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A week and a half ago I coughed up blood, first bright pink and then dark in my sputum, two or three times. I went to the ER and the doctor listened to my lungs and looked at the sputum I had on a handkerchief and said its probably nothing - a burst capillary, and that I shouldn`t be alarmed, and that if it happens again that I should go and do chest X rays.
Also, my GP automatically puts me on antibiotic when I am coughing up blood. That has only happened twice. The first time he immediately called in the script. The second time I was already on antibiotics from my allergist and he said it was a good thing. We are in the same social circle so both of these incidents were outside the office. He is not too concerned, but it seems to be an indicater that antibiotics are needed. Feel better.
I am concerned because I have benn coughing up not only the ugly green mucus but also a mucus that is light pink in color. Should I be worried?
No problem there, I have had bronchitis several times. What concerns me is that a few days ago I was coughing up pink mucus. Then it turned into a peach color, now it is getting brighter with orange. Now, I did go to grade school so I am thinking yellow + red = orange. I asked the Dr. at the E.R. he didn't seem to have an answer for me and was not concerned about this. Why is my mucus a solid orange mass that I am coughing up? No, I have not eaten or drank anything that was orange or pink.
I get a sore throat (not tonsils but when you swallow) I now go straight on antibiotics and use Bricanyl inhaler although it doesnt seem to have much effect except to cause alot of mucus coughed up from the lungs. It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out. The last one about 2 years ago stopped me breathing in and out completely for 10 to 15 seconds and I thought I had bought it.
I have been having small amount of blood-streaked sputum for over two weeks now, without any other symptoms such as coughing, chest pain, temperature or fatigue. The blood is not frothy or pink. It looks mostly fresh in the PM but a bit of rusty in the morning. Chest CT only shows historidcally healed and currently inactive TB which I may have contracted before without self-awareness.
stuffy runny nose with occasional streaks of blood, fever, headache, cough with yellow, green, white, brown, pink, frothy, occasionally bloody sputum, wheezing, chest tightness & pain, shortness of breath that interferes with all daily activities, coughing fits that lead to tingling in limbs and decrease in vision, nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, dehydration, blocked & painful ears with hearing difficulty, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, near fainting upon standing, rapid weight lo
Hi, understand your anxiety. Spitting up altered sputum could be due to the throat infection. This is more so as this occurs on clearing your throat. If you are a smoker and have developed long standing lung infections/inflammation it can compromise your lung function To improve lung function practice breathing exercises and quit smoking. Lung function tests could further help in evaluation.
I notice now if I am lying down while talking, I begin wheezing and coughing, sometimes sputum is pink tinged. Its like exertion while lying down brings this on. Even simple things as kissing my mate will cause me to wheeze and begin coughing. Any ideas?
Just 10 days ago she coughed up a blood clot and pink flecked sputum.It stops and goes back to being just sputum/phlegm for a few days and then the bloody sputum comes again a couple of times.She has deafness because of cold and cough and is now saying she feels shortness of breath after even mild walking up stairs.She is also fatigued.She is anti tests and it is with great difficulty that we got her to do a chest Xray and blood profile which the doc said was normal.
GORD has been discounted, I did show a mildly elevated rheumatoid factor in blood tests. A week after quitting I also brought up a black string of mucous with pink tinges - kind of like blood content -I am still bring discoloured stuff up first thing in the morning, but nothing like before. I have never had a cough pre or post quitting either.
3.and was it fresh blood with bubbles or with sputum/mucus? you get blood streaked sputum or pink mucus in other times? thanks for your reply. at least i know someone out there read my posting and talking to me. Many thanks. God bless everyone.
I have recently had Chest XRays, CT Scan and ECG's for unexplained chest pain which have all come back clear. Also full bloods also showed a clean bill of health. I am however, coughing up (apologies) a brown mucus with flecks in it, alot like I've coughed up before when I've quit smoking. However, when I last quit, the mucus was clear with flecks in.
I was coughing more and bringing up really rank sputum. Off to the lab a sample went, a few days later the results stated that I was loaded with P. Aeruginosa. Okay, so that wasn't so bad, I am accustomed to having meaner, more resistant cooties growing out in my lungs so I shrugged it off and prayed that TOBI would work. After a week, I was feeling worse so I called my pulmo and now here I am, in the hospital getting some much needed IV antibiotics.
In my case it was a little bloodvessel at the back of hte throat which was pressurised by coughing, but it can also be caused by a nose bleed. As far as coughing blood is concerned it's serious if it's pink and frothy (so i'm told)!
I notice now if I am lying down while talking, I begin wheezing and coughing, sometimes sputum is pink tinged. Its like exertion while lying down brings this on. Even simple things as kissing my mate will cause me to wheeze and begin coughing. Any ideas? -------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Kathy, This could be a recurrence of the blockage or a worsening of your heart function. I would make an appointment to see your cardiologist as soon as possible.
My doctor sent me to a gastric doctor who said I was in the wrong place as blood will not come up unless you are throwing up. He suggested the ear/nose/throat dr. I had an appointment I had to cancel and I thought it had gone away til today when it happened twice. It was only happening at night I would wake up with that taste and spit. Now it's coming during the day. I do not smoke or have allergies. I do feel something is not right in my throat area.
Mucinex did loosen up phlem(sp) and has gotten up quite a bit of thick green phlem(sp), she was told that was her problem. On 10/29/07 she still was not better, if fact she has gotten worse over the past few weeks. That night she coughed so hard she turned purple. I took her to ER where her oxygen saturation was 82%,she was admitted and has been given several test including CT scan of Lungs, Pulminary Function Test and UltraSound of Legs to see if she has blood clots.
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