Do antibiotics cause uti

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1840402_tn?1355436165 Uti's can ilight>causeilight> cramping and contractions as it irritates the uterus. The ilight>antibioticsilight> are necessary! i'm sorry about the tonsils, my husband went through that at 33 and it was miserable. i can't imagine it during pregnancy, i sure hope you feel better. Merry Christmas, and God bless.
Avatar_f_tn ilight>Doilight> i need to go to the doc for a ilight>utiilight>? Been drinking cranberry juice but its gettimg worse and more painful...
Avatar_f_tn i have the worst ilight>utiilight> right now sorry if that's tmi but what ilight>doilight> you ladies ilight>doilight> to get rid of it besides cranberry juice already drinking a bunchhhh
Avatar_f_tn A urinalysis and a urine culture can detect a UTi and if you have taken the ilight>antibioticsilight> for ilight>UTiilight>, get a repeat urine examination done. Most ilight>antibioticsilight> given are those which are safe in pregnancy. However get regular ultrasounds done in pregnancy to rule out any congenital malformation. i sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
426593_tn?1204582416 An untreated ilight>UTiilight> can ilight>causeilight> a miscarriage. i've had 2 since i was pregnant, 8 in total. i got one when i was 6 weeks pregnat and because i had gotten UTi many times before, i thought "Oh, i'll just keep drinking water, and it should go away..." WRONG!!! My doctor must've scolded my *** they had to do an immediate iV for antibiotics because it had lead to a kidney inflmmation, which was causing friction against my uterus.
Avatar_m_tn Hi there! i am not aware that ilight>antibioticsilight> whether taken orally or intramuscularly can delay your period, but they can definitely make birth control less effective. Take up urine pregnancy test as pregnancy is the commonest cause of missed periods. The illness and stress can affect your hormonal levels leading to a change in the period pattern. A sudden change in medications can also affect your periods. All these conditions can lead to delayed periods.
Avatar_f_tn When habing a ilight>UTiilight>, does it normal ilight>causeilight> irritation, itchiness, or pain in the vagina.?
Avatar_f_tn The ilight>antibioticsilight> are fine. ilight>Antibioticsilight> have been around a lot longer than other meds, so dr's know which ones are safe. But i understand why you are worried. i worry too!! id say if your UTi doesnt clear up in the next day or say, i'd call your DR and let them know that it hasnt gotten any better. Hope you get to feeling better!!!
Avatar_n_tn i thought a kidney infection is very serious with extreme pain, fever, nausea, etc. i have no other symptoms of a ilight>UTiilight>. i'd rather not take ilight>antibioticsilight> if they are not necessary, although i have been taking them as directed since yesterday (Saturday). Aren't antibiotics harmful when unnecessary? Should i get a second opinion tomorrow?
7697210_tn?1393879468 i did when i was 10 weeks, the ilight>antibioticsilight> are safer to be on then what the ilight>utiilight> could ilight>doilight> for your baby!
Avatar_f_tn   But i don't see how plus i don't feel comfortable taking meds while i'm pregnant is there anything i can ilight>doilight> without meds ?for ilight>UTiilight> and Sore Throat if not did anybody take MACROBiD while pregnant ?
Avatar_f_tn Dealing with a horrible ilight>UTiilight> after wrapping up a course of ilight>antibioticsilight> for bronchitis. But i dont qualify for bed rest?!?!? Feeling frustrated. Anyone have any UTi tips? Was in such pain Monday and Sunday it hurt to walk. Felt exhausted but not in pain Tuesday. Wednesday was an ok day. Thursday was amazing..... until 3pm and now i feel just as bad as Sunday.... like it came back. Would appreciate any prevention ideas or any feedback .... Medicines to request .... Thanks in advance!
Avatar_f_tn But i ilight>doilight> know if not treated it can ilight>causeilight> you to go into preterm labor. i had that happen with my first pregnancy but my dr. stopped it in time. But that is not always the case.
Avatar_n_tn i've pretty much had a yeast\bacterial infection my entire pregnancy and a few times they've also treated me for a ilight>UTiilight>. This past time they went ahead and prescribed my ilight>antibioticsilight> for the duration of my pregnancy since i've been getting them back to back. They don't seem worry and just say it's common and due to the extra fluids in my body and hormonal and changes and chemical imbalances. i wouldn't be worried unless your doctor is :) BTW i'm 32weeks 5days.
Avatar_n_tn or do u think it is possible that it is a uti?
Avatar_n_tn i have history of UTi wen i was young my ilight>UTiilight> start when i am 10yrs.old and from time to time i suffer from it but i never take ilight>antibioticsilight> unless i can not take the pain. was it because of the UTi? i used soap special for vagina and deodorant spray,,i wash after i went to the toilet instead of tissue but still smelling so bad..can u help wat to do. i dont want to go to the doctor and say that my vagina is smelling..pls help..
Avatar_f_tn if the urine is dark and looks kind of cloudy or has a strong smell then you probably ilight>doilight> have an infection. if it is almost clear then it's doubtful to be an infection. Best thing to ilight>doilight> when you get an infection is drink loads of water and cranberry juice(i go with crangrape it tastes better). Stay away from any caffeinated drinks as it will cause the pain to be worse.
3106038_tn?1346816769 u will have to go to the dr and get an antibiotic but i have had repeated ilight>utiilight> since being pregnant and that is with me drinking tons of water and changing my underwear two or three times a day and shower everyday just to clean there so im stumped
212161_tn?1432037254 hey, am back with a uti and am taking cipro right now only 500mg a day ,i was told to take 500mg twice a day but i not , i have anxiety with them not bad but have it , i took levquin and had it bad and i know this is a sister pill. what ilight>doilight> ya take and does it ilight>causeilight> ya anxiety thanks a lot .
Avatar_f_tn i have white blood cells in my urine which indicates ilight>utiilight>...anyone else has experienced uti during pregnancy coz i have heard its pretty commom to catch some during pregnancy...but i am worried...any advice or suggestions plz....
Avatar_m_tn if there is any infection you will need a course of ilight>antibioticsilight>. ilight>Doilight> keep me posted. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar_n_tn 2 days after i stopped the ilight>antibioticsilight> (i took the complete course), it all came back again almost as fiercely as before. i drank 2 bottles of pure cranberry juice in 2 days time (a treatment reccommended by a doctor) and began taking cranberry supplements and acidophilus from the health food store.
Avatar_f_tn im not going to have sex until my uti goes away...
Avatar_f_tn Hello, Apart from recurrent ilight>UTiilight>, pelvic inflammatory disease and Asherman’s syndrome caused by adhesion formation after a Csection need to be ruled out. Pelvic inflammatory disease is an inflammation of female reproductive organs (uterus, ovary, etc) and caused by viral, fungal, parasitic or most often bacterial infections. You need to go for blood test, urine test and urine culture, histopathological examination and Ultrasound Pelvis. Please consult a gynecologist and get these tests done.
Avatar_f_tn i have drank cranberry juice and lots of water and ilight>doilight> finish my ilight>antibioticsilight> but still getting them. Most of the time i don't even have the symptoms to know i have one until they tell me i have one. Like tonight i went to the ER only because of a severe migraine and they run labs to make sure i am not in preeclamisa stage and come back to say i have a utility? Wtf? i don't know what else to do. i have been put on macrobed and among a few others and well nothing.
Avatar_f_tn i myself assumed that it was sex related, and since that was over two years ago, i'm NOT getting them that much anymore. i'm not as concerned with the ilight>causeilight> as i am why the ilight>antibioticsilight> don't seem to be doing the trick this time.
7892775_tn?1395677591 Now i'm not entirely sure if the color is coming frompee or ddischarge but pretty suee it's pee but either way it's a lot darker than normal but there is no burning or spotting or anything like that. What ilight>doilight> you think? am i right in guessing it's probably a ilight>UTiilight>? Either way calling doctors tomorrow about it but wanted to get some opinions.
Avatar_n_tn So i had a really bad ilight>UTiilight> and the DR. gave me a pill to take for 5 days and said come back in a month to check if its gone. Does that seem like a long time to wait to go back and check? i'm also 7 days late for my peroid i've taken 2 PG and both negative (both were dollar store) could the UTi have anything to do with a late peroid? i don't have any burning but the cloudyness has returned.
Avatar_f_tn ( my midwife told me what everyone else is saying, wipe front to back, per after sex, don't hold in your per, drink plenty of water, cranberry pills or supplements are healthier than juice ( juice has a lot of sugar)... utis can ilight>causeilight> premature labor so if u can have your doc prescribe u ilight>antibioticsilight> and then once you have tokens them all take probioctics! Good luck hun!