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Does anyone know why the Thomas Recipe suggest valium and using ativan only if you can't get valium? Is there a big difference between these two? Thanks!!
Namaste, Both Lorezepam and Diazepam are benzodiazepines that are used to treat anxiety, to include, in some cases panic attacks. The primary difference between the two is that Diazepam is faster acting than Lorezapam, although it has a much shorter half-life than Diazepam meaning it'll stay in your system for a shorter time than Diazepam. I take Diazepam and have for 4 years on a regular schedule rather then prn(as needed).
tramadol is fairly new and is about as potent and has the addictive potential equal to codeine, whcih is fairly low..but the difference between the two is that tramadol also acts as a rapidly short acting SSRI(a type of Anti-depressant), so if taken for a long time and in large doses it can cause seizures and/or convulsions, along with some other mild opioid/anti-depressant withdrawal effects..
Klonopin- works for anxiety attacks but puts you to sleep and you always sound tired when you take it daily, It is the least addictive of the benzo's from what my doctor told me, I just dont like being tired it has about an 8 hour life span Ativan- works also it makes me tired to the problem is you need 1 or 2 mg to work (for me anyway) and it has a 4 hour life span very fast acting as Klonopin but last 4 hours and makes you sleepy for general anxiety Xanax-to me is the worst, it is the mos
Ativan is a 'benzodiazepine' similar to valium, xanax, and Klonopin; the only difference between meds is the onset and and length of action. They are fine for short term anxiety, but beyond a few weeks a person becomes tolerant and the dose must go up to get the same effect. All benzos reduce a person's concentration; in fact one short acting benzo, midazolam, is used to induce amnesia during surgical procedures. All benzos will cause amnesia and black outs if taken at high doses.
Now I have been trying 1/4mg. doses of ativan to try and fall back and no luck. I went to and outside Kaiser Psych. and he prescribed the Gabitril; well I got asthma and a couple of other uncomfortable side effects so stopped it. Now he has prescribed Xanax to get me thru this stressful time up to and through my husbands surgery and hopefully until the prozac kicks in. I know Xanax is addictive too but I am hoping once the Prozac kicks in I won't have the need for it.
So wouldn't you know I have a 10hr flight followed directly by another 8hr flight, bah. The good old doc gave me Ativan. I tried some last night, and it was ok. It made me sweaty and some shallow breathing. I guess it was ok, but it really didn't put me to sleep like I was hoping. I have tried Valium before and it knocked me the fook out. Since they are both benzos I was thinking they would do the same thing.
There is a huge difference between benzo's (valium) and opiates. You can have life threatening w/d from the valium. Stick to your dose, or break it into 1/2 and take twice a day and get on the phone w/your doc about weaning you off. Be patient, someone will give you advice on a taper sched for this med.
Say your prayers and NEVER do drugs in your life. Get away from all painkillers FOREVER. Get away from ativan, valium, xanax and all those drugs. THEY ARE HELL ON EARTH. God Bless You. And get your loved ones involved. You will need them. Don't hide it.
That's weird, the Ashton Manual recommends a tapering plan between 26 and 52 weeks for 40mg of valium. I don't know how I would have felt if I had tapered off in 2 weeks!!!
I know about every drug, and what I find funny is, is that many people don't even realize that there is no difference between generic and brand named drugs (except in a very few minor instances from a chemical makeup standpoint). For example, I always here people talking about hydrocodone as if it were something that cannot compare to anything else.
c pills can help the w/d's? I am also on Paxil, and I take ativan, only if i really need it and suboxone if I'm having bad cravings. I asked my dr but because the suboxone's aren't perscribed to me, he wont say what to do. Also, he kind of rolled his eyes at me when I mentioned using vitamins and herb to help my symptom's......
The only issue is that it IS addictive in the sense that it takes weeks to sleep well again after a long course of it, and it is closely related to the Benzo classification of drugs (valium, ativan, librium) which is considered the most additive of all classes, and more dangerous to withdraw from than heroin. Many folks don't known the risks of the newer benzo like drug, ambien included, and for this reason I'd suggest you familiarize yourself, and only as a last resort go to this.
ban i take 10 kg's of valium and it take over for 2mh's of ativan??? My Doc said yes, but other's said no. I am on ativan 2mg's 3 x a day and he put me on Valium 4x a day.
I think I can tell the difference between an anxiety attack and something that is attacking my body, but doctors try to tell me it's just all anxiety. I feel trapped. That being said, I am glad I stopped the Prozac, and I fear what would have happened if I continued to take it. My anxiety was increasing exponentially day by day, and common sense told me to stop. I am sure Prozac works wonders for many, but that drug made me super anxious and scared all the time.
What I think I have discovered is that there is no difference between panic disorder induced by a medical issue and regular panic disorder. They both end with the same result. Once we have panic attacks, we all end up with the same thoughts. We wonder where the closest hospital is, where exits are, we hate being in the back of the store, or in the middle of the crowd, planes, long car trips, etc, etc.
also i am taking b-complex injections and the diet pill adipex for energy all this working very good my withdrawal are minor the only thing bothers me at night my elbows start to hurt and twitch is there anything i can take for that .i have the valium and the xanax too to get knocked out and i am ready to go to sleep .thomas what do i do for my elbows i feel pretty good with this plan that i am following knowing i have been abusing the hydro for years 18 tablets a day...
There is a big difference between daily anxiety and a panic attack and believe me, if and when you have a panic attack, you'll know : ) If your daily anxiety becomes impossible to deal with then I would suggest a longer acting benzo such as Klonopin or Valium. Xanax is for occasional use only and if it's used more than that you will quickly build up a tolerance and it won't work when you need it to. So, to answer your question, Xanax would not be appropriate for constant anxiety.
VERY hot , multiple baths really help.. And valium.. I know the feeling of counting down each hour but the 24th thru 72nd hours ( after last dose) are the worst and it gets much MUCH better after that. No matter what else you read on these pages ( all pretty good words if you ask me) know this... AFTER that 4th day it gets so much better . PLEASE do not give up. I promise you, as a fellow sufferer, the rainbow at the end is worth it. Granted, I have been down this road many, many times..
As JS said, why do some make it and others don't? What is the difference between her and me? I absolutely hate going to restaurants and travel is not my favourite thing either, but I'm going to Florida in a couple of weeks and on the way back I am spending 3 days in Savannah, which is some place I have wanted to see ever since I read the book Midnight In The Garden Of Eden (that was about 15 years ago).
I think it is a high dose... i was only on 20-30 mgs a day...its a very high dose inmmy eyes..but alot of that may have to do with the severuty of your addiction to heroin and making sure you are well enough to have no desire to go back there, which often mean being over medicated...how do you feel? do you feel over medicated? aree you in a constant nod..or are you fine with the dose? i may think its high, but if your tolerance is up there then it may be the right dose...
Coke is such a powerful drug and I really don't feel anything from the damn Methadone,just once you stop taking it,and have the worst withdrawl symptoms on this planet. The difference is that Coke is a mental thing and the Methadone is both that and physical,that's why people relapse so often ,when trying to detox from it. Good luck on Thursday with the therapy. Peace be with you.
I read about the serious side effects when Valerian Root and and a benzodiazepine (like Ativan, Valium, Xanax) are combined in a Anxiety Disorder book I had when I was having severe anxiety while back. My psychiatrist prescribed Valium for sleep and Xanax for panic attacks and anxiety during the day. She told me to never take them together even though they were in same class of drugs.
One day my arms felt exactly like I described above, like I couldn't lift them but when I went to an appointment at the the neurologists that same day he did an EMG which was normal and performed tests on me such as getting me to push and pull etc. against his hands and there was no difference in the strength of both sides despite the feeling of weakness I had.
Between all of us (that means you now, too) we have good info on just about anything related to using and not-using and everything in between. And the best part? No judgements(!) You can speak your mind on drugs here and no spankings or lectures. If it happens, watch the reaction! That's half the fun. Anyway, welcome Skipper. You're among friends here ...
hello flutterby and welcome to this forum! i think you are very smart to post here and a good idea to post at the addiction forum (where you get a little different perspective). We need all the advice we can get. Be aware that a few of the folks at this forum want to make sure you know that there is a difference between addiction and "dependence" and i somewhat agree. I see that you are aware of this.
There absolutely is a connection between Lex and memory. I decreased my dose to 10mg a month ago and I can feel a difference. My mind just feels more open. It is hard to describe. I'm just feeling and thinking more. I hope my memory will grow stonger.
So I dug up some more info that I wanna share ... in case you are dying of curiousity. Or need more info like I do. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http***mb.rxlist.com/rxboard/ultram.pl?noframes;read=3179 not just for breakfast anymore Posted By: mkny Date: Friday, 21 October 2005, at 3:53 a.m.
I have been in and out of Klonopin scripts for anxiety due to a seperation, and also ativan. I've dabbled in Hydros also. I often mixed these drugs with alcohol and I'm an alcoholic. EVERY doctor thinks I've still got anxiety and still precribes these evil drugs. Once the scrip is over, after 3 days,I feel like killing myself. I'm a professional, and I can't function without these stupid benzos. Once I even take a .5 of Klonopin, all is good again.
in between my big toe of my left foot is numb when I wake up some mornings eyefloaters--seeing black spider looking things that appear and vanish burning and tingling in my legs-temporary chills-which was only temporary shaky hands left leg twitching and my right leg as well twitching when I sleep or at a resting state loose bowels frequent urination (not too bad it just seems that I go more than I use to) insomnia (interrupted sleep) and inability to stay sleep all night without waking head ac
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