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As far as 4 AM vomiting, i ask what time the ilight>dogilight> gets ilight>upilight> (what time do you get ilight>upilight>) and what time is the ilight>dogilight> fed? i ask this because if the dog is fed at 430 or 5 regularly, then the advance flow of digestive juices may cause a temporarily "sour stomach" and initiate a brief vomiting episode. This all assumes the dog eats normally, holds food down, doesnt vomit at other times, etc. if my description fits, the dog may have "bilious vomiting syndrome.
i can answer this one!!!! i have a ilight>dogilight> who has thrown ilight>upilight> almost ilight>everyilight> 12 hours for the past 2 years. He's had every test in the book, blood, urine, endoscopies of both ends, and more blood tests. Repeatedly. There is no reason for it that we know of. Our vet calls these dogs "Puker dogs", and said that work ups often show no discernible cause. Of course, you HAVE to do the work ups to be sure its not something serious, first of all, as you are doing.
Hey ladies. So last ilight>nightilight> i ate around 7 and threw that ilight>upilight>. The rest of the ilight>nightilight> was hell. i kept waking up every so often and proceeded to vomit. it wasn't anything it was just that disgusting yellow bile. Since 11pm last night i have thrown up 6 times all of it being the bile. i cannot hold anything down. i had just a small drink of water and seconds later i had to rush to the bathroom. i don't know if this is pregnancy related or am i sick.
Tuck, Melissa, and Alison No more ilight>throwingilight> ilight>upilight>, but i woke ilight>upilight> with a new symptom today, a horrible migraine, which i never get. can anyone tell me why my head is hurting so bad that now i feel that i need the ER department again. i took my vicodin, but it is not helping at all. i just don't know why this is happening, my doctor appointment with the specialist is on the 30th but i think i may need to move it up.
Let us hope it can be a quick fix. When they did a Biopsy, that they opened him ilight>upilight> on that table, they looked at ilight>everyilight> organ and did not find any hair. i wonder if hairballs can be seen when you do a Biopsy (???) Abby never vomits hairballs, ever. When i clean the box (well, before i got pregnant) i always make sure to check for hair and there they are....
My 8 month shih tzu has been ilight>throwingilight> ilight>upilight> bright yellow bile ilight>everyilight> other day. Sometimes he throws up in the middle of the night, but most of the time it is between 10 and 3 in the afternoon. We have recently switched his food from beneful (which his old owners had him on) to innova Evo with chicken. i have read that this is caused by an empty stomach. He eats twice a day, and most times when he throws up he has food down, he just isnt eating it. But he seems to enjoy the food when he eats it.
that isn't what drives me nuts. She just won't settle down at ilight>nightilight>. She gets me or my husband ilight>upilight> nearly ilight>everyilight> hour of the ilight>nightilight>. it starts around 11 at night and stops around 7 in the morning. We put her out in a fenced yard in the daytime so she can cool down since the house is too hot for her and get some walking in (she paces in circles if she can get up). Why is she awake at night and asleep in the day? Seems totally backward and goes against all good common sense.
my ilight>dogilight> has been hacking and ilight>throwingilight> ilight>upilight> flem for 2 yrs, the vets put her on torbotrol,2x daily and this is still not working? is there anything else i can use or do, i have spent more than i can afford on testing, x rays, blood work, scopes to hear they can not find the problem, i am at my wits end and as for the dog she is breaks my heart that these so called vets can not find the problem..
org/wiki/Hemorrhagic_gastroenteritis HGE killed my ilight>dogilight>. My ilight>dogilight> died in three hours. A dachshund/beagle mix named Ginger. She threw ilight>upilight> 1AM then began urinating and defecating diarrhea with dark blood. While i was trying to locate a 24 hour vet in this back water (Bluffton, SC) she then begun to hemorrhage bright red blood and passed away on the way to the VET. Note: She had a bit of diarrhea earlier in day but no sign of blood – i know as i used white paper towels to pick it up – no blood.
gahhhhhh only managed to get one hour sleep last night had the itchies real bad so just gave ilight>upilight> and got ilight>upilight>. gonna make a wallyworld run (out of canned ilight>dogilight> food). i'm curently taking urso 500mg 2 times a day, cholestyramine 2 times a day and atarax 50 mg at bed time for the itching. this had been one of the worst nights for itchine in a longgggg time.
she looks sooooo skinny and throws ilight>upilight> at ilight>nightilight>. she hasnt been eating her regular ilight>dogilight> food and has been finding our neighbors nasty food that they throw outside. what can i give her to settle her stomach? my grandpa said pepto bismol but i dont think thats right.
We sprinkled the tylan powder on his food, but not sure if he got any, cuz he was picking food out of his bowl. Well that ilight>nightilight> or the next day he also started to throw ilight>upilight>. And now he was ilight>throwingilight> ilight>upilight> food that was NOT digested and having diaherra. Now he stopped eating for 7 days. Today he barely could walk, went outside and ate some grass.
Her medication came before my food. i don't know if i'm just ilight>throwingilight> money and pills at a dying ilight>dogilight> with multi-system failure and i need to let her go, or if there are solutions to these issues that won't cost a fortune and my sanity. i just want her to be ok. Even if that means putting her down.
But she also started ilight>throwingilight> ilight>upilight> A LOT, it was mostly a yellow liquid and whatever little food she had eaten that day. The constant throwing up lasted about 2 weeks, but now has finally stopped. But now she has been wheezing A LOT, and seems to be struggling to breath. We took her back to the vet 2 days ago- they did another x ray and more blood work. They said she doesn’t have pancreatitis, and that her blood seems fine. But from her x rays they think she may have pneumonia.
Last night after posting my story on here, doofy had a horrible night. She was shaking uncontrollably, only getting up to get water & to get sick. i held her with me in bed, and got up with her every time. it was then that i relized my baby was indeed suffering to much. i did have her on all meds & the special diet. i did not try the fluids at home, as this happened so fast, that we didnt get to that.
i did put them onto paper, you know i think that the crate for small periods of time is okay , i dont imagine that would hurt them, i know my daughter put hers in at night because she would start chewing stuff, so the ilight>dogilight> went in all ilight>nightilight>, then was in quite a bit during the day ,it got so the ilight>dogilight> would be fighting not to go in was the cause of some words between her and i ...
But last night i took her in the car for a ride and when we got back she threw up once then today i caught her drinking from the toliet and we have the clorox gel toliet cleaner that cleans with every flush well i got her out and i gave her a lil white rice for her stomach shes been ilight>throwingilight> ilight>upilight> all day about 4 times today im not sure if shes home sick or what. because on top of which shes also not eating her dog food she ate the white rice though a little bit.
Panting, drinking water like crazy, back legs very weak and lost a lot of muscle, eating like a wild ilight>dogilight>,ilight>upilight> all ilight>nightilight> has to pee all the time even in the house which she NEVER EVER did before. She lost her eyesight but that doesn't bother her much. She is on the medication and we shall see if it helps. She just started it a week ago. it might be a good idea to start thinking about helping your die. it might be the kindest thing you can do at this point. Right now he is suffering.
My ilight>dogilight> has been ilight>throwingilight> ilight>upilight> on and off all ilight>nightilight>, he has been running a slight fever, and he seems really sluggish and slow at responding.
Towards the end (just before i ended ilight>upilight> in ER) i was ilight>throwingilight> ilight>upilight> and almost passed out. that's actually what sent me to ER. that's when they found the tumor. i spent last Christmas in the hospital(it sucked!!!!). Oh ya, i was EXTREMELY tired all the time. i used to come home from work and go directly to bed. This sounds an awful lot like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to get some help soon, girl!!!!!!!
i don't worry unless puppy shows a lack of energy. He likes to run around the yard and eat all sorts of things, including his own you-know-what, so he does occasionally throw up. But he's always bouncy and happy - seems to be happy to be rid of it!
The dog tries to vomit but can't and usually just ends ilight>upilight> ilight>throwingilight> ilight>upilight> large amounts of foam and saliva. They are unable to relax because there is no position they can get into where they are comfortable. if they don't have the condition surgically corrected, death occurs within a few hours. if your guy was able to comfortably lie in his bed and go to sleep, it was not bloat. it sounds to me like some sort of cardiac incident.
i don't think dogs get ADD remember Doctor's created that to push meds on us for the pharmacy's to make money and everyone person or ilight>dogilight> just has diferent personalities and does not need to be covered ilight>upilight> with some drug to calm her down. But i am not a doctor i just would not give my dog ANY phsyc drugs even if they make them it would not be fare to her.
i lost my baby Sandy Grace to renal kidney failure on February 6. is your Honey ilight>throwingilight> ilight>upilight> a lot, is she constantly thirsty and drinking more water than normal? what was her Creatine level? Check with your vet to see what her Creatine level was before fluids, and after fluids. is she geting weak. is she refusing food or liquids? if she is in early renal kidney failure, (for instance first stage) she will or should react positively to the iV fluids.
He has had a very bad weekend, beginning with ilight>throwingilight> ilight>upilight> his dinner Friday ilight>nightilight>, which is the last thing he ate. He is very weak now and refuses to eat. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. My only wish is that he will go to sleep and not wake up. i can't handle making that choice for him right now. it has been a brutal year.
After we gave him fluids last ilight>nightilight>, this am he perked ilight>upilight> and was hungry, of all things he ate the renal food today and has been keeping it down. He seems back to semi normal, and thought we know it wont last its a step forward. We were planning to recheck his numbers in a week to see if theriV was helping. Thanks for everything all of you!
00 pm. The day before he passed our second ilight>dogilight>(Riggins) wasn't himself. He's normally a spaz and he wasn't moving. We thought he might have eaten something, and decided to keep a close watch on him. About 8 hours later he got worse. His tongue and gums were dark grey and he looked drunk when he walked and vomited constantly. We made plans to take him to the vet early the next morning. When we got up he was almost back to normal so we figured he had a doggie cold. Then Bernie got worse.
Well We spent the ilight>nightilight> in the Emergency room. Yesterday my son was still ilight>throwingilight> ilight>upilight> after a good 20 hours and literally hadn't kept anything down so i called Ask-a-nurse and his pediatric after hours nurse and they both said they thought he was dehydrated and that he should go in. i wasn't aware of how sick he actually was. When we got there they wanted to try and see if he could drink something and hold it down...
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