Dandruff shampoo to lighten dyed hair

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The dermatologist recommended I use anti dandruff shampoo, which I've just started (took 3-4 months to get in with one). In 2 months or so, I'll follow up with this thread.
33 female problems since Jan/Feb 2008 break-out/rash accompanied flare-up in April (clear skin before that) visited GP, allergist, dermatologist, and optometrist GP said it was blepharitis and to wash with baby shampoo (no help) allergies to ragweed, dust, dogs, 1 mold, 1 tree allergist referred me to a dermatologist patch testing was negative derm. gave me dioxicylin (sp?) for rash (no help) optom. said he couldn't help and to return to derm.
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