Digoxin nursing implications

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You should have your husband see his doctor on the issue as it is not a side effect nor a symptom of heart failure and an abnormal condition that would have other implications. Thanks for your question and sharing your husband's experience. If you have any follow-up questions or comments you are welcome to respond. Having CHF a year ago or so does not indicate your husband's system is not pumping adequately at the current time. I had CHF about 7 years ago, and with medication, etc.
be careful nman poh kxe ndi nio alm na my nasisira na pla kaung buhay. nursing pa nman kinuha q. haaayyy.. kakalungkot lng. peo tanggap q na po. wla naman po aq sinisisi, ngpapaalala lng po. sna nga my mkatuklas na ng gmot pra sten. and faith din tlga kay GOD. may godbless us all. -shamee-..