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Avatar m tn Having sinus problem most of my life, it’s the last few years that have been the worse. I’m a 28 year old male with acute sinusitis and a deviated septum and my sinus cavities are packed with polyps. When I was younger I had an allergy test done, and I was allergic to a few things, 20 years later, same test I was so allergic to everything they put on me that they had to stop because I swelled up so much.
Avatar m tn Polyps have a high recurrence rate and you will likely need to be on medications for maintenance after surgery. Common medications are steroid nasal sprays, Singulair, and occasionally oral steroids and antibiotics. If you already can't smell and breath, the packing after surgery might not feel that much different than you do now. Good luck with your surgery.
Avatar f tn I have had the surgery that you describe as well as a deviated septum repaired. I will tell you that this surgery is no walk in the park. It is like getting hit in the face by a truck. Getting your tonsils removed in adulthood is very painful as they are quite large. Your Uvula getting cut out doesn't feel much better. The operaration seemed to be sucessful for about a year and then I put a few pounds back on the old bread basket and my sleep apnea returned. My snoring was not as bad though.
Avatar f tn The least drastic first. If he has a deviated septum, deviated enough to consider surgery, that often allows for more successful CPAP therapy by allowing freer, more comfortable breathing thru the nose. Perhaps, if as you say, his internal throat opening is drastically small it might be due to enlarged tonsils and just a tonsillectomy would solve most or all of his problems. I'm not sure about the turbinates, I think if they are enlarged they are done along w/the tonsils.
Avatar dr m tn if they have a deviated septum and if allergy treatment doesn’t work, then we can offer a septoplasty. There is also surgery to reduce the turbinates, which are these wing-like structures on the side of the nose that swell when you have a cold or allergy and there’s one other condition called nasal valve collapse that is frequently undiagnosed. This is a condition where the sidewall nostrils of your nose tend to collapse due to just natural weakening or due to previous surgery.
Avatar f tn my sinus surgery i had my deviated septum fixed and lots of polyps dug out. so any advice given would be highly appreciated on my previous post. i get so worried.
Avatar dr m tn If your nose is stuffy for whatever reason—allergies, polyps, deviated septum, or anything else—that’s the first thing that I address, whether medically or surgically. This is because if you don’t breathe well through your nose, then everything else downstream is more prone to collapse. So once the nose is taken care of and if you still have sleep apnea, then you can try going back to the CPAP.
Avatar m tn On coming out of the aenesthetic it felt as through the ENT surgeon had took the side of my face off. The surgery was not successful - straightening a deviated septum plus removal of polyps. The same ENT surgeon then sais that it was going to sort out the problem, once and for all, my drilling the drainage holes, and making them into 10p pieces rather than 5p pieces (UK currency) roughly twice the diameter.
Avatar n tn I never had one in my life, so I didn't know that was what was going on, I just thought it was 'fall-out' from the surgery, as I had been told it could take 6 months to a year to feel fully better (my surgery had been to repair a deviated septum, but up until the summer after the surgery, I had never had a sinus infection in my life).
Avatar f tn He showed us where the scar would be and did explain that the external DCR success rate is a little higher than the internal DCR. He does both procedures frequently, but said that if it were his daughter, he would opt for the internal DCR. I was wondering if you caould give me youy thoughts on this matter.
591470 tn?1218978786 What is the success rate of DHE-45 with Depakote 1000 mg a day with adivan in treating intractable migraines in a hospital for four days to be infused 4 times day, also aside from peripheral ischemia, irregular heart beat from miss placementof a PICC Line, infection, and stroke what other risks are involved?
Avatar m tn Thank you so much. This vibration technique makes perfect sense to me. I don't have a massager or a bass speaker, but I will borrow or get one and let you know. I am on antibiotics for one month, nasal spray - netie pot and least 4x a day and still no relief. I have a deviated septum and will have to get surgery if this keeps up much longer!
Avatar m tn • A defect or injury in the cartilage of the nose, called a deviated septum, can cause chronic blockage in the nasal area. This may be corrected by surgery. • Other irritants can inflame the nasal passages, such as air pollution, cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, and perfumes made from synthetic ingredients. Once again, see your doctor, or avoid the irritants. • Asthma is an immune disease, and asthma sufferers are highly susceptible to sinusitis.
Avatar f tn Such as you or me I presume. Maybe you had the wrong surgery first? Maybe your deviated septum was the cause of your pvc's? Not getting enough oxigen under severe exercise then coupled with a sort of apnea on a night or two during the month causing a pvc's bout the next day under normal conditions...who nose's? Hospitals are for profit as are most Dr.s nowadays. Lemme check that colon, yes we removed a polyp, we'll have it checked for you..wink wink cha ching. Any a-hole will have polyps.
299940 tn?1192322967 After many doctors thinking I was just looking for drugs, or I was imagining it, I was enough of a thorn on the doctor's side to eventually be referred to a neurologist who did a brain CT scan and found nothing, because the scan stopped at the top of the maxillary sinus!
Avatar n tn Did your ENT recommend surgery for the severe deviated septum? I had sinus surgery in 2003 and only have had 2 sinus infections since. You may want to talk to your physician about septoplasty surgery and ask him if that would help. Also, before I had the surgery I used J's Nose Drops (available online) and that got rid of all of my sinus infections. There is also another product called "Bi Yan Pian" that works. It is also available online and very cheap.
Avatar n tn Went back to doctor for follow up and results of ct scan of sinusus , was told i have a deviated nasal septum 6 weeks of nose spray, if that doesnt work i will have to have septum surgery, hoping that and allergy testing will stop my ears from all the noices and pain and unclog my left ear. has anyone had septum surgery and if yes did it help your eustation tube dysfunction?
Avatar n tn Jim - thanks for your input, too. I did have a CT which showed an 'all-clear' (and a wonderfully deviated septum, too!). I've since tired every nasal spray and steroid available - all to no avail. So, I'm stuck with the drip. Thankfully, it's relatively mild at this point and there are days when - even though it's still there - I forget that I have it. Hmmmmmmmmm, could be the getting-old/memory-thing on that one, though. (note to self: possible benefit of early dementia).
Avatar n tn I've heard of a lot of people being like this this year. I don't have a deviated septum and Dr. said I didn't need surgery...but if it would help me I would try it! How do you get a deviated septum? And...why are you having problems now from it and didn't before? These are questions I'd ask. I'm also thinking my immune system was run down due to so much stress in my life recently which wouldn't fight this. I, too, was thinking I had a SERIOUS illness. Now I'm feeling better.
Avatar m tn Reason as to why this happens. Deviated septum perhaps? When you breath in the air sometimes hits the internal area of the nose, where it's tender and is just blood vessels so it dries out. So basically have your septum fixed, or learn to love ointment and blowing out scabs. Maybe you're lucky like me and it was just a scab that couldn't heal without cauterizing. A broken blood vessel that won't heal.
Avatar m tn What is interesting is that when I first had sinus/nose congestion issues, it was 6 months after quitting smoking. I Ended up having a deviated septum fixed and my turbinates reduced. Within 6 months after the surgery, I was smoking again. I quit 6 months ago and like clockwork...stuffiness. I'm considering balloon Sinuplasty and coblation of the turbinates.
Avatar f tn He was diagnosing every patient with polyps and a deviated septum. It didn't matter who came in or what their real issue was. This was on an investigative news show (60 min, Dateline,). Why did these doctors risk their license?
Avatar n tn MY acupuncturist feels there is a weakness on the right side of my neck structure that is radiating up through my jaw and right ear when she inserts the the acu needles on that side the pressure ceases but the next week if the temp drops i get the fullness back in my ear also if my wife does an ear candling session on me I can be pain free for a week at the beginning my GP put me on penicillin and vicodin in fact he gave me enought vicodin for three weeks that was a horror show cause I wan't
Avatar n tn with the ENT and found that I had a deviated septum. By the looks from my CT scan it was not pretty. It made sense why i would have pressure in my face and ear. Before going into surgery the anthesiologist found that I had a murmur, but said it was nothing to worry about. After the surgery, the symptoms continued. I went back to the ENT and was tested for Meinere's. This came out negative. I made an appt. with a neurologist and had an MRI.
363682 tn?1299492962 Didn't really get anywhere with the local doctor - they're very busy and this really didn't rate up there with some of the urgent issues they deal with. However ... I have been gradually working my way through your suggestions and (wonder of wonders!) I think you may have hit it on the button with the allergic response suggestion.
387660 tn?1242600342 I forgot to add, I only fall asleep while driving and not anywhere else! I read a little about sleep apnea.. could it be caused by a deviated septum? I broke my nose when I was little, loooooong time ago. I don't even know if I have a deviated septum. And I never had this sleeping-while-driving problem till like last year! I don't believe that I snore but I've been told once that I do. Could I have sleep apnea?!! I know it's not the car causing this because I often switch cars.
590279 tn?1286339622 In the early phases I found that alcohol could help and I also sometimes feel better after exercise. Doing something positive and having some sort of success and not getting too downbeat all the time can also make a difference. Unfortunately, after a brief period of relief the symptoms always come back and sometimes with a vengeance. Getting hellishly drunk can get me back to normal at the time but the hangover is just not worth it and I am basically useless in the next few days.