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Good morning, my question is this - when I go to the Dr. my BP is always high, anywhere from 170/99 to 180/100 - has been for years. I am presently on Lopressor 50 2x a day & Diovan 80mg 1x daily. I do monitor myself at home on a regular basis and it is always low.. morning 123/68 evening 99/52 or lower.. I bring these readings to my Dr. along with my BP Machine,( my machine is exactly what his says) what is going on!!! How can I control this "White Coat"?
dilantin, phenobarbital, valproic acid, ACE inhibitors, atenolol, thiazide diuretics. Excepting valproic acid, all these reactions occurred 2-4 weeks after exposure with rash, urticaria, photophobia, malaise. s. Reaction to valproic acid occurred almost 2 years after initiating therapy and was of Stevens-Johnson type. 1 year ago for gradual onset on neck and shoulder pain radiating down the arms, and numbness in the hand. MRI showed nerve root compression at C5-7.
I was switch from Toprol which caused my bp to drop too low and made me dizzy. My EP switched me to Atenolol which, he said, does not cross the blood-brain barrier and not cause the dizziness. I took it alone for 7 years and controlled afib with it.
- 32 year-old female, no children - No injuries - No allergies - One major surgery at 11 years old (bladder/urethra) - no problems since - Non-smoker (never smoked), rarely consume alcohol - 95% vegan diet - Physically fit - I work a physical job (construction - but not conventional construction where I would be breathing all sorts of toxins - I work in a healthy environment, mostly outside building alternative housing - the stress part occurs when I am leading a job, vs.
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