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Avatar_f_tn There are suicide or just general psych hotlines where she could discuss her suicidal feelings with others. Here is the number of the National Mental Health talk line: 1-800-273-8255. Anyone can call that line to talk, to get support. It offers free 24-hour support! You may need to use it too, to get suggestions from them for dealing with your suicidal daughter or just to blow off steam.
Avatar_f_tn Look on the internet and find a hotline in your area for something like teens in crisis or just plain crisis hotlines. I hope you can get some help with dealing with and coping with these major life changes. I will be praying for you and I hope I helped a little.
Avatar_f_tn I am also looking at moving out at the begining of the next month, cause he isn't helping anything. Iam already dealing with so many other things on top of the meth problem that I cannot survive living with him anymore. I see my therapist on Tuesday. I am hoping that she will be able to help me. I used to cut when I was 14, and I was shocked a few weeks ago that my depression had gotten THAT bad again and that I started cutting.
Avatar_f_tn I have been dealing with the most difficult year and a half in my life. I feel just so stressed out and depressed I honestly don't know wat to do anymore. In December of 2012 I gave birth to my beautiful babygirl. She was premature, I was only 29 weeks wen I had her. She weighed 2 lbs 12oz. Now while my daughter was in the NICU she had 2 surgeries (PDA ligation & ileostomy) and I was also told she had a grade 4 bleed in her brain.
Avatar_m_tn I don't know how I am gonna do this either but I have bee on hyrocodone 100-1300mg/day for 15 years drained evryone I know and now I find my self dealing with kids of my friends I went to scool woth and I am 52 years old. my dad passed 3 years ago and I was in Jail because I had a bottle of his loritabs in wrong bottle so I went to jail. I had alway got pre-trial released all my life on any charge and there have been seems like hundredsbut not that time.
Avatar_f_tn HUGS........I'm so sorry your dealing with with all this, i'd be happy to listen if you feel comfortable PMing me. I'm in Australia and our system is very different to yours, i would recommend you consider contacting via phone or in person your local church, GP, family member or close friend NOW!! Below are USA crisis support options, that may be of some help:
Avatar_m_tn I too am deeply depressed,wish there was a magic pill but none have worked. Life is hard and some of us have a hard time dealing with it, esp. when the people you love are cruel and make you feel useless or insignificant. A lot of the time you care so much about others but they don't either realize it or just don't care. People can be very mean and it's hard to rise above it. I hope you are still alive as you were talking about suicide and I haven't heard from you since.
Avatar_m_tn Leave dealing with the mental problems at the tharipist and if you cant afford to go then put a set time you will dive into dealing with that medditate it really can help. Your life and the world may not seem so good but really look hard and you will see that there is a silver lining.
Avatar_m_tn No, I can't cure you as there is no cure, but I can and will offer my experience in dealing with this most bizzar condition. It can be done no matter how severe your condition. Hang it there because I swear there is hope.
805369_tn?1238190191 You'll never be able to gain closure from your baby living this way. Being sober and dealing with it for real is the only and best way. So your goal now, however you decide to reach it, is to get to that point. Be ready, because as touching as your story is, you will recieve plenty of advice. So, my advice right away is to take every single bit of it in. Write it all down. You know what withdrawl symptoms feel like. Does this mean you've tried to quit before?
Avatar_n_tn this is no longer an issue that you can deal with by *not* dealing with it. Some form of action on your part will likely be necessary at some point in the future. Your doctor is your best resource to help you determine what and when that action should take place. 2) Use this interim time to collect your thoughts.
Avatar_m_tn but you have to know when you're dealing with an honesty issue, and when you're dealing with a regretful unburdening situation. Even if your intentions are good...there's something to be said for sparing her and carrying the burden for yourself.
Avatar_f_tn Thanks Laura! I really appreciate hearing your point of view. So I see it is not all black and white. Doctors are human and make mistakes so you try to look at the good sides of things they have helped you with plus you have talked and expressed yourself to him/her and feel you got their attention. Plus you feel that you might make things worst if you changed your current situation.
1275190_tn?1271827001 I have always wanted to be a mother and dealing with the loss of not only two miscarriages but my first pregnancy as well as many other numerous problems involving my family who I do not have contact with and my ex make me believe that alcohol is the answer. I am not going to let myself put alcohol before my partner I love him however when he is drinking the same and is living his life well I find it hard to believe the alcohol is causing more damage than good.
Avatar_n_tn But, at age 41, I have been so tired of dealing with it, over and over. I thought it would end when I got my dream job. It didn't. I thought a good relationship would fix it. It hasn't. I am in despair and anxious inner pain. Ambien is one of the few sleep meds that has really helped me get deeper sleep. I've been on 1-1/2 Ambien CRs nightly for 10 months. It has caused memory problems, making me spacey when I never was before. I forget things people have already told me.
Avatar_f_tn I am simply a law student and thus obviously am far less knowledgeable than a therapist or counselor, but I have spent a lot of time studying and becoming acclimated with the symptoms of OCD (specifically in dealing with HIV).
Avatar_n_tn They say the shot is USUALLY out of your system within 10 days. It can linger in some. I'd test again tomorrow with same brand and see if is darker. It's sounding very encouraging!