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Almost seems like forever. They are slowing down now that I've let water hit my back.
This happend to me in my first pregnancy and I had emergency csection because my blood pressure was really high and the babys heart beat was slowing down...
there thinking it's just bh because the contractions are slowing down, they said there going to keep me another hr to be safe, no dilatation and mucus plug is still in
I feel as if my contractions are slowing down. Usually I would get them a lot in the morning and late at night, but now I barely even get them.
I am gona be 31 weeks Wednesday, this is my second pregnancy but it all still feels new to me because I had like no symptoms with my first except heart burn, I've been having real contractions and braxton hicks for a couple weeks now and my first was early at 36 weeks, doc said i will prolly have this one early too considering everything I've been going through, well so far all day today I've had contractions on and off and now I feel the baby's head pushing down like its gona pop out and he's m
I didnt tell him that they were stopping/slowing down. Even on the ride there they werent bad at all, but when I got there I had her within 2 hours. I was just excited that they admitted me. Good luck. I deliveedelivered and still visiting the site to see if you have a labor story.
Have had contractions most of day and now everything seems to be slowing down! Why is this? Was it all just false contractions? I'm 41weeks today and feel so fed up.
If possible I need to be home so she can pick up Skippy when she gets back (she adores this dog - he's very nice). For now the contractions seem to be slowing down, so I'm going to plan on having a normal day unless they pick up again. Two weeks to go until due date!
30am it gave me pretty strong and constant contractions, but those started slowing down so they started me on pitocen. The pain is annoying! Cannot wait to meet me little girl!
For FTMs they say dont come in til they are 4-5min apart for an hr without slowing down.
Some time around 9pm they did an internal and found I was slightly effaced and 1cm dialated. The nurse said that's normal. As the contractions were slowing in frequency, but increasing in intensity and length they kept me until around1am. I'm on bed rest today and go into the dr tomorrow morning. Good news is... the rooms and nurses are all very friendly and now I'm all registered for when I do have the baby. Bad news....
I know its normal for this to happen for a little while but its been 14 hours now and theyre not slowing down at all. They hurt so much that i feel sick. Is it normal or should i phone my midwife?
Within about 15 minutes of my first dose the contractions slowed to every 10 minutes and are still slowing with each one. I was thinking I might be able to go off the pump after a week or so, but it seems like my body is just ready to go into labor. The side effects stink and having to carry around the pouch everywhere even in the shower kind of blows but it's all so worth it.
(since they are weekly shots,my last one was at 33weeks)but i dont know about them slowing down the labor part. i hope not. i am 90%effaced and ONLY 2cm dia. lost plug and all.i havent been having consistance contractions just bh. so good luck hun.
I am slowing embracing the fact induction is very likely to be the route this baby is going to take! At first I didn't want to be induced, I wanted to do this on my own but at the same time I don't want to be over due and risk the fact that I might end up having a 10 lb baby…I'm already afraid Aliyah is going to be bigger than my first DD who was 8lbs 6 oz and I couldn't get her out, had to get an episiotomy to avoid tearing in so many different places.
Turns out I was contracting every 5 minutes and was contracting for 7 hours. Contractions started slowing down and eventually stopped. Stayed at 1cm dilated even after going for a long walk around the hospital.Doctors told me to not be afraid to walk because she is trying to make her debut. You ladies have any ideas to help my little bean make her appearance?
okay update I am still at the hospital and will be over night, I am still only 75% effaced and 1 cm dilated but contractions are 3 to 6minutes apart and I started to spot so we are slowing things down for the night and just letting me relax and then tomorrow morning we are most likely going to start pictocin
They hook you up and give you an IV and they are giving me a pill every four hours to help soften my cervix and start labor but it's working too well and my contractions are too close so they're slowing them down... Just waiting until the start giving me pitosin (sp?)to start actual labor...
I'm now only having a couple contractions an hour, so they are definitely slowing down, thank god.
They basically ended up slowing down while I was there and was sent home. I was totally nauseous the whole time and the nurse there barely cared... So it just depends.
My doctor told me before hand that she wouldn't use petocin unless my contractions started slowing down or going away after the pill. Now I can't remember if I ended up needing petocin or not. A lots happened since then lol. Every pregnancy is different so the pill may work immediately for you. If you get induced there is no shame in getting an epidural, it could be all day before baby arrives and you may as well be comfy while your waiting. But of course that's all up to you:) good luck!
The contractions finally Stopped but last night I woke up having the worst contractions I have ever felt they were so bad I literally thought I was going to have her at home but they ended up slowing down and I fell asleep.I've had a few on and off today but not many I'm so confused of what's going on. I have never heard of not getting enough calories causing contractions I eat all day and night I don't see how that could even be a possibility even if it is true.
keep doing that until you can grasp a basis of how frequently you're having them and if they are getting stronger or closer together and not slowing down. Also if you have more than five-six in an hour call your doctor to give them a heads up.
I'm 36 and 6, and my little girl just started slowing down yesterday lol. She was a little monster kicker until then, now all I really feel is her stretching sometimes.
okay update I am still at the hospital and will be over night, I am still only 75% effaced and 1 cm dilated but contractions are 3 to 6minutes apart and I started to spot so we are slowing things down for the night and just letting me relax and then tomorrow morning we are most likely going to start pictocin
His movements have been slowing down some over the past 36 hrs. My plug has been gone for a while now. Could this mean its almost go time?
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