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0 mg once a day now instead of twice a day and his Vetmedin for his heart, 1/8 tablet twice a day Mr B- DOES have heart problems,he has an enlarged heart and a low heart murmur,she did say it was more pronounced,more audabile today than in the past.( he has no <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>coughing</span> or shortness of breath and in fact walks our pasture with me without visible problems afterward, he is a very strong but weird 'lil fur kid,I was not happy his weight was 3 lb.
Was she a Yorkie also? If so, Yorkies are EXTREMELY tiny puppies, and not eating for even one day could cause a drop in blood sugar. If she had gone a couple of days without eating, it definitely could have killed her. It would not have been possible for her to have starved to death in a couple of days, but when a puppy is being weaned from its mother, its system is not yet totally "in gear" in terms of being on its own.
If Zeus would not be comfortable with that, then you might be able to bring him in for one day, take him home at night, and then bring him in again the next day. Extra fluids may help stabilize the kidneys, and help flush out some of the toxins that have accumulated. I know that some people have stated that after a kidney flush, their dogs seem to do discuss this "option" with your vet. In the meantime, I see that you have started SubQ's.
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