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Hi therese83 I don't know anything about the other meds you've been taking, but the only side effects I've experienced from Cymbalta were the first week (runs, nervous twitches/tremors) which went away by half of the 2nd week, of course there are the on-going side effects which effect one's libido, and if I run out for more than 3 days I become somewhat 'snaky', shaky, aggressive, and start to go back into the depression.
My question is regarding a noticeable increase in my libido in this recent month. I have been switched to a few anti-depressants as I have seen unacceptable side effects with one medication after another. I am currently on Cymbalta and for the past month or so have been pretty happy w/ it. I didn't experience severe mood swings. I have also been diagnosed w/ endometriosis and have had serious thoughts of going through full hysterectomy.
Hello. I have taken cymbala for about 3 years. It cause soft erections and low libido. I tapered off it and during this phase the sexual problems were 80% better. After being totally off it for 2 weeks the sexual problems are worse than ever. I can't really achieve any erection and cannot climax. Has anyone had these same issues? I am not sure if my body is still adjusting from being off it.
I am now on day 10 of taking cymbalta. I feel so tired. I lay around barely able to get dressed. What the heck. Can this be because of my liver? I was wondering if this goes away. No appetite,shaky,what the heck is going on? I thought it was supposed to help me feel better. My treatment starts in a few wks getting kinda scared. If I feel like this now what will life be like then.?This may sound stupid but they told me to take it in the am , can I take it at night?
Hello, i have diagnosed for MDD with psychosis i'm currently taking cymbalta, abilify, and trazodone in the night for sleep, i'm experimenting sexual problems with genital sensations and orgasm problems, i have a question there is some cure to counterract the sexual side effects induced for the meds? please answer me because this subject concern me a lot.
I take 120mg of cymbalta for years no such luck must be something else
hey everyone, How hard is it to get off cymbalta? i want to get of the Cymbalta that the ID put me on not too long ago...last December, just before christmas, 2011. so 8+months. I have never really been "on " an antidepressant, tried a few weeks here and there in the past 15 years and i was always in a stupor.. Doc said it would help with my pain. I was desperate. Came home with the script and cried. It is less than a year, and i went from 90mg to 60 in July 2012.
im so upset, my dr put me on abilify in september with my effexor, my libido got very low and i wasnt able to come, now the dr is taking me off effexor and abilify and put me on my libdo is completely gone and i cant come at was the only thing i had left i was able to enjoy, i could always get in the mood and able to come fast and at least 2 times, now it just hurts and i dont want to do this from the celexa?
ahelping others validates my reason for being here and since I can't work as an RN anymore I need to still help if I can.
Does taking Cymbalta and Lyrica cause weight gain? I have gained over 20 pounds and never had a problem with weight gain before. Also take Malt X for migraines. I also have a great loss in libido..
Since I started on low dose of cymbalta about 2 years ago, at 20 mg a day, i have gained about 18 pounts. i'm a small woman and this is a lot, i used t ofit into my high school close without even trying, now i have outgrown all clothes. any one else have this problelm? also, very low libido since cymbalta. anyone know any alternatives that are no tprescription? iu take it fo the offlabel fibro.
Cymbalta *****, Cymbalta *****, Cymbalta *****, Cymbalta *****, Cymbalta *****, Cymbalta *****, Cymbalta *****, Cymbalta *****, Cymbalta *****, Cymbalta *****, Say it LOUD!!!! Why did you start the cymbalta? depression or pain?
The first 30 days is always the worse (for me tho it was for the better) but ask about Cymbalta and Seroquel. I also had terrible headaches with Lexapro and it damaged my libido.
I would switch gradually to Cymbalta and see what happens rather than being on both. As for the Wellbutrin added to the mix it could help with libido since dopamine is in play. Both Zoloft and Wellbutrin sounds like something you could try before getting on Cymblata. I don't think you shoud mix Cymbalta with Wellbutrin personally.
How do you deal with this side effect? Is there a solution? SSRIs do not affect my libido and do not give me ED, but they keep me from being able to reach a climax. I can go for hours until I finally give up. Wellbutrin doesn't affect me this way, but it makes me irritable, I worry a lot, and I obsess about everything negative in my life, when I'm on it. Although, sexually, I'm fine while taking Wellbutri, but it doesn't help with my depression. I'm currently taking Prozac and I can't ***.
Hi Everyone - I am on my 5th month of Femara - I was on Tamoxifen but it interferes (or vice versa) with my Cymbalta for depression - anyway now I'm trying Femara. Gradually I am becoming depressed and moody and so tired and my lower back aches terribly. I still work out 3-5 a week - on the treadmill and elliptical but I'm wiped out when I'm done. And I know this isn't a huge deal but it seems like it is wrecking my hair. It is really brittle and not as shiny.
Hi y'all, I've been struggling with clinical major depressive disorder/ anxiety for 11 years and have been on multiple meds. At this time I'm on lamictal, Wellbutrin, Klonipin, and cymbalta (treating to detox off and try fetzima). I am only 27 and just want relief. I've been on Klonipin for 4 years ( far too long) and I am at the point where I only take it to avoid getting sick with withdrawal.
better then it stopped working.then he put me on cymbalta which I hated. It made me tired all the time , barely saw my girlfriend or friends do to it being an effort to do anything. And my sex drive and libido was history. BTW I just turned 21.... Theb a few weeks ago my doctor put me on vyvans and wellbutrun. I was really crabby at first and now I'm tired and lazy and barely eat. I feel that everything is an effort now . And the wellbutren has given me premature ejaculation...uhhhhhh.
My doctor is an expert on treatment resistant depression and she prescribes a low dose anti psychotic along with an anti depressant usually a SNRI I have taken zyprexa with effexor, I came off everything eventually giving up the anti psychotic first and at another time (now my second episode) cymbalta with Seroquel, though i am weaning the Seroquel now and i am down to 12.5 mg Are you just taking the one drug? ?
In men their dysfunction may be erectile dysfunction, loss of libido or sex drive, loss of sensation during ejaculation or loss of ability to climax at all. In women their situation may be similar – loss of interest in matters sexual, an inability to feel orgasm when it eventually arrives, or, worst of all, an inability to reach orgasm at all. These, I think you will have to agree, are pretty devastating side effects for a single drug to have.
I can say that on these meds I feel like I am functioning on a normal level w/ a bit of an increase of libido from the Wellbutrin. Actually, I feel great. My main concern is what I would say is ED. This MUST be from the Lexapro. W/ that said, I feel like I avoid sex w the fear of my performance. It has happened before and do not want to go through it again. I talked to my doc and she perscribed Cialis to combat my problem. Problem solved right??
Have hair falling out, fatigue, depression, insomnia, fluid retention, numerous headaches, brittle fingernails, and fibromylagia. Am on Lyrica and Cymbalta. do you think that this could be hypothyroidism?
I have rheumatoid arthritis and having problems controlling it. I am on 40mg humira every other week. June 2007 - March 2008 I was on Enbrel and prednisone. I started on 10mg prednisone daily in June of 2007 and reduced it to 2 mg daily currently since December 2007. I am also very fatigued, have no libido, skin rashes here and there, my hands have "hot spots" of red and swollen flesh which moves around every few days.
OCD was almost gone and also intrusive thoughts, However, libido stayed low. I recently started Buspar to get my libido back and decreased the Paxil dose (5mg once or twice a week) + Buspar 20-30mg daily. Buspar is known to reverse SSRIs sexual side effects + its good for anxiety. For all the research I've done, it seems like you will always need an SSRIs for OCD, so I try to keep the SSRI to lowest dose possible that provides benifit + a medication that will help keep libido normal.
I have little to no libido. My doctor has me switched over to Wellbutrin due to the low libido side effects. I am on my second week of a very low dose of Wellbutrin (35 mg am, 17 mg afternoon). I have noticed that for several hours after I take it, my lips and face tingle as if they are slightly numb. In addition, my thoughts are slightly jumbled and not clear. Is this normal? How long does it take for the Wellbutrin to kick in?
I took paxil only twice and it was only 5mg and it made me feel like a zombie. I know you need to give it more time but i just couldnt handle it they know gave me prozac.
The doctor put me on Cymbalta early this year and not only did it not work, but I had the most God-awful withdrawals after taking it for just a short time!!! It was horrible! But Cymbalta is a newer anti-depressant, and not as thoroughly tested or used as prozac. Again, many many people take prozac with great results, some even with weight loss rather than the weight gain Yea!
-hypersomnia -drowsiness/sedation -severe constipation -vivid dreams -lethargy Side-effects I get from Wellbutrin -Increased libido -increased energy I am stopping mirtazapine. Withdrawal is very smooth, nothing nothing compared with Cymbalta (personal experience), Effexor (other people reports) or Paxil (other people reports).
When I'm riding down the road, I am so hot and nauseous that I feel like I could either pass out or vomit. I am taking Cymbalta and Welbutrin for depression. These have been controlling it farily well for the past several months. I also take Yaz birth control daily. I just had a period a week and a half ago. I have mood swings, the hot spells, no libido or any kind of drive. The symptoms have grown in intensity in the past couple of weeks. My husband has joked that I am starting menopause..
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