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I noticed it is no longer legal in USA under the name Voltaren. however, it is still allowed under this name. Should I be concerned?
Hi Doctor, I was wondering, do you practice in the USA? What is a physiotherapist or an orthopedician? I'm not a doctor, so I may just not be familiar. Or you could be talking about physical therapy maybe?You reply a lot to try OTC medicines and alprazolam and if that doesn't work then go to the doctor. Here, alprazolam (Xanax) is by prescription only so you would have to go to the doctor first to get it.
I have already consulted to top most orthopedics of kanpur but everything has gone in vain so please solve my problem. Medicines Used- Piroxicam,Diclofenac Pottassium, Tripsin chynotripsin,Aceclofenac as a part of medication.
many people in the world suffer from diabetes without realising it especially in the uk and the usa. symptoms include frequant urinating, drinking alot, feelling dizzy, hot, sweaty,sick and sometimes tingling in the body. if you have any of these symptoms ask your doctor to test you for diabetes. if you are on any medication you may be having a side effect so talk to your doctor. i hope i could help you in some way. please write back and tell me how it went. good luck. feel better soon.
Hi,I've been having problems with recurring complex cyst on both ovaries lasting months, and in right ovary,both 5cm,one in right ovary went away but my last ultrasound was in feb and had two complex cyst on left ovary and I feel I still have it as the symptoms/pain has not gone away,my question is how do you know if its twisted? sometimes I get the worst sharp stabbing/twisting pain with bad nausea/fever,I dont know if its trying to burst or grow but it is the worst pain.
Oxymorphone (Opana, Numorphan, Numorphone) or 14-Hydroxydihydromorphinone is a powerful semi-synthetic opioid analgesic first developed in Germany circa 1914, patented in the USA by Endo Pharmaceuticals in 1955 and introduced to the United States market in January 1959 and other countries around the same time. It is approximately 6–8 times more potent than morphine, and is related to morphine in the same fashion that oxycodone is to codeine (being a derivative of thebaine).
- when I asked him why only two combinations of drugs were generally used in the UK, whilst there were often three in the USA, his thoughts were that, in the UK they're always trying to save money on drugs because they're state-funded, whilst in the USA, everyone's always trying to get you to use more for commercial gain. Personally, I don't give a damn about politics or business - this comes down to wanting to save my beautiful lady any which way I can. So ...
There is an appropriate use for each and every medication on the market, including the strongest narcotics, which I used in my daily practice for controlling acute pain in postoperative patients. Some patients in intractable, chronic or cancer pain need to be on long term opiates under close supervision of a physician. However, pharmaceutical companies have been successful in persuading the FDA in not scheduling tramadol, also known by its brand name Ultram, as a non-controlled substance.
Hi, Golfer's vasculitis is a form of vasculitis (swelling of the blood vessels) experienced in the lower legs caused by excessive exercise in hotter temperatures. It is more common among older people. It is called 'Golfer's' due to the large amount of walking done in golf, as well as it being a sport more popular among older people, resulting in greater incidence of the condition. The rash is more common in people over 50.
My husband ran into the bathroom and got a hot wash cloth and placed it on my neck to try and relax the muscles, which seemed to help, but I can still feel that something is not right in there. When I couldn't get it back in, it seemed to get worse, the more I paniced, and it felt like something was tilting backwards and trying to puncture a hole into my throat. I haven't been able to get a full yawn since then, some due to it hurting, and some probably due to fear of it getting stuck again.
The pain finally diminished, but about a month later it started in my right neck. The pain now runs all the way down my neck and into my shoulder and right chest a bit. It especially hurts if I apply pressure to my pulse(Carotid artery). It feels like inflammed nerves or something. So, I went back to another doctor and he gave the same diagnosis. He said unfortunatley the cause is unknown. Now I am on a stronger anti-inflammatory. I just want to know the cause so it won't come back.
My hands and feet are almost always cold (in fact, they are right now), and I fall in and out of relatively mild depression. I have been told that carrying the thalassemia trait has no obvious symptoms, but I've been poking around forums a little bit, and the symtoms I experience seem to be fairly common. I'm still looking for ways to lessen the intensity of these symptoms, but for me I've found that maintaining physical activity helps, as well as not oversleeping, or overeating.
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