but if they don't know then we're screwed!! I have the pea sized nodule right on left side of the opening of my vagina. She said it was a cyst...
I also took 10,000 units of HCG trigger shot but it has been 8 days since I had shot so I don't know if that could be it. Please HELP!!!
First I must congratulate you for starting this new thread. The other one was getting pretty long...About 'natural' IVF, I understand your quizzical question. I reacted the same way too. I can only think that some patients choose this option due to health concerns such as OHSS and maybe other complications. Cost might be a factor too. But it seems to work for some and all I have to say is "Good on Ya".
) that'll be a killer Like seeker01 I've had prostate tests (DRE), twice now with no signs of the dreaded PC or prostatis, I've just been for a cysctoscopy today and have no issues on that side either. I have been doing some very long distance cycling recently which the consultant felt may have brought this on (this info you wlll find on the net).
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