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The appetite was very good yet every couple of days he would throw up bile and white foam...But NOT food. However the past 2 days he is not himself...does not have much of an appetite and he just threw up his UNDIGESTED food. The Vet told me to give him 1/4 pill of pepcid -and probiotic yogurt. It's the weekend and don't know what to do.
I would of course ask whether you think she has managed to get additional food (from anyone or anywhere) other than the set meals you have fed her? This would explain both the vomiting and the undigested food that came up. It may also be that the change of food (albeit a slow and progressive change) is upsetting her stomach.
Based on what I have read here I am making another appointment. Someone brought up food. I have him on Nutro dog food and the refrigerated rolls of meat made by Nature. I also feed him chopped vegetables and olive oil as part of his diet (to offset the effects of the steroids). We live in the Pacific Northwest, where most of the time it is damp and cold - not good weather for a dog with hip displaysia.
First, let me state that I am not affiliated with any pet food manufacturer, I receive no money from anyone who makes pet food and I don’t sell pet food. Basically, I don’t have a dog in the hunt (to use a phrase common to us back home in West Virginia). The poster at our other forum wanted to know why veterinarians recommend Science Diet when “they have inferior ingredients and no meat in the diets”.
he is continuously vomiting or throwing undigested food...for which i gave him parinorm to cure vomiting...and he is very lethargic and never play or run...he is drinking water excessively and then vomiting watever he has eaten wit a white foamy thing...before this his condition was very critical and was on drip for three days...and was given a syrup gramogyl...for vomiting and loads of injections by my vet for fever...i am very tensed about him please help !!!
I did this for my oldest dog, and it worked, but I'm not sure what your dog is like so I'm just throwing out suggestions. When I walk my dog (recently that has turned into dogs, but the other one doesn't eat poop, not yet anyway) I carry around a very tiny thing of the hottest Tabasco sauce I can find. My grandpa taught me that. All the children in the neighborhood think I'm insane because I run around sprinkling Tabasco sauce on fecal matter in the park/along the way.
Two weeks before Christmas, she started throwing up, we thought it was because we had changed her dog food, We put her back on her regular dogfood, she still threw up. (During this time too, my daughter brought her baby over (Lilly) Lily had an upset tummy and with vet visit-Gastritis virus was the diagnosis. We thought, O.K. Sandy Grace has caught Lilly's virus, but decided we needed get Sandy Grace to the vet anyway as she needed something to calm her tummy.
She also threw up when she woke up that morning. When I say she's throwing up I'm not just talking about a small amount like spit up she is throwing up a lot. Well after she threw up that first time monday morning she was fine again all day and just as happy as could be. Again on monday night and Tuesday morning she threw up again. I have been nursing my daughter every since she was born and I'm wondering if there is any way possible that somehow my milk is making her sick.
In discussion with him I told him that I had vomited up undigested pasta that I had eaten more than 24 hours before becoming ill. He tried my out on digestive enzymes, at first they seemed to help then after about a month I became terribly ill. I could not hold down any food. What I couldn't vomit came out in diarrhea heavy with bile.
went to the doggy store and they were trying to get me to buy some high priced enzymes (hey man, enzymes are enzymes) since I've been throwing the cheapy Vitamin Shoppe enzymes into her food, no throwing up anymore! She just must be defiecient in some way in her digestive track...these Multi-Enzymes are really cheap...if you take all this shite you'll be better, I guarantee it! Goof, that Magnesium stuff they give you before the "Up Periscope" is what does it, as if you didn't know...
To combat gastritis you have to watch what you eat and drink also, coffee, alcohol, smoking are all a big No No until the gastritis clears up, same with pasta and many other types of food, look up what to avoid by looking up gastritis on your search engine, but you will find things like bran flakes and whole grain foods help it heal quickly, eating a royal gala apple has an almost instant soothing effect on the stomach.
Everyone was nauseated and throwing up some even had a fever. I never got the fever just throwing up and nausea and then more nausea for like 3 days and then all of a sudden out of nowhere I got the eggy burps and it has been a constant like every 5 seconds. That icky burp taste and smell is killing me and it has been like 3 days now. I do have extreme gas and bloating and I am also farting a lot. There is a terrible rumble and gurgle going on in my gut.
It's like putting food in a blender or a food processor and hitting 'liquefy'. The churned up food and drink in your tummy is now one big bunch of digestive soup that doctors refer to as 'chime'. Once the 'chime' is ready, the pyloric valve opens and let's it down into your intestine, where the intestine ***** all the nutrients out of it. But what if the valve opens up too early?
It has been helpful in that now when I regurgitate it is usually just undigested food and not as acidic as it was in the past. My food usually comes back up after around an hour after I have eaten it and lasts up to six or twelve hours later. It doesn't seem to be affected at all by what I eat...everything I eat comes back up. It is like vomiting, only it's not. It's that amount though. Depending on how delayed it is, it will come back up in the form of bile.
Food does not want to digest and I burp up the taste of food eaten over 8-10 hours after a meal. I have lost a large amount of weight as well due to not being able to eat. I had a baby in 2006 a year prior to them starting and I went from 185 after delivery to 145, mainly because of these sulfur burps. I don't know if this condition is psychosomatic with people around. My husband claims he had a bout of them, as did my mother.
I have been staying home for fear of throwing up but i never did throw up, i havent thrown up in 4 years. I am not concerned but i am rather desperate, i want my life back, i want to go a day without having to worry about throwing up, without thinking about nausea. I eat very carefully and i drink infusions all the time, they help sometimes but other times nothing seems to take the nausea away. I need help and i dont know where to get it from.
MY dermatologist told me it may be my make-up and prescribed me a Hydrocortisone cream that I nearly put on three times a day when its bad....then my eyes swelled up so bad one morning I was rushed to a emergency care station and they said the same thing..."ALLERGIES" and now I have eye drops that don't work! I was also taking Claritin for a while and nooooooooothing!! I've changed my make-up, tried three different prescriptions, and found useless information from Doctors!
If I'm in a restaurant and a fly is in there, it will keep landing on me, nobody else, not even the food! What the h*ll is up with that? I end up looking like a nutjob swatting at the flies trying to land on my arms and head. Determined little buggers! ICK! At home, I have 3 dogs and the flies will still land on me instead of them. Is it some odor that only the flies can smell? Do they have a nose? LOL !!
It might also be that since we have candida, there aren't that many good bacteria, and it might be that all we need is good bacteria to combat these gases that are being produced. So we can't up our good bacteria just by taking probiotics, we have to have the environment in which they can survive and grow, a candida infested intestine is the reason they won't grow. This is what I'm hoping anyway.
My heart rate throughout the day is 90-100 bpm resting, and it shoots up even when I do simple tasks such as walking. Ive been to a cardiologist and they did several tests and said everything was there and in working order but my pictures were "blurry" so that definately just increased my anxiety 10 fold. A long with this, I was told to wear a hear monitor for a month which did nothing except increase it even more, and I did not even wear the monitor in the end.
I'm a stay-at-home mom of a very handsome 1 year old so I am always near the bathroom but on the days I am away from home I usually dont eat for fear that my tummy will act up. Food is no longer a joy, it is a complete hassle. Anyone out there with the same kind of problem? I would love to get some advice on how to cope and what things that have helped you to suffer less.
My doctor is also clueless and could only come up with possible deep vein thrombosis but the physical exam didn't sync up. Read up on magnesium and calcium deficiencies - it all made perfect sense when I read about it because magnesium is vital for muscular health and can't be absorbed without calcium so they're both linked. If nothing else give it a try and see if it works for you all as it did for me. Good luck!
In May I began to have dizzy spells which coincided with a sore throat and earache, which cleared up on their own. However, dizziness and fatigue continued for several weeks. The dizziness resembled being carsick, with lightheadedness and occasional moments of nausea and feeling faint (but I never passed out). I had a CAT scan and blood work twice, and so far no diagnosis for the dizziness/fatigue.
couldn't sleep because of the tingling. I basically only sleep when exhausted. The tingling started to act up more again; possibly because I might have overdone it yesterday. Anyone have suggestions how to sleep???
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