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My vet has recommened if we proceed with this procedure we have to go to a Vet Specialist, and stated cost would start at approx $3000.00 Cdn. We love our dear boy, and do not want him to be in any pain or to suffer...but the starting cost has us concerned, and since he is at risk for bleeding what are the chances for a successfull one time surgery?
We have a 7 year old colllie just diagnosed with Diabetes Insipetes (nephrogenic). Vet recommends treatment with ddavp eye drop. All the information we can find says that this is "very expensive". Can you give us a ballpark of what this actually means for annual cost of care? What are the implications of leaving this untreated if she has on going access to fresh clean water?
Diabetes Insipidus can occur with other diseases and is very controllable with Desmopressin Acetate. The cognitive disorder drug Anipryl can also be helpful for polyuria/polydipsia (excessive drinking and urination) as it's side-effect. Another uncommon possibility is psychogenic polydipsia and just means that your dog may have a behavioral drinking problem.
I don't know if it is something to do with me not taking the medications regularly except the desmopressin. I don’t take it regularly because I find it hard for me to balance out between hypo and hyper. I become tired with it. I always try to minimize stress as much as possible, laugh as much as possible, because I know stress make this disease worse and I’ve experienced it quite well if I got stressed out.
rumpled i going for my mri very soon, i just wanna make sure i get this down EXACTLY. im gonna ask to go to st barnabas in livingston nj. i want a 3t dynamic mri scan of the pituitary w/wo contrast? is that right? it sounds like youre saying dont get the rest of the brain also? also i dont understand the celine dion joke but im going yto the neuros tomorro.
Thank you for your prompt reply (and very sorry for your numerous health problems). My DH has no pituitary gland--the NS said "it looked like balsa wood". He is on 4 hormones, but not growth hormone (which he declined due to cost). He takes his hormones & makes all his appointments faithfully. He never complains and is able to work as a computer programmer. The most recent MRI was December. He had neurocog. testing in Jan.
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