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Avatar f tn She is starting me on B12 shots and Neevo DHA. She said after I am finished having kids she would switch me to Deplin. And I will be on these for the rest of my life. Blood thinners/Levonox was not mentioned. I have read the posts and have not seen others on these meds....anyone have any information regarding this? I have also gained 30 lbs in the last year and was wondering if there was any correlation that other members have found.
Avatar m tn niacin vitamin, the type with slow release, also double check online there is a type of niacin which doesn t work i dont remember the name (its the one without red skin effect) liposomal gsh from livonlabs fish oil, epa+dha 2g minimum daily vit d3 5000iu or higher according to your blood levels
798555 tn?1292791151 Fish Oil is Key Omega-3 fats convert the harmful very low-density lipoproteins (VLDL) into LDL. diabetics should use only DHA, or fish oils that contain mostly DHA. aged garlic extract is another way to get miraculous results. studies have shown that aged garlic extract increases HDL cholesterol while lowering total cholesterol.
551343 tn?1350880995 Well here is one for you. I have 22.5 showing in my blood for Hexene when it should be 0.0 - 7.9 and xylene is slighty raised at 3.00 when it should be 2.9. Now I have no idea where on earth would I get Hexene from. I googled it and my husband said I would need to inhale it. Sounds like I am a solvent abuser lol, as they get high levels of it. Mind you I dont think my levels are massively over but worrying non the less more puzzling. Anyone got any ideas?
Avatar m tn with the help of pregnancy kit test we found result is positive and now want to know what precaution have to taken, about diet , about dr.
Avatar m tn I am following your advice thank you, but I really want to know if I can naturally bring my testosterone levels to where they should be for a person my age. Before I took the blood test I had lots of health anxiety as I thought I had cancer. I was not sleeping or eating enough and I was under lots of emotional stress anyway I lost over 20 pounds in about three weeks before the blood was drawn. Would that drastically effect the levels of testosterone?
Avatar m tn after taking the test,the result was that I was likely to have hypoglycaemia and that I should get a blood test. I asked my gp if I could have a blood test to check for sure and she said that I was checked for diabetes when my last test was done. so I took their word and I figured it would be pointless going for another test. something I have noticed is that my anxiety seems to be greatly reduced when I am hungover.
Avatar m tn We currently put him on western medicine (herbs) but I heard it can be detrimental. I'm concerned because his other blood test results are abnormal. albumin/birulium ratio is not normal, platelets is at 85,000, AFP is off the chart, and ALT/AST is highly elevated. Also, does these micronodules will eventually become macronodules. does micronodules means advanced cirrhosis?
Avatar n tn He seemed to think that nothing was serious. He had me take a blood test. He told me that there was some imbalance with my thyroid levels. I am supposed to have another test in a month. Also, an UltraScan proved that everything was okay with my penis, physically. Following his advice, I did try CIALIS tablets for a couple of weeks. It helped me with even better erection; but did not do anything towads solving ANY of the above 3 problems. I was not satisfied with the urologist.
481887 tn?1208361749 Hello. My 9 year old son, Brent, has been going through testing for the last few months due to neurological issues.
Avatar n tn ( Has ANYONE ever experienced neg blood results and then found they were pregnant after a week or so. No physical symptoms of pregnancy, just tiredness.I know it would be an absolute miracle from God if I fell naturally but these things do happen. Anyone in similar boat??
Avatar n tn Lamivudine then Adefovir dipovaxil both bad choice even if combo of both, too weak and worsen disease by resistance, if hbvdna is not less than 1-10iu/ml you have probably resistance mutation already, i'd change doctor right away guidelines do not include these drugs since 2008 due to the resistance problems, only etv and tdf can be used but now if you developped resistance you might not respond or respond less to these drugs and there are no others, your only chance in case of mutation is etv+t
Avatar f tn She diagnosed Hashimoto thyroiditis. Blood test results show high sensitivity CRP, raised LDL, prediabetic, low vitamin D3, and low omega3 (low EPA and DHA), and low cortisol. Recommended taking dessicated thyroid, chromium polynicotinate, vitamin D3, and RYR (red yeast rice). So far I feel better on desiccated thyroid, and chromium. :). But time is needed to evaluate real results.
Avatar n tn Yesteray when i went to the bathroom, there was light pink blood when i WIPED ONLY and today i went to the bathroom again but no blood. i had my period on Sept 15th so it was only 11 days after my period so it couldnt be my period again. i was doing research and it said that women could have light bleeding during implantation? i had sex sept 2nd and expected my period on sept 9th since it was not coming i took 2 pregnancy exams at home and both came out negitive! My period then came sept 15th.
Avatar n tn Underlyng kidney disease will also cause microscopic quantities of blood in urine. A blood test to check for the kidney function and general blood parameters such as RBC and WBC count will indicate whether the kidneys are infected and whether your problem is due to infection or some other cause. The pain in the lower back is especially indicative of a kidney problem. Additionally, it would be best to have the two abovementioned STDs ruled out as well.
Avatar n tn you can take hpt, but if it say negative than try taking blood test to confirm. or may be your periods is irregular.
Avatar f tn I would wait about a week before scheduling that because their tests are not as sensitive as the ones you can purchase at the store and you may get a false negative at the doctor's office (which then causes all sorts of panic and torment for you). This happened my last pregnancy. I had a positive test, doctor's office said no, went in for blood test and verified I was pregnant. I think my levels were even close to 200 and most tests pick up 50 or 100 at the doc's office.
Avatar f tn BUT did a blood test today and my hcg level was 22. I have to go in again Monday to see if it has increased. .but I'm thinking i should start prenatals, yes?
Avatar f tn Shouldn't they look at the hole picture and run blood work up, and check for other things that come with children who have these problems to rule out things before given them medicines. like landow kleffner syndrome and lennox gastro syndrome and other ones. My son was on adderall and then concerta witch both have the side effects that can cause seizures.and we have been told he could have LKS and then told it was more like to be LGS .
Avatar m tn 8g from 4,5g of fish oil, very hard to find only an italian brand had so much concentrated epa and dha, most brands are just no effect because too little epa/dha bitter melon tea, effective oninsuline resistance at certain doses (same potency as anti diabetes 2 drugs but no sides) and many other diet and excercise interventions, you see them all here http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Hepatitis-B/update-on-my-fatty-liver/show/1500346?
Avatar f tn doctor do the pregnancy test but the result is negative . then doc prescribe norethisterone 5mg for 4days it came my period . today my period is come .my period is dealy 48days . in 2months before i take DHA 25mg & metformine 850mg . now(3days) i take metformine 850 . tommorow i go the doc . this month i am going for IVF .
Avatar f tn They do a pregnancy test any. Check your blood. I dont think they do your pelvic exam or assign you a OBGYN until next appointment. But it depends on your doctor's office they're all different .
Avatar f tn oz so his weight is perfect.
1236893 tn?1408490528 The Vitamin D Council recommends 5,000 IUs of vitamin D3 per day for adults (and no more than 10,000 IUs/day), but you should work with your doctor to test your vitamin D levels before beginning. I love apple cider vinegar, It's rich in a compound called acetic acid that has proven to speed up fat burning by interfering with the body’s ability to digest starch. It also helps regulate the appetite by keeping blood sugar nice and steady and warding off spikes associated with weight gain.
Avatar f tn Most of us MSers started out with low D levels. There again a blood test will let you know where you stand on D. I was instructed to take L-Glutamine as well. It helps the gut permeability and should help the blood brain barrier, which in turn should positively affect the nerves. I don't know anything specific for circulation but Omega 3s should help that a lot.
Avatar f tn I would go get a blood test if i were you.
Avatar f tn Well the peeing every 5-10 mins does not happen until 3+months and other symptoms r same as period ones.